Hoke County, NC

Listings and remarks by John Cook, Lincoln, MA.     April 24, 2002

The Graham-Nicholson graveyard is in McCain, directly across the highway from the water tower at the state prison. I believe the land on the west side of the highway is State land but not prison land...but it's posted for authorized admittance only.

The graveyard is about a one minute drive on dirt roads from the highway, but you'd be unlikely to find it without a guide or very explicit directions. The property is in piney woods, and obviously has been cared for by someone - the underbrush is cleared out; metal posts mark all the graves, some with gravestones strapped to them.

Today (April 24th, 2002) under beautiful Carolina blue skies Howard and I decided to venture over into Hoke County in search of the Graham-Nicholson Cemetery. Armed with our handy digital camera, we drove down Hwy #211 from Southern Pines to McCain towards the Hoke County water tower. Because there are indeed posted signs at the road described by John Cook, we decided to seek permission to enter the property. In God's perfect timing we met Maintenance Mechanic David B. Crouch leaving his shop for lunch, and he kindly led us down a dirt road and through grassy lanes deep into the woods. In the distance we hear loud and frequent gun shots, which David tells us is military target practice. We are very near the Fort Bragg Military Reservation.

The cemetery is quietly nestled among wild grapevines showing off their vibrant green leaves, and Pine trees that must be seventy feet tall. A huge native Oak standing guard nearby, perhaps owes its beginning to someone buried in this peaceful place.

John was right. We would never have located this old cemetery on our own. Although vandals have broken several markers, photos taken today show each has been carefully repaired.     Myrtle Bridges

CAROLINE Wife of John Wall and Daughter of Col. Alex. & Isabella Nicholson Died Sept. 10, 1842 Aged 18 years. (marker by Lauder in Fayetteville)
FLORA Wife of William McCallum and Daughter of Col. Alex. & Isabella Nicholson Died June 2, 1843 Aged 23 years The 'crack' in this marker is actually a shadow of the metal band used to secure it to a stake behind it.
JOHN JAMES Son of Col. Alex. & Isabella Nicholson Died Jan. 13, 1842 in the 21st year of his age

HAYWOOD Son of Col. Alex. & Isabella Nicholson Died Aug. 30, 1839 in the 19th year of his age.
COL. ALEX. NICHOLSON Died April 3, 1836 Aged 65 years He was High Sheriff of Richmond County for the period of 18 years.
JANE Daughter of Col. Alex. & Isabella Nicholson Died Jul. 4, 1815 in the 14th year of her age.

MARG'T GRAHAM Daughter of Col. Alex. & Isabella Nicholson Died Jan. 17, 1828 in the 24th year of her age.
JAMES F. b. July 28, 1850; d Oct 23, 1855 Son of Robert & Mariah (Thomas) Graham (who subsequently moved to Robeson Co and are buried at Ashpole Church)
BENJAMIN C. b. Jul 17, 1852; d Sep 20, 1855
Son of Robert & Mariah Graham

ALEX H.   b. Nov 2, 1848; d. Mar 30 1854
Son of Robert & Mariah Graham
MARGARET   Wife of Alexander Graham Sr. Born March 12, 1763 Died July 23, 1844
Margaret "Peggy" McFarland, sister of Congressman Duncan McFarland who lived at Laurel Hill and is prominently mentioned in Joyce Gibson's book "Scotland County Emerging".
J. G.     Died Apr. 2, 1835

MARGARET GRAHAM    Died Aug (illegible). This marker has a very coarse grainy surface.


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