Listings submitted by Dixie Diane Simmons

This is a small well kept cemetery at SR 1459 Old Wire RD. North & Antioch 211 about 0004 miles from the Antioch Presbyterian Cemetery.

If you know the name of this cemetery please contact Myrtle here.    Posted February 22, 2002

Ina M. daughter of  --l & M E Brown 10-17-1907 - 7-12-1908

Biggs, James F. 4-16-1870 - 8-9-1923 "At Rest"

Oliff Biggs Wife of Daniel Biggs 11-22-1831-September 8-1890  "Though Suffering much was faithful
to the last and loved her God and his people. She bore her cross in submission that she might wear a
crown in Glory"

In memory of Luther McLeod son of H & M Biggs 6-13-1881-11-1882 "Millions of infant souls compose
the family above"

Cora Jane daughter of A B & E J Covington 5-25-1880 died ??

Emma Jane wife of A B Covington daughter of Elijah & Emeline Gibson  2-12-1857-6-19-1880/83
"Tis hard to break the tender cord when love bound the heart Tis hard so hard to speak the word must
we forever part"

J. Calton Gibson 11-6-1860-3-5-1933 "He is not dead but Sleepth"

J Carlton Gibson Jr. 8-21-1912-1-2-1974

Catherine Holt 1849-1907 "Asleep in Jesus"

Angus Hucklebee 6-17-1840/90--6-17----broken stone

Double Headstone
George Ruffin Holt                           Sarah Green Holt
7-6-1860 - 12-9-1910                      3-14-1868-1-1-1916    
"Meet me in heaven"                      "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
James Holt 1824-1894

Jane Holt 1852-1903

Jemima Wife of Richard Holt  7-28-1802-10-6-18??

Katherin Ann Holt 1824-1904 "At Rest"

Double Headsone                    
Richard Thomas Holt                       Mary Ellen Holt
7-4-1867-1-6-1910                           5-15-1865 -4-17-1910
"Weep not he is at Rest"                 "She has gone to the mansions of rest"

Bertie Eva daughter of J C & B C Gibson 10-18-1890-1-4-1917 "The lost to sight to memory dear"

Blennie May daughter of J C & B C Gibson 10-3-1893-2-19-189-

Blennie C Biggs wife of J C Gibson 4-16-1872-1-18-1945

Sallie daughter of E & R F Gibson 8-19-1886-5-4-1896 "Our darling Sallie"

Hector McNeill  unable to read the inscriptions

Florence daughter of of H W & Emma McPhaul 5-18-1886-28-6-28-1886 "Our darling in Heaven"

Robert Lee son of S P & Lizzie Trawick 7-10-1890-5-18-1893 "At Rest" 

Samule Wyatt son D P S & Maggie Snead 5-26-1889-6-26-1891 "Our Darling"

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