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HI my name is John Francis LATKOWSKI, I have been searching for my dad and came across a cemetery record for Raeford Cemetery in North Carolina. I noticed a Francis J. LATKOWSKI, born in 1906 and died on 9 march 1960. He was married to my mother Margarette L. FULFORD and he performed in a circus as a high diver; also, jumped off from the Brooklyn bridge in 1930. I have a newspaper clipping of this and a picture.

He and my mother divorced when I was 10 yrs old. I would like to know have any more information on him or know any one connected to him that could help me find out more about him and his family; as, my mother would never talk to me about him.

I have a lot of Fulfords and Stricklands and Capps and Bells in my line, but I am having trouble puting them together. My grandfather is James Edwade Fulford, b, 1892 d. January 1963. He live in Waycross, GA with Hattie, my grandmother who die in 1976 at 75. They are buried at Kettle Creek Cemetery, Waycross GA. My dad I never knew much about him. I thank you very much fo helping me. John God bless you all. John F Latkowski    December 27, 2001

STROTHER/LONG marriage. I'm researching the Strother family in Hoke Co. Looking for info. on John Wesley STROTHER and Minnie Lou LONG (a married couple) Lived in the areas of Pinehurst, Southern Pines and Ashley Heights. Unsure of dates. Only know the basic date of one child born to them, Elmer Staley Strother b. Ashley Heights circa 1900. Would love to go back another generation as well. Terry Bishop    Posted November 15, 2001

Trying to find ancestors of Ralph COX (my wife's father) who is a world war 2 veteran. His father was George COX of Raeford, who married Maggie Irene CAMPBELL also Raeford. George was youngest of 13 children, of ? COX, a methodist minister, and Nancy BUCHANNAN. George was postmaster in Raeford for some time. Maggie Irene Campbell was daughter of Malcolm CAMPBELL and Cornelia McPHERSON, Cornelia's father, J.P.McPherson, a minister. Does anyone have info on the background of these Raeford families? David Agostini, Perth, Australia.   Posted November 10, 2001

My grandfather lived in Hoke County in 1914. He made application for confederate pension. His name was E. G. YARBOROUGH in a town called Shannon. On my Grandmother's funeral notice in the paper whe had a stepson named Theodore YARBOROUGH born January 19, 1876. I have heard that E. G. was married two or three, maybe four times. He died in 1925 in Cumberland County. My Grandmother died in Cumberland County in 1956. Looking for anything on Theodore or E. G. YarborouGh. Pleas help if you can. Thanks. John B. Yarborough.    Posted June 20, 2001

Is the state sanitarium that was opened to tuberculosis patients still in existence in Quewhiffle? My grandmother died there in 1946 and I would like to see if any records still exist. Thank you. Kim McLeod    Posted November 7, 2001

Searching for Karola (Peters) (DeBlasco) STATON who was born August, 1944 in Torn, Poland. She married Mr. STATON between 1965-1968 and left Germany in 1968 for NC, possibly having settled in Hoke Co, as it is believed Mr. Staton was in the military and would have returned to Ft. Bragg. Please contact RoseMarie or Connie Catron Miller.    Posted Sept. 11, 2001

I'm a genealogy beginner trying to trace my father in law's family, and found mention here of PPD JOHNSON in connection with the Phillipi Cemetary. From family sources, I have my FIL's maternal great grandparents as PPD JOHNSON who died in Miles City, MT in 1934 (born Raeford, NC) and Mary MONROE, d. 1890, Raeford, NC.

The only child I know of that marriage is Eudora Ida JOHNSON, b. 25 July 1888 in Raeford, d. 17 Aug 1969 in Barbadoes. She married Herman Floyd LANCASTER of Parkton (b 1895, d 1928) on 7 Dec 1915 in Raeford, NC, and moved to the Lancaster farm near Parkton, then to Miami, FL some time during WWII, and eventually to Barbados. On some documents, she appears as Eudorah Ida, and was known in the family as Ida.

Any leads to more information on any of these people would be greatly appreciated, especially the given name of PPD Johnson, and any sibs of Eudora(h) Ida. Thank you for any and all advice. Kay Lancaster.    Posted July 9, 2001

My grandfather lived in Hoke County in 1914. He mad application for confederate pension. His name was E. G. YARBOROUGH in a town called Shannon. On my Grandmother's funeral notice in the paper whe had a stepson named Theodore YARBOROUGH born January 19, 1876. I have heard that E. G. was married two or three, maybe four times. He died in 1925 in Cumberland County. My Grandmother died in Cumberland County in 1956. Looking for anything on Theodore or E. G. YarborouGh. Pleas help if you can. Thanks. John B. Yarborough.    Posted June 20, 2001

My name is Daniel MacLeod and I am doing research on my Great, Great Grandfather Lauchlin McLEOD of the Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church. His father was John (or Angus?)McLeod from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Lauchlin married first Mary Ann McLeod in 1848 and after she died he was remarried to Effie WILSON in 1853. I am descended from their son Norman born in 1858. Any information on these persons or related families would greatly be appreciated. Any clues at all are welcome. Thank You. Daniel MacLeod    Posted June 18, 2001

Seeking information on family of John Howard GRAVES, (my father)...died in 1985, had relatives in/around Hoke county. He had two sisters (probably deceased), and I believe he had a brother. Chuck Graves    Posted May 31, 2001

I know that I am directly related to Major General Robert F. HOKE, and would be interested in any information you have to offer such as a gedcom file, or any thing else that might help me. Thanks for your assistance. Gary L. Hoke    Posted May 19, 2001

I would like to find out the date of the yearly open house/homecoming at Sandy Grove. Please contact me if your have that information. Thanks so much. Myrtle Bridges    Posted May 7, 2001

I am looking for the descendants of Brady Lee and Agnes Strickland LEE. My name is Tracy Hammond. Agnes was my great aunt. My grandmother and she were sisters. My cousins and I would like to hold a family reunion in Columbus County. Aunt Agnes was from Columbus County and married Brady. I am not sure where he came from. I do know that they settled in Cumberland County. Aunt Agnes's parents were James Verton and Nellie STRICKLAND. I do know Aunt Agnes had a daughter named Frances. I think she married a Montecrey. I know she had a son named Jack. If anyone knows these people, please let them know we are trying to reach them. My phone number is 1-910-649-5430. Aunt Agnes's sister Geneva's phone is 1-910-649-7953. Thanks so much, Tracy Hammond    Posted April 23rd, 2001

I am interested in contacting a Lynn Strickland who posted a Hoke Co., query in 1997. Her query dealt with, in part, the HAMMOND and HUNT families. I am researching these families as well--I have extensive data on the HUNTs, but so far nothing on the HAMMOND side other than what my own father has told me of and would like to exchange info. Thanks, Laura Angel    Posted April 23rd, 2001

Don't have much info to go on..This is for my father...His father and mother both died when he was young and he has very little memories...His father's name was Earl McLean STUBBS...mother'a name was Maryland Lucy Jane Huggins Stubbs WALL... Possbily buried at McLaughlin Township or McFaydden Cemetary..If you have any records of their grave sites or dates of death or any other family history it would be greatly appreciated.. They definetly lived and died in Hoke County in the Raford area...Thank you! Anna Stubbs Lewis    Posted April 22nd, 2001

We are researching the surname STREETY. I saw it listed on the Hoke County list and would like to contact anyone with this surname or anyone who can tell me about the surname Streety in Hoke County. My STREETY ancestors are from Bladen County with allied families KEMP, JONES, WHITE, POYNTER, RINALDI, SMITH, SINGLETARY. Any help appreciated. Betty & Allen Johannes
Posted April 4th, 2001

Searching for descendants of Mary Kate DEES [3-11-1885 to 2-18-1924] who married Alonzo Thomas HARRIS. Family lived in the Hoke, Robeson, and Cumberland counties. Kathleen Dees Willard
Posted March 31st, 2001

I found thru some research, directions to some cemeteries located in Hoke and Robeson counties like the Walker Cemetery off Hwy 71 in Maxton, Smith Cemetery in the curve up from Centre Church North of Maxton, Johnson Cemetery on McPhatter Rd. in Hoke County near Riverton section and mention of a possible cemetery on a dirt road off Old Stage Rd between Wagram and Antioch. These cemeteries date to the mid to early 1800, and are over grown and hard to get into.

I would like to work with some other people with the same thoughts in mind of keeping the old cemetery clean and clear.

If you are interested in joining me in this work please contact Jim McPhatter.
Posted March 22nd, 2001

I am looking for information on Janie CHALMERS, married to King David McNeil sometimes in 1920. I am the great granddaughter of hers. Do you have information on her or grandfather? Herbert McNEILL was her oldest son born January 26, 1893, He married Mary Campbell. I have roots to Giles Mckeithian McNeill, son of Sarah McKEITHIAN. Sarah was a slave in the Vass/Cameron area (Moore County). Do you have information on them? I am in desperate need to find out information about my past. Can you help me? I am Janie McNeil of Wadesboro, NC. McKeithan is another way of spelling it. Was my Great ancestors a slave on the John McKeithan Plantation in Cumberland County? Thank you. Janie McNeil-Hayes Posted March 13th, 2001

Hello, In the process of tracing my ancestors to North Carolina I've become stumped and noticed that you have done a lot of research into the cemeteries in Hoke County. I'm looking for a Patterson graveyard and I've been looking in Robeson County but think the area I'm looking for may now be in Hoke County. I live in Arkansas but will be in North Carolina next month and would like to have a better idea of where to search. If you have any clues at all I would be most grateful. My mother was a McNeill from Mississipii and I have traced our family to a Godfrey and Kittie McNeill who lived in the Big Raft Swamp area if that means anything to you.
Thanks for listening! Donna Van Horn Posted March 3rd, 2001

My name is Ellen Causey and I am researching, or should I say trying to research, my McLeans from Robeson/Hoke County. I have been lucky enough to have a family outline book that was written and passed to family members in 1945. It is an outline of the Brown and McLEAN families. Thanks to your wonderful site I have been able to find some of my Brown ancestors. Now its time to untangle the McLeans. The book, written by Janie Campbell McEachern, starts off with John McLean and his wife Margaret McLean that came from the Highlands of Scotland. To quote directly from the first three paragraphs: "The date of the coming to America of the McLean family has been lost on account of the burning of the home of Mrs. Effie McLean (his sister) who had the old Gallic Bible with the family records. John McLean and his wife, Margaret, came to this country soon after the Battle of Cullodin, which was fought about April 16, 1746. How soon after is not known to his descendants, but at the time many Scotch came to America, so it is supposed that he must have been among that number. He settled on land granted by King George, on the Raft Swamp, near where Antioch Church now stands and there raised a family of four daughters and three sons. John McLean born 1749 died 1832 age 83 Margaret, his wife born 1755 died 1850 age 95 John McLean's mother was a Cameron of the Cameron Clan. His father was Chief Donald McLean of the McLean Clan. His wife was a McLean, but not a relative " Then it goes on to list the children of John and Margaret which I have on my web page. http://members.aol.com/TueTweety/TueTweetysfamily.html Now I have two questions. First if John was born in 1749 how could he and his wife, that wasn't born till 1755, come to America right after the battle of Cullodin fought in 1749? Second question - Is there any where I could get a copy of the land grant from King George? That might help in finding out when they came to America. Sorry this is so long but I felt it was important for you to get some of the background info to help you answer my questions. Thank you. Ellen Causey Tampa Fla Posted February 26th, 2001

I am looking for information on Janie CHALMERS, married to King David McNEILL sometimes in 1920. I am the great granddaughter of hers. Do you have information on her or grandfather? Herbert McNeill was her oldest son borned January 26, 1893, He married Mary CAMPBELL. I have roots to Giles McKeithian McNeill, son of Sarah McKETHAN. Sarah was a slave in the Vass/Cameron area (Moore County). Do you have information on them? I am in desperate need to find out information about my past. Can you help me? I am Janie McNeil of Wadesboro, NC. McKeithan is another way of spelling it. Was my Great ancestors a slave on the John McKeithan Plantation in Cumberland County? Thank you. Janie McNeil-Hayes Posted February 22nd, 2001

Wonderful website. I am looking any information on following list of people. Hosey Duncan SMITH, Dora Elizebeth Jones Smith, Mae Smith MAXWELL, Frank Smith. These are my dad`s family. I cannot find anything about. I am sure they are from Hoke County, N.C.
Thank for any help. Linda Smith Posted February 5th, 2001

I am looking for a marriage certificate for my father-in-law and mother-in-law, John Bittorie and Minnie Ritchie, who are both now deceased. At the time of their marriage, June 1, 1946, my mother-in-law lived in High Point, NC and my father-in-law was on maneuvers at Camp Mackall, NC. Is this, or was it, in Hoke County? They were both well over the age of consent so signatures of parents were not required. I remember my mother-in-law telling me that she wanted to be a June bride and went to wherever my father-in-law was to get married. I have already contacted Guilford and Cumberland County, NC clerks with no luck in finding any information. Fifteen months after their marriage my husband was born at Ft. Bragg, NC. Short of having to call long distance to every county in North Carolina, do you have any suggestions how I can find out in what county they were married? My father-in-law's military records in St. Louis did not provide any answers. Thanks for any help you can give me. Kay Bittorie Posted January 29, 2001

I appreciate the efforts you have made to record the interred at the Raeford Cemetery and others. It takes a lot of work, I know, because I am involved in the same efforts in Leon County, Tallahassee, FL.
I was up your way this past October, the first time in Raeford. I am kin to the Upchurch Family. Thomas B. UPCHURCH, Sr. and my ggrandfather, James Curtis Upchurch, were brothers. I didn't get to stay long in your area, actually just a couple of hours, but I did visit the cemetery where the Upchurch's are buried. However, until I pulled up your website, I didn't know the name of the cemetery. I did not see a sign with the name upon it.
It has been 20 years since I corresponded with anyone from the Upchurch family in Raeford. At that time, I was writing Thomas B. Upchurch, Jr. and his wife, Ann. I was sorry to see that since that time, they have both since passed away. Unfortunately, when my ggrandfather came to Florida, the family lost touch with one another. Personally, I never knew my ggrandfather, for he died in 1942 before I was born. But I did know his wife, my ggrandmother, Repsie Rochester Cotten Upchurch, until I was 13. They are both buried here in Tallahassee, at the Old City Cemetery.
On the way out of Raeford, I noticed a school named Upchurch Elementary. Is that named for Thomas B. Upchurch, Sr, or Jr.? Can you give me any history on this, or the Upchurch Family of Raeford in general? I hope there is still some Upchurch Family in Raeford today that I may write to. I have the old address of their home, Thomas B. Upchurch, Jr. I hope someone of the family still lives there. Maybe you know of someone in the Upchurch Family. If you do, let me know. Do they have an email?
I appreciate any help you can give me. I look forward to your reply.
P.S. Florrie Cameron and Maude Lewis are the daughters of Thomas B. Upchurch, Sr. They are also buried in Raeford Cemetery.
Thanks,Bonnie Patterson Posted January 19, 2001

Could you please help? I need to know where this church is located, preferably address & phone number. Antioch Presbyterian Church, located between Red Springs and Raeford, in present day Hoke County. I would also like to ask if anyone knows if they have records for marriage birth or deaths from the late 1700's and early 1800's. Thank you, Eileen Colgan Posted January 14, 2001

Trying to find info on a Robert Angus MURPHY who lived in Hoke/Cumberland/Robeson area. He would have been there in 1856 but was in GA by late 1858. Thanks, Emma Lou Weldon
Posted January 6, 2001

I am looking for relatives of my grandfather Edwin Lee McDUFFIE. Born March 10, 1909 Died Dec 29, 1994. He lived in Raeford, Hoke County NC. He married Helen Virginia HARRIS and had 3 children, Virginia, Edgar, and James. Any information you can share would be appreciated. Thanks,Ginny
Posted November 30, 2000

I am trying find my background. The name I have is Robert MELTON, my grandfather. I understand he was married to Louise HOLBERT could you help me with what ever you can? My name is Jimmie Lee    Posted November 29, 2000

I am looking for any information on Dee AMMONS, who was married to Fannie JACKSON and Lillie BROWN (m. abt. 1925) Cannot find his true name. They had two sons, Lester and Lacey. Dee is my grandfather. I think his given name may have been Tom. Any help will be appreciated. Juanita Lancour    Posted November 29, 2000

I have been trying to research my mother's side of the family which is the LOMACKs. My grandmother's name was Cora GILLIS and she married a George Washington LOMACK which died when my mother was 4 months old so she can not really tell me anything about him. I know that he died in High Smith Rainey hospital in 1940. His people was from Cumberland county I think. My grandmother whom I knew very well lived in Raeford all of my life until her death in July of 1982. Lora A. Lowery
   Posted October 31, 2000

I'm looking for info on MONROE, Luola Shaw. She was born 6/7/1891 and died 5/28/1950; she's buried in the Phillipi Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Raeford. She was (we think) the daughter of Neal (or Neill) A. Shaw; mother unknown. We would like info on her mother and any of Luola's siblings. Luola had a daughter named Evelyn. Any info on this Shaw line, i.e. Neal's parents, would also be appreciated. Frances Shaw Griscavage    Posted October 31, 2000

There is a grave site directly behind the McCain prison. It has some civil war head stones there. The grave site is on State land [now]. The best I can remember it has about 6-7 graves in one little spot. One is either Maj. or Col. Nickels. He has a daughter there and a son-in-law, grand child, I can`t remember who else. I believe a wife. His daughter is named Elizabeth. There use to be a dairy there also. It is in Hoke cty. Hwy. 211 southeast of Aberdeen. Can anyone tell me anything else about this little cemetery? Caye    Posted October 23, 2000

Looking for origins of Malcom CURRIE b. 1790 who moved from Robeson/Hoke County, NC to Montgomery County, GA around 1820. His family settled in North Carolina from Western Scotland but no information exists to confirm his father's name or exact origins. Any help is very appreciated, please respond to: Brent Currie    Posted October 4, 2000

William R. MUNROE was born in 1815 and married Harriet McPhatter in 1838 in Robeson County. I understand that the McPhatters came from Hoke county. Possibly my William R. Munroe was born in Hoke County. If you have information on William R. Munroe and his line please email Bill Monroe    Posted September 11, 2000

I am searching for any information regarding the MATTHEWS/MATTHIS / DICKERSON/DICKINSON (Matthis) family in early Cumberland-Moore County, before Hoke was formed. My ancestors were Thomas Matthews and James Matthews. James married Nancy Dickenson (Dickerson, Dickinson) and removed to SC. They lived in the vicinity of Hoke County ca. 1750-1790. Thanks very much, F. C. Jones    Posted September 1, 2000

We are looking for information on John D. LESLIE born 1816 in Fayetteville, Hoke Co., NC. He married Jane MCCASKELL, born 1817 in either NC or SC. The family migrated to Union Springs, Macon Co., AL around 1850. The children of John D. and Jane McCaskell Leslie are: Alexander M. b. 1845; Catherine (Clara) b. 1847; Ella Jane b. 1850; Martha A. (Mattie) b. 1852; John Daniel b. 1853; Edward W. b. 1856; and Frank Harvey b. 1858. All the children lived in either Union Springs or Birmingham, AL except Alexander M. who lived in Morrisonville, Illinois. Edward W. and Frank Harvey Leslie owned Leslie Brothers Printing and Publishing Company in Birmingham. Evelyn Leslie    Posted June 30th, 2000

I'm John Gwin of Las Cruces, NM. My Gwin (gwinn, guin, guynn, guyn) line is very sketchy 8 generations back from me, but here's what I have:
2.--ISHAM GWIN-- (no dates listed) m. ________ Cleveland ; From other sources, we've heard that Isham was a NC planter, and if his son John is his firstborn, then Isham and Mary's wedding would've likely been in early 1792, since John was born in November of that year.
3.--John Gwin (no middle name listed)--b. in the Carolinas 7 Nov 1792; d. 7 Mar 1877 at Wilsonville, AL; m. 8 Apr 1812 in Blount Co., TN, by Joseph Walker to Jane Walker, d.o. Thomas Walker, Sr., and Elizabeth Magill, both of VA; etc.
Going on the assumption that the "NC planter" part is true, I'm systematically searching the western-most counties of the Coastal Plain part of the state, of which Hoke County is a part. Thank you. John Gwin    Posted June 25, 2000

I am looking for my gggrandfather Stephen GALES. Born abt 1834. Died 03-14-1919. According to the death certificate he was buried in Hope Mills, NC. No mention of what cemetery. But did mentioned he was buried on March 15, 1919. Thank you for any help you might be able to share. Windy Gales Leach    Posted April 10, 2000

MCPHATTER, Duncan ca 1770 - 1867, wife Mary [poss SMITH] lived in McEachins/Blue Springs Twp, Robeson Co, now Hoke Co from ca 1830 until death. I am descended from slaves that he owned and distributed in his 1865 Will. I am seeking any McPhatter/Smith family records or info concerning this family of slaves who were the children of Jesse, mother not known. Can you help? Jaja Amani    Posted March 28, 2000

Looking for information on Neill McCRANEY. He may have migrated to Mississippi in the 1800s. He was married to ? MONROE. Their children were: Malcom who married Sarah Ray; Mary Ann; Jane; Duncan C.; Harriet; Effie married Willie BEARD; and William John McCraney. As far as is known, only Malcom, Effie and William John who married Malinda Ann JOHNSON remained in Cumberland County.

Malcom McCraney and his family are buried at Sandy Grove,[now Hoke County] except William John, who is buried in Raeford [Hoke]. Any information greatly appreciated. Hazel Lindsey of Maitland, FL.    Posted February 03, 2000

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