ROLL OF MINISTERS Abstracted from History of Sandy Grove Church
Rev. Duncan McLean, supply, 1855
Rev. James McQueen, pastor 1858-1865  Read this 
Rev. John B. McKinnon, supply, 1867-1868  Read this 
Rev. Kenneth M. McIntyre, supply six months
Rev. James P. McPherson, supply, 1868-1872  Read this 
Rev. Neill McKay, D.D., supply, 1872-1874  Read this 
Rev. Kenneth McDonald, supply, six months, 1874
Rev. David Fairley, supply, 1874-1898   Read this 
Candidate Watson Fairley, six months, 1898-1899
Rev. R. W. Alexander, supplied 1898-1902
Rev. W. R. Coppedge, supplied 1898-1902
Rev. M. N. McIver, supplied 1898-1902
Licentiate J. A. Calligan, supplied 1898-1902
Rev. T. F. Haney, supplied 1898-1902
Rev. David Fairley, supplied, 1902-1911
Rev. W. C. Brown, supplied, 1911-1912
Rev. J. D. A. Brown, supplied, 1913-1916
Rev. Eugene Alexander, supplied, 1916-1923  Read this 
Rev. A. D. Carswell, 1924-1925  Read this 
Rev. W. A. McLeod   Read this 

Dougald Monroe, Licensed at Center [Centre Presbyterian Church] April, 1876
Colin Monroe,  Licensed at Center  April, 1876
E. M. Monroe, Licensed at Center April, 1876

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