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I have recently received from a McCraney descendant of Maitland, Florida, a copy of the HISTORY of SANDY GROVE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.
This seventy-five page booklet was compiled by M.A. Patterson and A.D. Carswell and published by its members about August 1925. It is 
dedicated to the memory of The Rev. David Fairley, D.D., Man of God, venerable and saintly Minister of the Gospel, who gave thirty-seven 
years of tireless service to the Sandy Grove Church, and who entered into his eternal rest October 23rd, 1912.

Mr. Carswell writes: "This book is a brief history of Old Sandy Grove Church. We have earnestly endeavored to bring before the eyes 
of the public the most outstanding events in the history of this church. But to keep the book from being too voluminous some very important 
and interesting details have necessarily been omitted. We regret very much indeed that some valuable materials were destroyed by Sherman's 
Army, which would have been a great contribution to this work".

We are greatly indebted to members of the Church, and friends who have contributed so liberally of their valuable time in collecting 
information, and putting same in the form of manuscripts, which have been used verbatim.

"We wish to record our deep appreciation of the generous assistance rendered by the following: 
Rev. Eugene Alexander, former pastor of Sandy Grove Church; Rev. R.A. McLeod, pastor of the Galatia Church, for copying the manuscript 
of the late David Fairley D.D.; Mr. J.W. McLauchlin of Raeford, and Mr. J. McN. Johnson of Aberdeen, NC." 

MEMBERSHIP OF THE CHURCH: (Robert Graham and wife Mariah were original members, although their names did not appear on the list below ) The symbol (o) indicates an original member. Bethune, Mrs. Ann Bethune, Isabella Carolina Bethune, Andrew Jackson Bethune, Mrs. Sarah Ann, wife of A.J. Black, Mrs. Mary, wife of John Black, Mary Black, Annie Black John Blue, Neill McKeithan (o)   See photo & more Blue, Mrs. Eliza, wife of Neill (o)  Photo Blue, Sarah Ann  Read this Blue, Eliza Newel Blue, John Blue, Neill Blue, Lydia Margaret Blue, Daniel J. Blue, James A. Blue, Jennett S., wife of James A. Blue, Mrs. Mollie, wife of Lauchlin Alex. Blue, Lauchlin Alexander  See photo Blue, Mrs. Mary E., wife of Neill S.  See photo Blue, Frank Smith Bethune, Lauchlin Alexander Bethune, Maximelian D. Bethune, Miss F.I. Buchan, Daniel M.L. Brock, Deems B. Brock, Daniel A. Brock, David Rufus Brock, Mary Beard, Effie Brock, Flora Brock, Mallie Beard, Katie Black, Neill Brown, Claude C. Campbell, Alexander  See Old Sandy Grove Pledge List & Alexander Campbell's Wallet Campbell, Mrs. Effie, wife of Alex. Campbell, Mary Campbell, Duncan M. Campbell, Daniel B.  See photo Canady, Alexander Campbell, Margaret I. Campbell, Sarah L. Campbell, John A. Campbell, Mary, wife of Murdoch Campbell, Sarah Campbell, Mrs. Mary, wife of Peter Campbell, Caroline Campbell, Catherine V., wife of Daniel L. Campbell, Mrs. Mary, wife of Norman Currie, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Duncan Chappel, Mrs. Anna, wife of James Chappel, John M. Currie, John C. (o) Currie, Mrs. Margaret, wife of John C. Currie, Caroline Currie, John Calvin Currie, Angus D. Currie, Isabella Amanda Currie, Margaret Jane Currie, Newton Bethune Campbell, Murdoch Campbell, Alexander Campbell, John Campbell, Walter D. Campbell, Mattie Lee Currie, James B. Campbell, Beulah Scot Campbell, William Christopher Campbell, Roena Lee Campbell, Alberta Virginia Campbell, Malcom Ralph Clark, Christianna Jane Chappell, Ella Florence Chappell, Mary Margaret Cameron, Samuel J.   See photo & more Cameron, Christianna C. Cameron, Samuel Carlton Cameron, Beulah Smith Cameron, Eddie Watts   See photo & more Cameron, John A. Cameron, Annei E. Cameron, John McNeill Cameron Margaret Jewell Cameron, Margarette Campbell, Maggie Campbell, Alex Chappell, William M. Chappell, Duncan Chappell, Malcom Monroe Chappell, James Alton Chappell, John Thomas Cameron, Alex. Blue Cameron, John Bryan Cameron, Juanita Cameron, Frank Cameron, Ida Rebecca Cameron, Sarah Margaret Currie, John Angus Currie, Lonnie Currie, Ida L. Currie, Charity Cameron, John Marsh Campbell, Sarah Margaret Campbell, Daniel N. Campbell, Neill L. Davis, Flora Ann Edwards, Harriet N. Finlayson, Christian Finlayson, Cothran [Catherine, g-grandmother of Hoke coordinator, Myrtle Bridges] Ferguson, John Gillis, Rodrick D. (o) Gillis, Mrs. Nancy Gillis, Murdoch Gillis, Duncan J. Gillis, Roderick A. Gillis, Neill Whitfield Gillis, John A. Gillis, Mrs. Catherine J., wife of John A. Gillis, Evander Gillis, Mrs. Mary, wife of Murdoch A. Gillis, Jonathan Gillis, Sarah Jane Gillis, Margaret Eliza Gillis, Sarah Catherine Graham, Alexander (o) Graham, Mrs. Ann, wife of Alex.(o) Graham, Eliza Graham, Catherine Graham, Mary Graham, Martha Gillis, Archibald A. Gillis, Mary Alice Guin, Jane Guin, Duncan James Guin, William C. Guin, Archibald A. Gillis, Malcom Graham, Laura Bell Gillis, Annie Jane Gillis, Annie Bell Gillis, Flora J. Gillis, Mary McNeill Guiton, T.W. Guiton, M.C. Gillis, Neill Rodrick Gillis, Margaret Whitfield Gillis, Annie Bell Gillis, Evander Gillis, Murdoch Watson Gillis, N.W. Gillis, Mrs. N.W. Jernigan, Mary Alice Jackson, J.A. Leslie, Daniel (o) Leslie, Mrs. Florah Ann, wife of Daniel (o) Leslie, Alexander Leslie, John Leslie, Anna Leslie, Sarah, wife of Alexander Leslie, Catherine Leslie, Daniel Newton Leslie, Margaret Leslie, Florah Scott Leslie, Mary Monroe, Peter  Read this Monroe, Mrs. Isabella J., wife of Peter   See photo & more Monroe, Evander  See photo Monroe, Colin Alexander  See photo Monroe, Edmund Marshall  See photo Monroe, Archibald Cornelius  See photo Monroe, Margaret Jane  See photo Monroe, John P.  See photo Monroe, Dugald  See photo Monroe, Malcom Monroe, Margaret, wife of Malcom Monroe, Mary Eliza Monroe, Emma A. Monroe, Margaret Ann Monroe, Martha Jane Monroe, Sallie I. Monroe, Catharine Monroe Sophronia Monroe, Florence McLeod, Archibald McLeod, Sarah C. McLeod, Murdock James McLeod, Thomas Benton McLeod, Isabel McLeod, Sarah Catherine McCaskill, Daniel C., Sr.(o) McCaskill, Mrs. Mary, wife of Daniel (o) McCaskill, Mary McCaskill, Roderick   Photo McCaskill, John   Photo McDaniel, Daniel C. Jr.   Read this McCaskill, Nancy McDugald, Flora McLeod, Pearlie C. McDonald, John McDonald, Angus McDonald, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Angus McDonald, John W. McDuffie, Harriet Ann McDuffie, Murdoch (o) McDuffie, Catherine, wife of Murdoch (o) McDuffie, Daniel   Read this McDuffie, Duncan K.  See photo McDuffie, Lovedy Catharine McDuffie, Alexander McDuffie, Christian, wife of Alex. McDuffie, Margaret Ann McDuffie, Sarah Catharine McDuffie, Mary B. McLeod, Lauchlin McLeod, Mrs. Effie, wife of Lauchlin McLeod, Anna McLeod, Florah McKeithan, Mrs. Christian, wife of John McKeithen, Cinthia Ann McKeithen, Lovedy Margaret McKeithen, Eliza Smith McLeod, Mrs. Isabella, wife of Archie McLeod, Mrs. Mary, wife of Archie McLeod, Murdoch  See photo McLeod, John Knox McLeod, Sallie Ann, wife of A. Daniel McLeod, Neill A. McLeod, John O. McLeod, Mrs. Catherine A., wife of Murdoch McLeod, Daniel Arch. McCraney, Malcom McCraney, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Malcom McCraney, William J. McCraney, Mary Ann McLauran, Robert McLauran, Anna, wife of Robert McLeod, Anna McPherson, Nancy McPherson, Catherine Ann, wife of J.D. McCrummend, Neill McGugan, Duncan McGugan, Mary Jane McKeathan, Christian Luola McDuffie, Duncan Alex. McDuffie, Effie Christian McDuffie, Neill Henry McDuffie, Daniel Murdoch McDuffie, Elizabeth Newel McDuffie, Lou Ella, wife of Daniel M. McDuffie, Mary Christian McLeod, Norman C. McLeod, Alice, wife of Norman McDuffie, Harriet Ann McFadyen, Lillie G. McCraney, Jane McCraney, Frances E. Maultsby, Belle Maultsby, John S. McFayden, John J. McFayden, Mary R., wife of John J. McFayden, Neill Alexander McFayden, Addie Bell McFayden, Mary Ann McFayden, John Thomas McLeod, D.C. McLeod, Mary E. McLeod, Della Mae McRacken, J.B. McRacken, Mary Ann McRacken, Leslie McRacken, Ethel McRacken, Cora Mae McFayden, William Lacy McFayden, Eliza Melvin Patterson, Duncan Patterson, Margaret Jane, wife of D. Patterson, John Alexander Patterson, Catharine Ann Patterson, Florah Margaret Patterson, Duncan Patterson, Martin A. Patterson, George W. Peterson, Ann Jenett Peterson, John Patterson, Alexander McL. Ray, Angus   See photo Ray, Florah (o) Ray, Mary Ray, Flora M., wife of Angus Ray, Sarah Jane Ray, Archibald G. Ray, Jennet, wife of Archibald G. Ray, Mary F. Ray, Jane Ray, Flora A. Ray, Laney Amillia Ray, Joana Ray, Catherine Carolina Ray, Archibald S. Ray, Sarah, wife of Archie S. Ray, Margaret Stewart Ray, Effie Jane Ray, David James Ray, Mary Catharine Ray, Harriet Ann, wife of Archie Ray, Effie E. Ray, Eliza Ray, Effie Virginia Ray, Mary, (col.) wife of Neill Ray, Duncan Ray, John C. Ray, William D. Ray, Martin A. Ray, S. Vance Ray, Duncan P. Ray, Hugh A. Ray, Florah Martin May, Mary Elizabeth Ray, Flora Jenett Ray, Lydia Ray, Daniel Angus Rogers, H.J. Rogers, Mrs. H.J. Smith, Lovedy (o) Steward, George Steward, Mary C. Skull, Joseph G. Skull, Elizabeth Wilson, Sallie A. Wilson, James

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