Located in Hoke County on Horace Walters Road (west of Quewhiffle Township) Raeford, NC
Thanks to Juanita Brown Lancour and her brother, Robert L. Brown, Jr. for sharing their research. 
This is a small family cemetery, started by their great grandfather, when the old Shiloh church was torn down. It 
is slightly overgrown with bushes and trees. There is a small road leading to the cemetery for burial purposes.

Additional listings (Luther H. Currie to David P. Gibson) posted July 15, 2001 by  Myrtle Bridges.

Luther H. Curry
Lillian M. Curry
Mary M. Curry
John C. Currie 
Margaret Keahey wife of J.C.Currie
William McLean Almena Mc Lean
John M. McLean
Elizabeth Caroline Currie wife of John Graham
Margaret Jane McLean Daughter of John Graham
John Calvin Currie
Charlie Hearn 9-11-1899 12-16-1913
David A. Campbell
Alma Campbell
Paul Lewis Campbell    3-3-1930 3-10-1932
Martha Jane Farris 3-31-1921 died 80 years old
Alexander Farris
John Farris 
James Baker
Hazel Baker (Daughter of Henry and Mattie Baker) 
6-3-1924 7-22-1925
James Thornwell McLeod (deacon in the church)  7-8-1883  1-10-1908
Nancey Wilkes 8-6-1835 2-11-1905
Chalmos L. Blue
Emma Baker wife of D.S. Baker 2-6-1838 6-9-1917
D.S. Baker 3-3-1838 5-16-1916
Roland Clinton Baker  12-11-1918 11-26-1920
Dave Williams  10-5-1854 8-28-1928
Mary Jane Brown 5-16-1878 12-1-1962 wife of W.M.Gibson
William Gibson 5-4-1836 6-10-1925
Margaret E. Baker  7-18-1934 10-30-1934
David P. Gibson   7-23-1909  11-16-1956
William N. Brown        1864 - 1931
Ellon  (Ellen) Brown (wife of William)   1861-
Sallie   (daughter of W.N. and Ellon (Ellen) Brown)Aug. 188 – July 6, 1896
Infant daughter of W.N. and Ellon (Ellen)  Brown May
N.A. Brown — 8, 1894
William A. Brown   (son of N.A and Bertie Brown)  June 25,1919Nov.25, 1919
D.P Brown  11-18-187211-25-1933
N. Jane Brown  10-3-18697-18-1934
Mary Jane Brown (wife of William Murray Gibson) 5-16-187812-1-1962
William Murray Gibson   3-4-18366-10-1925
William A. Gibson (son of William Murray and Mary Jane)2-24-190312-7-1925
Bertie Brown  (wife of G.V. Baker)  4-2-189710-16-1941
Lillie Brown Ammons  (wife of D. Ammons)  9-24-188411-16-1976
D Ammons  unmarked at foot of Lillie
J.F. Ammons  3-17-18506-17-1925
Maggie Brown Councilman 8-7-18888-2-1955
J. Lexie Melton   18871956
Minnie E. Melton  (wife of Lexie) 18901954
Talmage Melton  (son of Lexie and Minnie) 3-4-192312-16-1994
Almena Mclean  (wife of William Mclean)  10-1-18141-23-1890
Green T. (on of N.A. and C. Brown)  7-11-18092-9-1836
James ?   (son of Murdock and Mrs. McLeod  7-18-18861-10-1908
Zeb Pate Gibson    11-28-1906–17-1938

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