McLauchlin Township
Wilson (Zion Wall Church, Preacher's Road Cemetery) is located in a cleared area just west of the cutbank for 
Preacher's Road, approximately 4,200 feet north of Chicken Road. The cemetery is located between Little Rockfish and Puppy 
Creek approximately 1,000 feet west of a tributary of the Little Rockfish. There are five markers, but other unmarked burials 
are possible.

Cole Eliza Wife of Frank Cole Born Dec. 31, 1859 Died Aug 10, 1903 A member of Zion Wall church 18 years Handon Fannie I. Daughter of W. C. & Fannie Handon Born Sept. 11, 1913 Died June 7, 1915 At Rest Hadley Mary Isabella wife of Rev. W. H. Hadley Born Oct. 18, 1876 Died May 3, 1911 We will meet again Unknown Soldier US Army 1865 (VA marker - grave #14) Wilson Floria Died June 25, 1901 Age 50 years
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