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History of Sladesville Missionary Baptist Church, Sladesville, NC; 1935-1962
Mrs. Shirley Garrish; Sladesville, NC

Very little is known about the history of the Sladesville Missionary Baptist Church.  It is hoped that further research will result in a complete history of this denomination.

On November 4, 1940, Z.T. Fortescue and Lucy Fortescue deeded a plot of land in Sladesville to the Baptist State Convention for the purpose of that denomination.  This deed is recorded in Deed Book 58, page 263, Register of Deeds Office, Hyde County Courthouse, Swan Quarter, North Carolina.

In 1962, was was in keeping with the policies of the church organization, upon the successful functioning of a local denomination, the church property was deeded by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina to Harold Spencer, Lloyd Williams, Staton Sadler, Eugene Midyette, William S. Cutrell, and Travis Flowers, acting as Trustees for the Sladesville Baptist Church.  This deed is recorded in the Register of Deeds Office, Hyde County Courthouse, Deed Book 77, pages 210 through 213. [Only pages 210-212 are seen below.]

The church is a white frame structure located near the village of Sladesville on state highway number 1142.  The church is surrounded by a small cemetery.

The membership of the church numbers approximately _______ (nothing filled in).



Source for history: Microfilm #053.01007 from the North Carolina Dept. of Archives & History, Raleigh, NC
Source for deeds: Hyde Co., NC Register of Deeds Office


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