M-O Index to the 1st & 2nd NC Union Volunteers

Index to Records of the
1st and 2nd Regiments, North Carolina Union Volunteers
Surnames M - Phe

Madden, James Private 1 G
Madden, James Private 2 A
Maner, David Private 1 G
Manning, Edward C. Captain 1 H
Manning, Edward C. Captain 1 I
Manning, J. Albert 2nd Lieutenant 2 C
Manning, J. Albert 2nd Lieutenant 2 F
Marshall, John 0. Private 2 A
Mason, Griffin Sergeant 1 B
Mason, James Private 1 F
Mason, James Private 2 C
Mason, James Private 2 A
Mason, Jesse Private 1 B
Mason, Jesse S. Corporal 1 B
Mason, Thomas J. Private 1 B
Mason, William Private 2 C
Masters, DeForest 1st Lieutenant 2 B
Masters, DeForest 1st Lieutenant 1 F
Maynard, Dexter A. Assistant Surgeon 1 S
McChesney, Joseph M. Colonel 1 S
McCoy, Alexander Private 2 F
McDaniel, William Private 2 E
McGowan, William W. Sergeant 1 B
McKay, James 1st Lieutenant 1 H
McKennis, Thomas N. Private 1 L
McKennis, Thomas N. Private 2 C
McKinzie, Alexander Private 1 G
McKinzie, Alexander Sergeant 2 B
McLane, James J. Captain 1 E
McLane, John B. 2nd Lieutenant 1 A
McMann, Thomas Private 2 A
McRae, William H. Private 1 G
Meadows, John A. Private 1 I
Meadows, John A. Private 2 C
Meads, George W. Sergeant 1 D
Meads, John Private 1 D
Meads, John A. Corporal 1 D
Meads, Thomas Private 1 D
Meakins, William Private 1 B
Meazle, William R. Sergeant 1 A
Meekins, Daniel S. Private 1 H
Meekins, Ignatius S. Corporal 1 H
Meekins, James Private 1 H
Meekins, Jeremiah Private 1 H
Meekins, John Private 1 H
Meekins, Sylvia S. Private 1 H
Meekins, William M. Private 1 H
Meets, Job Private 2 F
Mehan, Felix Private 1 L
Mehan, Felix Private 1 C
Melson, Joseph N. Sergeant 1 L
Melson, Joseph N. Sergeant 1 C
Menninger, Henry J. Assistant Surgeon 1 S
Menninger, Henry J. Surgeon 2 Field and Staff
Mercer, Jesse Private 1 D
Mercier, Lewis Private 2 F
Messick, John Private 1 B
Messmore, Samuel W. Chaplain 1 S
Metts, William Private 2 F
Mhoon, James T. Sergeant 1 C
Midgett, Belcher Private 1 G
Midgett, David O. Corporal 1 I
Midgett, Ebenezer Private 1 I
Midgett, Edward Private 1 I
Midgett, Ezekiel Private 1 I
Midgett, George W. Sergeant 1 H
Midgett, Ira Private 1 I
Midgett, Jethro H. Private 1 I
Midgett, John A. Private 1 H
Midgett, John H. Private 1 H
Midgett, Joseph Private 1 D
Midgett, Nathan 0. Private 1 H
Midgett, Richard Corporal 1 I
Midgett, Richard W. Private 1 I
Midgett, Watson S. Private 1 H
Midgett, William A. Private 1 H
Miller, Bateman Sergeant 1 H
Miller, Christopher C. Sergeant 1 H
Miller, Christopher C. Sergeant 1 I
Miller, Clayton H. Private 1 H
Miller, David R. Private 1 C
Miller, Elisha Private 1 L
Miller, Elisha Private 1 C
Miller, Henderson Private 2 B
Miller, Jesse Private 1 C
Miller, John C. Private 1 C
Miller, Jonathan Corporal 1 C
Miller, Jordan Private 1 C
Miller, Joseph J. Private 1 D
Miller, Joseph J. Private 2 B
Miller, Nathaniel Private 1 D
Miller, Nathaniel Corporal 2 B
Miller, Noah C. Private 1 G
Miller, Solomon Private 1 D
Miller, Solomon Private 2 B
Miller, Tillman D. Private 1 H
Miller, William Private 1 G
Minton, James M. Private 1 E
Minton, Richard H. Private 1 E
Minton, Thomas J. Private 1 E
MitchelI, Samuel Private 2 C
Mitchell, James H. Sergeant 2 B
Mitchell, James H. 1st Sergeant 1 A
Mitchell, Joseph D. Private 2 E
Mitchell, Joseph G. Private 2 C
Mitchell, Joseph J. Private 2 A
Mitchell, Joseph J. Private 1 A
Mitchell, Joseph S. Private 1 D
Mitchell, Joseph S. Private 2 B
Mitchell, Quinton Private 1 D
Mitchell, Richard Private 1 E
Mitchell, William L. Private 2 B
Mitchell, William L. Private 1 D
Mixon, James Private 1 B
Mizell, Charney G. Private 2 E
Mizell, George Private 2 E
Mizell, Henry C. Sergeant 2 E
Mizell, Henry T. Private 2 E
Mizell, Jeremiah Private 1 C
Mizell, John T. Private 1 C
Mizell, Jonanthan T. 1st Lieutenant 1 C
Mizell, Joseph Private 1 L
Mizell, Joseph Private 1 C
Mizell, Miles Private 1 C
Mizell, Thomas T. Private 1 D
Mizell, Thomas T. Private 2 B
Mizell, Zeddock M. Private 1 C
MobIey, James T. Private 1 B
Mobley, William Private 1 B
Moore, Edward M. Private 1 G
Moore, Lemuel S. Private 2 A
Moore, William A. Captain 2 B
Moore, William A. Captain 1 B
Moore, William H. Private 1 G
Moore, William P. Corporal 1 G
Moorefield, Daniel Private 1 L
Morgan, Joseph Private 1 D
Morgan, Joseph J. Private 1 H
Morris, Andrew Private 1 E
Morris, Gabriel T Private 1 E
Morris, George Private 2 B
Morris, James H. Private 2 A
Morris, James H. Private 1 I
Morris, Josephus Private 1 B
Morris, Lawrence Private 1 E
Morris, Levi M. Private 1 F
Morris, Roland Private 1 F
Morris, William Corporal 2 B
Morris, Zadock Private 1 E
Morton, James Private 2 A
Morton, William Private 2 A
Moss, Thomas Private 1 D
Moss, William Private 2 F
Moye, James Private 1 E
Munds, John J. Private 1 E
Murphy, Alfred Private 1 H
Murphy, Hardy H. Private 1 G
Murphy, Martin T. Corporal 1 F
Murphy, Poindexter Corporal 1 F
Murphy, Samuel E. D. Private 1 A
Murphy, Samuel E. D. Musician 2 C
Muse, William A. Private 1 A
Myers, William H. Private 1 I
Myers, William H. Private 2 C
Neal, Amos Private 1 B
Neal, Ivy Musician 1 F
Neal, Ivy Musician 1 L
Neal, Ivy Private 2 F
Neal, John H. Private 1 G
Needham, Jacob Private 2 A
Needham, Joseph Private 1 D
Needham, Seth Private 1 D
Nelson, Anson H. Private 1 F
Nethery, Alexander Private 1 B
Nethery, Alexander Private 1 L
Nethery, Alexander Private 2 C
Newby , Thomas Private 1 F
Newby, Thomas Private 2 A
Newell, Abner Private 1 B
Newton, George W. Private 2 C
Newton, Thomas F. Captain 2 A
Nichol, James A . 1st Lieutenant 1 L
Nixon, Alfred Private 2 E
Nixon, Walter M. Private 1 C
Nixon, William L. Private 1 E
Nobels, Jethro Private 1 F
Noris, Patrick Private 1 A
Noris, Patrick Private 1 L
Norman, Joseph Private 1 L
Norris, John Private 1 A
North, Nathaniel Private 1 A
North, William H. Private 1 A
O'Neal , David K. Drummer 1 H
O'Neal , David K. Drummer 1 I
O'Neal George J. Private 1 H
O'Neal, James A. Private 1 H
O'Neal, Jesse J. Private 1 H
O'Neil, Edmund Corporal 1 H
O'Neil, John B. Private 1 H
O'Neil, John F Private 1 H
O'Neil, Joseph Private 1 H
O'Neil, Thomas Private 1 H
O'Neil, Vernon Private 1 H
O'Neil, Vernon Private 1 I
O'Neil, Warren D. Corporal 1 H
O'Neil, William B. 2nd Lieutenant 1 H
O'Neil, William B. 2nd Lieutenant 1 I
O'Neil, William P. Private 1 H
Odom, Joseph A. Private 1 E
Ohenery, John A. 2nd Lieutenant 1 L
Oliver, George W. Private 2 E
Oliver, George W. Private 1 B
Oliver, John A. Private 1 G
Oliver, John H. Private 2 E
Olson, Martin 0. Private 1 G
Outlaw, Jacob F. Private 1 H
Outlaw, Thomas E. Private 1 F
Outlaw, Thomas E. Private 2 E
Outlaw, William R. Private 1 B
Overman, John Private 1 D
Overton, Benjamin Franklin Private 1 L
Overton, Daniel Private 2 B
Overton, Daniel Private 1 G
Overton, Edward Private 2 B
Overton, James Private 2 C
Overton, James Sergeant 1 E
Overton, Nathaniel P. Private 2 B
Overton, Nathaniel P. Private 1 E
Overton, Samuel Private 1 E
Overton, Thomas R. Private 2 B
Overton, William E. 2nd Lieutenant 2 B
Overton, William W. Private 1 L
Overton, William W. Private 1 C
Owen, Thomas W. Private 1 F
Page, Solomon E. Private 2 C
Page, Solomon E. Private 1 F
Palmer, Anderson N. Private 1 D
Palmer, George Private 1 D
Palmer, Henry C. Private 1 D
Palmer, James Private 1 D
Palmer, Nathan Private 1 D
Parker, Alexander Private 1 E
Parker, Isaac Private 1 E
Parker, Isaac Private 2 B
Parker, James Private 2 F
Parker, John Henry Private 1 L
Parker, Lemuel N. Private 1 F
Parker, Lemuel N. Private 2 C
Parker, Nazereth Whitmel Private 1 E
Patrick, Bird Private 1 L
Patrick, John Private 1 L
Patrick, Snode Private 1 C
Patrick, Wilson Private 2 A
Paul, Jacob B. Private 1 B
Paul, John F. Private 2 A
Paul, John F. Private 1 F
Paul, Lewis R. Private 1 A
Paul, Raymond L. Corporal 2 A
Paul, Raymond L. Private 1 F
Payne, Sanderson Private 1 I
Peak, Phillip R. Private 1 A
Peak, Phillip R. 1st Sergeant 2 A
Pearbee, Isaac Sergeant 1 F
Peel, Barney Sergeant 1 I
Peel, Christopher Private 1 I
Peel, Ira Private 1 I
Peel, Richard Private 1 E
Peel, William L. Private 1 I
Pendleton, Benjamin Private 1 D
Perry, James Private 1 C
Perry, William G. Private 1 E
Phelps, Alexander M. Private 1 C
Phelps, Ashby Private 2 B
Phelps, Baily Private 1 L
Phelps, Baily Private 1 C
Phelps, Benjamin Private 1 C
Phelps, Charles H. Private 1 L
Phelps, Charles H. Private 1 C
Phelps, Daniel Private 1 G
Phelps, Daniel Private 1 L
Phelps, Henderson Private 1 L
Phelps, Henderson Private 1 C
Phelps, James Private 1 L
Phelps, James H. Private 2 E
Phelps, Joseph Private 2 E

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