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James Barrow - c1814
NC State Archives; Original estates records 1745-1904; CR.053.508.2

no date - Inventory of the property of James Barrow.  Various items included 6 beads [sic] & furniture, 4 tables, 2 chests, 1 trunk, saddle, kitchen items, cattle, bees, hogs, and the following Negroes:

Sam to Tho. Barrow $35.50
Sollomon to widow $4?.00
Retter to     " $2?.00
Betty to     " $2?.00
Manuel for keeping him [nothing written] $  2.00

no date - Ordered that John Adams, Esq., Maurice Jones, Jasper Keech and William Baley be appointed as commissioners to lay off to Susan Barrow, widow of James Barrow, one years provision.  /s/ B. Foreman, Clk.

no date - One years dowarry given to the widdow, Susannah Barrow.  20 barrels of corn, 121/2 bushels wheat, 25 bushels potatoes, 12 hogs, 3 cows & yearlings, 7 head of sheep, 4 bushels of peas.  Total allotment $169.90.  /s/ John Adams, JP, Maurice Jones, Jasper Keech, William Baley.  This inventory & amount of widow's years provision was returned by Thos. Barrow, adm'r., on oath & ordered to be recorded.  /s/ B. Foreman, Clk.

Feb. Term 1815 - One year's provision returned & recorded.  /s/ B. Foreman, Clk.

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