This page contains Bible records and links to pages with Bible records that have Alexander County connections.  If you have a Bible record, please contact the county coordinator. Please include as much information as possible about the Bible.

Leander M Lowrance Bible
(contributed by Twylla Turner Teer)

The cover reads: International Series Self-Pronouncing Teachers Edition: Translated out of the Original Tongues; New York: International Bible Agency 150 Fifth Avenue – 1895.

This Bible belonged to Rhoda Beatrice Lowrance daughter of Leander M. Lowrance and Clementine Murchison who lived in Alexander County most of their lives. Milas was a brother to Leander.

L.M. Lowrance died Sept.6, 1910 at 4 o’clock 10 minutes A.M.
Milas S. Lowrance died the 7 night of January 1911.
Milas S. Lowrance was born April the 2, 1821.
L.M. Lowrance was born November the 28, 1829.

Thomas Lowrance Bible
(contributed by Vivian Rader)