Bogle Family

The Bogle Family of Alexander County

“An Early Settler” in the Taylorsville Journal

published in The Landmark on August 19, 1886

Joseph M Bogle, the second son of Robert Bogle, was different from his brother William in that he had a great taste for public and political life, but had in common with him that good common sense and sound judgment that made him a good trader and successful manager. He traded in stock, engaged in merchandise, run a farm in both branches of the Legislature, and was sheriff of Iredell county for a number of years. He married Christina McKenzie, daughter of Kenneth McKenzie and a sister of Wm Bogle’s wife, and not long after settled on the Wilkes road about three miles from where Taylorsville now is (and where W F Jolly lives) where he lived and raised his family. When Taylorsville was located he moved here and built the dwelling where R P Matheson now lives, and occupied it up to the time of his death in 1860. His widow survived him a few years, and died at the old homestead eight or ten years ago. A double grave stone marks their resting place in the Taylorsville cemetery. They were both members of the Presbyterian Church. They raised a family of three sons and five daughters.

Joseph M the oldest son, completed his education at Davidson College; studied medicine; married Miss Margaret Gaither, who died not long after their marriage. He moved to Raymond, Mississippi, where he resided and practiced his profession until within the last few years, when he removed to Cherokee, Crawford county, Kan.

Alex. Maxwell, better known as “Lawyer Mack”, the second son, graduated at Davidson College; studied law under Judge Pearson; settled in Taylorsville and practiced his profession successfully for some years. His was an intellect of a high order and his mind was well informed. He represented his county in both branches of the Legislature; had a good practice in this and adjoining counties. “Lawyer Mack” was twice married. He first married Miss Mary Knox, daughter of Gillespie Knox, of Rowan county, and excellent woman, intelligent, pious, industrious, of fine personal appearance and a good wife. They raised three sons, Mitchell, Absa and Willie; but their mother died before they reached manhood. They were nice, intelligent boys and are still living-Mitchell and Absa in Kansas, and Willie in Mississippi. Mack’s second wife was Miss Mary Lawrence, daughter of Alexander Lawrence of Iredell. She was a good, pious woman. They had two sons-Lawrence and Joseph. Both parents are now dead, the wife preceding the husband only a few years. The oldest son, Lawrence moved to Mississippi after his father’s death and soon after was drowned while bathing. Joseph is a waif, not considered of sound mind; but has shrewdness enough to travel all over the country, from Washington City to Texas, without money; and few railroad conductors South have not at some time in the last few years encountered “Little Joe” among their passengers he has such a mania for wandering that no efforts of his friends have been successful in keeping him in one place long at a time.

Robert Lafayette, the third son, received a liberal education; studied medicine, and successfully practiced his profession; married Miss Temperance Kelly, daughter of Dr Kelly of Mocksville, and moved to Raymond, Hinds county, Mississippi, where he still lives.

The oldest daughter, Mary, married Wiley Gaither, and settled at Cross Keys, near All-Healing Spring, then Caldwell county, where he engaged in merchandise for some years; moved to Lenoir, built the dwelling now occupied by F Weisenfeld, followed merchandise for some years there, and then left the county. His wife, who was a worthy, intelligent woman, remained at her home until her death. They had several children, all of whom except one son died before they reached maturity. The son, Dr Wm Gaither, still survives; he married a Miss McCombs, of Mecklenburg county, where he has resided most of the time since.

The second daughter, Susan, married Stephen Howell. They settled in Mocksville, Davie county, where they lived and raised a family of three sons and two daughters. After the death of J M Bogle, Susan’s father, they moved to Taylorsville and lived here several years with her mother at the old home, where R P Matheson now lives. They then moved to Statesville, where Mr Howell died and where his widow still lives. Their sons, Joseph B, R L and Willie are all dead; only J B married, his wife being Emma daughter of A C McIntosh, who died not long after their marriage, leaving a daughter who is now 13 years old. Of their two daughters, Emma the oldest, married Thos J Dula, an attorney-at-law of Wilkesboro, where they reside and have raised several sons and daughters. The other daughter, Jane Maria, married W A Eliason, of Statesville, where they reside and have a considerable family of children.

The third daughter, Roxana, married Robert F Simonton, of Statesville, an excellent business man. They had no children. R F Simonton was instrumental in establishing the Bank of Statesville, and ran it as its chief manager or cashier pretty much while he lived. At his death Roxana became his executrix by his will, and for a short time continued the business of the bank. But on investigation it was found that the bank, from the effects of the war was not solvent. The estate was involved so that it was all required to meet the liabilities. However, Mrs Simonton retains her home in Statesville and sufficient, with her own good management, to keep her comfortable.

Jane C, the fourth daughter, married James Simonton, of Iredell, and moved to Mississippi. They had three children, Joseph, Ross, and Julia, who are yet living. Mr Simonton was shot and killed while sitting on his porch, by someone who had a grudge against him. After the death of her husband, Jane returned to North Carolina, where she lived and raised her children, and with the exception of a short stay in Missouri and Kansas and a short time at Old Fort, NC, has resided in Taylorsville near her son-in-law, J T McIntosh, until within the last few months, when she and a daughter moved to Cherokee, Kan. where she has a brother and other relatives living.

Selina, the fifth daughter, married J Wilson Jones; settled in Taylorsville and did business as a merchant several years; afterward leased and finally bought the Alspaugh factory; lived there and ran it during and after the war; sold out and moved to Kansas in 1867. After living there some years her health failed and she wished to return to North Carolina. They started but were obliged to stop at a friend and relative of Mr Jones, in Missouri, where she died. They had a considerable family of children. Mr Jones still lives in Cherokee, Kan.

submitted by Twylla Teer