<– The famous sculpture by Cyrus E. Dallin, “Captured, But Not Conquered,” that played a large part in the third Liberty Loan Drive. This statue stands in the Alexander County Library history room in Taylorsville NC.

NC Hero (Edgar Hallyburton) – From Alexander County, rose in rank quickly and arrived with unit in France in 1917. His picture recovered after capture became a leading advertisement for “Liberty Bonds.” Sgt. Edgar Hallyburton, the soldier who was the inspiration in this sculpture was considered the first American soldier to be captured by the Germans in WWI. His photo served as the guide for Cyrus E. Dallin, the sculptor, in the production of his statue, “Captured But Not Conquered.”

He was the son of Mr. George B. Hallyburton and Mrs. Prudence Hallyburton of Stony Point NC. Born in Iredell County NC, 19 January 1890, Hallyburton was 27 years old when he was captured during a trench raid. He survived the war, came home and wrote a book “Shoot and Be Damned” which gives in vivid detail the treatment of the prisoners. Hallyburton’s book was published in 1932. From his book, comes this quote: “Hard-boiled Hallyburton, crap-shooter and man killer, seen in the flesh by jeering Heinies, was to be exhibited in stone by dollar-a-year and five-minute men back home!”

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Sergeant Hallyburton, The First American Soldier Captured In The World War,” by Chas. W. Hyams.