Lowrance family articles

Articles relating to the Leander M Lowrance Family

contributed by Twylla Turner Teer

The Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina) February 28, 1896

Mrs. Minnie Beckham, wife of C.M. Beckham, died at her home near Stony Point, Alexander County, Saturday, 22nd, after an illness of over a week. Deceased was 36 years old. A kind neighbor, a devoted wife, an affectionate mother has gone to rest. Buried at Stony Point Cemetery.

The Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina) October 1903

Mrs. Clementine Lowrance, aged 69 died Oct. 15, 1903 at her home at Belleville, Ark. She was a former resident of the Stony Point area of Alexander Co. and had lived in Ark. for 2 yrs. She was the dau. of the late Dr. John A. Murchison and a niece of Alvin Summers who is now a resident of Statesville. Survived by her husband and several children.

Clemmie is buried in Russell Cemetery in Yell County, Belleville, Arkansas.

The Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina) April 1909

Beckham, John S. – Aged 55 years. Died April 26, 1909 at his home in Gwaltney Township, Alexander County. He was a son of the late George Beckham and a grandson of the late Dr. Murchison of Iredell County. Survived by his wife and several children, 2 brothers and 1 sister. Buried at Pisgah Church in Iredell County

This is a member of Clementine Murchison Family (above); she married Leander Lowrance.

The Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina) Jan 1911

Mile Lowrance-Aged 95 years. Died Jan. 8, 1911 near Hopewell Church in Alexander County. Buried in a coffin he had made for himself 15 or 20 years ago. He took pains to make the coffin according to his own ideas and fitted it to himself by stretching his body in it. Mr. Lowrance seemed proud of his coffin and talked freely about it. The fact that he had made this preparation does not seem to have hastened his end, for he lived to an unusual age. (The above is Milas but he was called Mile)

The Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina) March 23, 1897

Interesting Trial at Hiddenite

In Justice Thos J. Sharpe’s court Saturday the case of the State vs L.M. Lowrance, Mrs. Cornelia Miller and her son, J.A. Miller, charged with assault and battery was tried. Lawyer F.A. Linney, of Taylorsville, appeared for Mr. Lowrance. Mr. Lowrance was authorized by some magistrate to build an embankment along a public road to prevent water from damaging his land and the other defendants had torn it down frequently. One time while the boy was opening the embankment Mr. Lowrance ordered him to leave. The boy and his mother attacked Mr. Lowrance and struck him several times with a club and their fists. In the scuffle Mrs. Miller was struck on the head with a shovel. Mr. Lowrance was discharged. The other two were submitted and fined $1 and cost. There was a large crowd present and much interest was manifested. The jockey yard was crowded and a good deal of excitement prevailed.

The Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina) March 26, 1897

Stony Point Section:

Our usually quiet neighborhood has for several days feasted on anxiety over a little affray that took place some days since. It seems that Mr. L.M. Lowrance and Cornelia Miller had a misunderstanding about on which side of the public road the water should be turned, and one afternoon, after a heavy rain, Mr. Lowrance was at work to keep the water in the road when he was assaulted by the woman and her son, and a considerable skirmish was the result. Mr. L was using a shovel and they were trying to disarm him, and the woman got hit on the head with the shovel. She was the aggressor, and on getting the worst of her own game she awore out a warrant for Mr. Lowrance and hauled him to court at Hiddenite on Saturday last, Justices T.J. Sharpe and N.C. Beckham having jurisdiction over the case. They discharged Mr. Lowrance and taxed the woman with the cost and a fine. The woman in the case has caused more anxiety than the usual affrays.

The Landmark (Statesville, North Carolina) Sept 7, 1897

Some days ago one of our neighbors, Mr. L. M. Lowrance, and his family became involved in a misunderstanding which led to a separation. His wife and 2 daughter bade him farewell and he is now alone. Friends plead in tears to stay their wrath, but all in vain. It seemed only to add fuel to the flame. He and his wife had lived together for 47 years and reared a large number of children. One or both of his sons are in the Indian Territory, and several daughters are married, one of whom died some time ago in Arkansas and another lives there, besides four in this county, making in all ten children. They have always been well-to-do and highly respected and the community has been much stirred up over such an unexpected occurrence.