Newspaper Articles 1880

Year: 1880
The Landmark, Statesville North Carolina

Newspaper articles contributed by Twylla Teer and abstracted by Elsie Arcuri.
Some of these articles were almost impossible to read. PLEASE view microfilm before accepting it as fact.

ult. = last month
inst. = present month.
Periods intentionally omitted after abbreviations, initials, etc.

March 2, 1880
While Mr W G Campbell of Alexander was digging a well for Mr J C Blair of the same co, he had one eye blown out by a blast.

March 5, 1880
At the residence of Mr J C Bell in Alexander on the 13th ult., Mr E C Oxford of Alexander and Miss S J Blair of Caldwell.

Dr J M Carson of Alexander is represented to be in feeble health.

State of North Carolina Alexander County
Superior Court February 3rd 1880
A C McIntosh, Adm’r de benis non with the will annexed of Etheldred Ellis, dec’d.
against Mary Hooper, TA Hudson, Adm’r of Nancy Gilreath, dec’d, Ira Ellis, John W Ellis, T A Hudson, Adm’r of W A Ellis dec’d, Elzabeth Combs, Nicholus Norton and wife Adelin, S B Ellis, George M Ellis, Isaac Falkner and wife Sarah, Stephen Ellis, and S N Hines.
Special Prosecuting __ to non-residents
This action is brought for the final settlement of the state of Etheldred Ellis dec’d.
The non-resident defendants, Ira Ellis, John W Ellis, George M Ellis, Isaac Faulkner and wife Sarah and Stephen Ellis are hereby commanded to appear before the Clerk of the Superior Court for the County of Alexander at his office in Taylorsville on or before the 2nd day of April 1880 and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, a copy of which is now in the office of the Clerk of said Court.
W A Pool CSC

May 21, 1880

Alexander Superior Court
Meets on the last day of this month. Judge Gilmer presiding. There will be about 100 cases on the dockets, criminal and civil. The following is a list of the jurors drawn:
J Wash Lackey Jacob Lentz
B B Munday B F Steele
M L Lentz Tilmon Fox
Elkana Tritt H U Carson
Wm Deal W M Smith
Jno Harrington E M Rogers
Logan Bowman Sr P C Bowman
Hosea Christopher Frank Johnson
D L Bowman G M Fox
Jonas White N C Deal
Elijah Hines G W Wilson
Mag Watts J C Johnson
W E Morrison F A Johnson
J M Martin S H Goodin
A T Marsh Wm Bowles
S M Isenhour Abel Mayberry
W W Teague J C Millsaps

May 28, 1880

In Alexander County on 21 inst. Mrs. Rose Lavender Milholland, widow of the late Jas. F. Milholland, aged 63 years and 24 days. She was a great sufferer and died in the triumphs of the Gospel.

In Alexander County on the 6th inst. Mr. Charles Satterwite of Caldwell and Miss Meadows of Alexander.

July 30, 1880
A Sad Case of Drowning
Shortly after the death of his father, A M Bogle Esq of Taylorsville in May last, his son Lawrence, a promising youth of 16 years, went to Macon Miss to live with his brother W H Bogle of the firm of Jarnagin, Bogle & Jarnagin, attorneys at laws. A letter received last week from Mr W H Bogle by Mr Coborn Stewart of Taylorsville informed him of the death of Lawrence Bogle by drowning. He with several others was bathing in a river near Macon. He was playing with one of the boys on the steep and slippery banks when they slipped and rolled together out into the deep channel of the stream. Young Bogle was caught around the neck by his companion-who could not swim-and being thus deprived of the motion of his arms was held under the water and drowned before help could reach him. The other boy was saved but was black in the face and almost dead when taken from the water.
The news of the death of young Bogle was received in Taylorsville with great regret. He was a youth of exceptionally fine character and habits and was a universal favorite.

July 30, 1880

In Alexander County about 3 miles from Taylorsville on the 22nd inst. Mr James Watts , one of the oldest citizens of the county.

Aug 27, 1880
Rev R G Miller a native of Alexander, now a resident at Woodwards’ Fairfield county, SC is on a visit with his family, to his relatives in this section.

Aug 27, 1880
Alexander’s Democratic Legislative Nominee

Raleigh News
James Benjamin Pool the Democratic nominee for the House of Representatives from Alexander county is thirty-nine years old and received an academic education. In the war between the States he entered the Confederate service in October 1861 as a private in Company “G” 37th regiment North Carolina Troops. Was elected orderly sergeant and after serving for sometime in that capacity was promoted to the first lieutenancy and remained with the company until on the bloody field of Gettysburg, he was taken prisoner, carried to Johnsons Island and there continued until the 14th March 1864, when he was paroled and returned home. In 1866 he was placed on the Democratic county ticket for coroner without his knowledge and was elected. In 1870 he was elected Register of Deeds and has held that position continuously since. In 1871 he was elected as a delegate to the State convention which did not meet. He is married, has three children living, is an excellent citizen and will make a good representative.