Newspaper Articles 1884

Year: 1884
The Landmark, Statesville North Carolina
Newspaper articles contributed by Twylla Teer and abstracted by Elsie Arcuri.
Some of these articles were almost impossible to read. PLEASE view microfilm before accepting it as fact.

ult. = last month
inst. = present month.
Periods intentionally omitted after abbreviations, initials, etc.

Jan 4, 1884
Union of Iredell and Alexander

Correspondence of The Landmark
Mr Jas L McLelland, of Concord township and Miss Mary S McLelland, of Miller’s township, Alexander county, were married December 18th, at the residence of the bride’s mother, the writer performing the ceremony. This is not the first Iredell boy that has robbed Alexander of one of her fair girls within less than a year. The writer has gone with five of his county boys and made a raid on Alexander’s fair daughters. What say the Alex boys?
New Stirling, N C

Letter from Alexander
Correspondence of The Landmark
The merchants of whom you know we have a full crop in this county, are handling their goods and produce to greatest advantage. Mr J N Norton is selling goods at this place and wishes to have the patronage of all the surrounding country.

Mr Gaston Smith has recently put up a grocery near this place. He has whiskey and brandy for sale.

Mr John M Mayberry and Mr J F McLellan each are going to start a distillery in this neighborhood which will make three government distilleries in this neighborhood and one grocery, and corn crops shorter than usual.
Grade, Alexander county, NC

Jan 11, 1884
Fire in Alexander

Mr Milas Lentz, of Alexander county, son of Jacob Lentz Esq, had the misfortune to lose his house and al its contents by fire Wednesday afternoon. He and his family had been off on a visit, and returning Mr Lentz went ahead of his wife and children and made a fire in the stove in the L of the house. He went back then, to meet them and help them home, and when they got there the L was in a blaze. The house with all of its contents, including 100 bushels of wheat, was totally consumed.

Jan 18, 1884
Married at Last

People who have been wondering all these years, why W F Sharpe Esq, of Concord township, did not get married, and who had a new cause for wonder when they saw him flying around, just before Christmas, in a new and flashy turnout, are hereby informed that the hopes of his friends have finally been realized and that William is at last a married man. Four weeks ago to-day he took to wife Miss Emma L Green, of Alexander county, the marriage ceremony being performed by Rev J Gwaltney. Though we have been a long while telling about it, we are not as long as William was about giving us the occasion, and if, after long years of unnecessary delay, the statute of limitation did not run against him when he finally made up his mind to get married, it does not run against us now that we arise, in our own behalf and that of many other friends, to offer him our congratulations.

Mr N P Alexander, of Miller’s township Alexander county, showed in this office, Tuesday, a Spanish coin of 1736 which his sister, Mrs A L Combs, of Concord township, this county, found in a field in which she was hoeing cotton, last spring.

Mr Gaston Smith of Alexander was the person alluded to in the last issue of this paper as having had one of his feet frozen while camping about six miles from Statesville on the night of the 5th. We understand that there is a likelihood of his losing two of his toes if, indeed, they have not already been amputated.

Jan 25, 1884
Letter from Alexander

Correspondence of The Landmark
The snow that fell on the night of the 7th inst. is still here and is likely to stay for sometime.
The roads are in the worst condition they have been in for some time.
Business is dull in this section of the country; the people are generally housed up.

Mr F R Vanderburg, the “perpetual” inventor, seems to move slowly. The writer conversed with him sometime ago concerning his perpetual motion. He seemed to think he would complete it yet and said he would have had it done but he has had a felon upon his hand and could not work. He further stated that he was sorry that the newspaper men got the news too soon, but he intends, when completed, to exhibit it in all nations.

Mr G W Smith, while on his way to Charlotte with a wagon and team, camped between Statesville and Charlotte on the night of the 5th, which was very cold. His foot froze so that on the 17th, he had two of his toes amputated. He is now kindly entertained at Mr J R Mayberry’s.
Mrs Mary Gilbert, wife of Mr J F Gilbert is very low with consumption. Her recovery is somewhat in doubt.
Some pneumonia in this section from which no deaths have resulted yet.
Grade, Alex Co, NC, Jan 19, ’84

Feb 1, 1884

At the residence of the bride’s father, in Sharpesburg township, on the 27th ult. by Rev J P Gaultney, Mr James Millsaps of Alexander, and Miss Nettie, daughter of Mr Jeremiah Sloan, of Iredell.
At the residence of the officiating minister, in Statesville, on the 23rd ult. by Rev W A Wood DD, Mr Pinkney Ellis and Miss Lucy, daughter of Mr Paul Bost, both of Chambersburg township.
By Rev N S Norton, on the 29th of January, Mr Hiaram Moore of Iredell, and Miss Mollie Matheson, of Alexander.

Letter from Alexander
Correspondence of The Landmark
Capt Kneeland is here and commenced the survey of our road this morning in the direction of your city. He will locate the road to Mr T F Adams’ about 3 miles, in the first place, and make the estimates and then we want to let out the contact for grading, and while that is being graded locate further.

Little Ellick must have a railroad; she can’t do without it much longer; and as we have been helping our old father, Iredell, build up, to some extent, for a long time, we think it would be nothing but right for the old man to help the boys now a little to start up in business, in this their hour of need.

We had a lively trade in our little village last week in the mule business. About 40 head of horses and mules left here for the Eastern and Southern markets at average price of about $100 per head-almost half enough money to grade the Junebug railroad to Statesville and we still have more to sell yet. The trade is only commenced this is the first sale made this winter.

I believe it’s the general opinion that Little Ellick can beat any community in the State for good mules, and I am not sure but she sells more every year than any other county according to her size. In fact, Little Ellick is about the best county in the State anyhow, or will be when the Junebug is built to Taylorsville.

The weather has moderated considerably and no more dogs or geese have been frozen that I have heard of.

Ellick people think THE LANDMARK is the very best paper published in the State and I guess they are about right in that, as in other things.
Yours, etc
Taylorsville, NC – Jan 28 1884

Feb 15, 1884
Pensioners in Six Counties

The Secretary of the Interior has furnished us with a list of the government’s pensioners in Alexander, Ashe, Iredell, Surry, Wilkes, and Yadkin, together with the postoffice address of each, cause for which pensioned, and monthly allowance. We copy the list below:

Elizabeth P Combs, Stony Point, widow 1812, $8
Anna Kerley, Taylorsville, widow, $8
Thos Payne, Taylorsville, surv 1812, $8
Susan Lumsden, Taylorsville, mother, $8
Anna Lackey, Taylorsville, widow 1812, $8

James McGuinis, Boomer, surv. 1812, $8
Elizabeth Hall, Boomer, widow 1812, $8
Mary Shew, Dellaplane, widow 1812, $8
Martha Ann Furgeson, Elkville, widow 1812, $8
Nelly Carlton, Elkville, widow 1812, $8
Matilda Combs, Hunting Creek, widow 1812, 48
Elizabeth Chambers, Lovelace, widow 1812, $8
Frances Handy Mulberry, widow 1812, $8
Harrison Church, Mulberry, w. l. leg & arm, $8
Nancy Welborn, New Castle, surv 1812, $8
Polly Norman, Osbornville, widow 1812, $8
Nancy Hanks, Trap Hill, widow, $8
Peter Brown, Trap Hill, surv 1812, $8
William Dickens, Trap Hill, dis of lungs, $4
Alexander Cantley, Traphill, surv 1812, $8
Rebecca J Cantley, Traphill, widow $8
Elizabeth Sturgill, Wilkesboro, widow, $8
Susannah Eller, Wilkesborough, mother, $8
Lucy Gilreath, widow 1812, $8
Elizabeth Usury, Wilkesborough, widow 1812, $8
Nancy Torisley, Wilkesborough, widow 1812, $8
Sarah H Brown, Wilkesborough, widow 1812, $8
Iredell T Prevett, Wilkesborough, inj. l. knee & bronchitis, $6
Rebecca E Hendren, Wilkesborough, widow, $8
Mary Mahaffey, Wilkesborough, mother, $8
Adaline Younger, Wilkesborough, widow, $8
John Holloway, Wilkesborough, surv 1812, $8
Elizabeth Gambill, Wilkesborough, widow 1812, $8
Franky Walsh, Yellow Hill, widow 1812, $8
Presley Bussell, Zimmerman, surv 1812, $8

Feb 22, 1884
The Taylorsville Road Survey

The survey of the proposed Taylorsville road has been completed from Mr T F Adams’ place, three miles east of Taylorsville, to a point on the Western North Carolina Railroad, just above the bridge over Third creek, two miles west of Statesville. This survey leaves Brady’s X Roads to the right. It has not yet been determined whether the road will run to Troutman’s or whether it will intersect the Western road at Third creek bridge and trains be run down to Statesville on the track of that road.

March 7, 1884
Conrad Benfield, of Wittenburg township, Alexander county, got his leg broken by a falling tree while in the woods chopping two weeks ago.

May 2, 1884
Religious Items

Correspondence of THE LANDMARK
Rev R G Miller, of Fairfild county, S C preached very acceptably Friday and Saturday, at New Stirling, last week, preparatory to communion Sabbath. He and family were on a visit to friends in this and Alexander county. He took part in a memorial service held by the pastor commemorative of the life and labors of Rev W B Pressly.

On Saturday, April 12th, the undersigned organized a church at Salem, Alexander county, five miles from Taylorsville. Same day two elders were ordained.

August 15, 1884
Uncle Joel King brings us the largest peach of the season, so far. It was raised on the place of Mr Milas McLelland, of Gwaltney’s township, Alexander county, measured 11 inches in circumference, weighed 12 ounces, and was as luscious as it was large.

Sep 5, 1884
At Mt Pisgah, Alexander county, on the 14th ult, by Rev Mr Tidball, Mr James N Norton of Taylorsville, and Mrs Mollie Bennett, of Alexander.

Sep 12, 1884
Death of Two Old citizens of Alexander

Correspondence of THE LANDMARK
During this summer several old men and women have died in this community. Mr Levi Baker died the 30th of July. He was 82 years old. He raised a large family and lived to see many of his great-grand-children. He was born and raised in one-half mile of where he died. He will be remembered by many relatives and friends.

Mr Joel W Barker a well known and respectable citizen, living near the county line, where Wilkes, Iredell and Alexander join, was born and raised near where he died. He was born March 27th 1792. He went to the camp-meeting at Rocky Springs, Alexander county, where he was taken sick. Mr J S Bradshaw brought him home, where he died August 27th the ninth day after he was taken sick. Mr Barker had a large posterity; has 6 children, 62 grand children and 35 great grand children to mourn him. Rev J Gwaltney preached the funeral and the body was interred in the grave yard at Barker’s Church, in New Hope township.
Grade, Alexander Co NC.
August 29 1884

Sep 19th 1884
Jurors for the Federal court

The following named persons have been drawn to serve as jurors at the October term of the United States Court at this place:
Alexander – David W Moore, J Millen Matheson, J C Bell, Wm Smith, Newton Beckham

Oct 24, 1884

At her Home in Gwaltney township Alexander county on the 18th inst Mrs Mirtle Gwaltney wife of Rev J P Gwaltney having been sick three weeks leaving an infant 3 weeks old one little girl 3 or 4 years old and three little step sons a husband and a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn her death though they are not left without a good hope for all who knew her, knew her to be noble dutiful daughter to her saluted father and mother the Rev Robert Steele and wife. She having been the wife of two ministers of the Gospel knew what it was to take care of the – at home while her first and her last husband were out on the highways and in the hedges preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ. She bore her agony with the nerve and that strong resolution which has always been her characteristic through life. It is hard to realize that familiar face will not be seen again among us. God be with the husband and the little children now left desolate.
W F Patterson

Alexander Items
The Republicans of Alexander held a meeting at Taylorsville last Saturday and nominated Mr Ham Mayberry for the House and endorsed Cap A A Hall for sheriff. Another independent candidate for sheriff is Mr D Boone Little, the prospects are good for the straight ticket.

Dr T A Kerly, of Taylorsville, lost a child Monday.

Col Armfield went over the railroad, Monday, as one of the commissioners, to insect it and made a speech to the club that night at Taylorsville. The club now numbers about 75 members.