Newspaper Articles 1887

Year: 1887
The Landmark, Statesville North Carolina
Newspaper articles contributed by Twylla Teer and abstracted by Elsie Arcuri.
Some of these articles were almost impossible to read. PLEASE view microfilm before accepting it as fact.

ult. = last month
inst. = present month.
Periods intentionally omitted after abbreviations, initials, etc.

Jan 13, 1887

At her father’s home near Taylorsville on the 25th of December, Miss Maggie Burke, aged 20 years.
At her home near Taylorsville on the 4th inst, Mrs Susan Fincannon, aged about 60 years.
In Davidson township on the 4th inst, Mrs Mary Hinson, aged about 26 years.
In Davidson township on the 10th inst, Mr Benj. Elkins, after a protracted illness. And old and respected citizen.
Near Providence church, December 25th, 1886, Flee-ie, son of John and E H Foster, aged six years.

At the residence of the bride’s father in Taylorsville on the 6th inst, by Rev C A Munroe, Mr W G Bogle of Lenoir and Miss Lelia, daughter of A C McIntosh Esq, of Taylorsville.
At the residence of the bride’s father in Shiloh township, on the 6th inst, by Rev J H Booth, Mr Amzi Little late of Catawba county, and Miss Laura daughter of Mr Augustus Byers of Iredell.

Jan 27, 1887
A Country Singing – The New Preacher or Alexander Circuit

Correspondence of The Landmark
Straying along the Statesville and Taylorsville Railroad last week, the writer happened on a storm singing at Mr Reese Sloan’s. After a lesson of choice pieces from the Favorite Songs, Mr Robert Sloan leading, the two brothers entertained the company with some splendid performances on the violin and organ – the latter at the organ. The Christian Harmony was used for the sacred lesson, which was led by Mr Azor Sloan, who gives evidence of much experience in singing, and I learn, was personally acquainted with Mr William Walker, the author of this book. All grades of difficulty up to Easter Anthem were included in the programme, (sic) and attention was given to time and melody rather than to vociferation; but if you have ever tried to hasten to good music while a score of rare beauties, some with immense bangs, both red and black, and some without bangs, each striving hard to find whether there is any beauty in your countenance, and frequently smiling on account of their supposed discoveries, you can have a faint idea of why this description is so poor.

Rev C A Gault preached his first sermon at Liberty, in the arbor, last Sunday. His subject was Christian Work, and was well handled. The new church here is about 35 by 50 feet, with arched ceiling and will likely be finished this spring. He promises that when he gets into it, though his sermons may not be able, they will be loud enough.
January 18 1887

Alexander Court
Met Monday and adjourned Wednesday. Judge Montgomery presided and Solicitor Osborne represented the State. Mr Thos F Murdock was foreman of the grand jury. There were no trials on the civil docket. Mr J A Conner represented THE LANDMARK at court and did a good business; for which we thank our Alexander friends. Among the cases disposed of by the court were the following:
State vs. Obediah Pierce, W H Campbell, affray; plead guilty; Pierce fined $100 and costs; Campbell his part of the costs.
State vs. Columbus Keller, larceny, guilty; 12 months in the penitentiary.
The other cases tried were for affray, assault and battery, retailing and carrying concealed weapons.

Feb 3, 1887
Miss Minnie R Prichard of Elk Shoal, Alexander county, is another youthful, self-taught artist, who sends us some very creditable evidences of her skill with the pencil. Some of her copying is very accurate.

Feb 10, 1887

In Brooklyn, NY, on the 23d of January of consumption, Mr W M Bruce, a native of Orange county NC, aged 59 years. He was a printer by trade and had worked in both of the printing offices in Statesville.
Near Olin on the 30th ult, of pneumonia, Mrs Samuel Pharr, leaving a husband and three small children.
At her home at Amity Hill on the 28th ult, Mrs Mary A Gaggert, aged 77 years-a member of Bethesda Presbyterian church.
At his home in Sharpe’s township, Alexander county, on the 6th inst, of measles and pneumonia, William Gibbons, son of W E Gibbons, aged about 21 years.
At his residence in Bethany township on the 6th inst, of typhoid fever, Mr Geo W Moore, aged 30 to 35 years.
Mr H B Stewart, of Alexander county, while out hunting lately, brought down ten birds at one shot, the largest number on record.

Feb 10, 1887

At the residence of the bride’s parents in Olin township, on the 6th inst, by J A Strikeleather Esq, Mr W D Holland and Miss Letha Fowler.
At the residence of the bride’s mother, Mrs E L Graham, in Newton, on the 3d last, by Rev R B Anderson, DD, Mr Kerr Wilson and Miss Ada Graham.
At the residence of the bride’s father in Taylorsville on the 3d, by Re C A Gault, Mr W D Deal and Miss Luola, daughter of R Z Linney Esq. All of Taylorsville.
In Cool Spring township, on the 2d inst, by Rev Thomasson, Mr T C Niblock, of Rowan county, and Miss V C Knox, daughter of Mr Robert Knox, of Iredell.

Commissioners Alexander County
Reported by The Landmark
The commissioners of Alexander county met at the court house Monday, present: W R Sloan, W V Teague and J B Pool.
Several parties were allowed to return land for taxes year 1886.
J W Miller filed his bond as constable of Sharpe’s township.
W L Moose was appointed constable for Miller’s township.
Ordered, that the time of sheriff’s settlement be extended to May 1 1887.
Agreement was made with Geo M Little to keep the poor house this year at $3.50 per capita per month.
Several pauper and other claims were issued.
David Williams resigned as overseer of the stock-law fence, Gwaltney’s township.
Statements were made by C T Sharpe in relation to the supervision of the public roads of Taylorsville and Miller’s townships, and as to the line between the townships. Solon Little was given Miller’s township.

April 7, 1887
Death of Reuben Watts of Alexander

The venerable Reuben Watts, Esq member of the lower house of the Legislature from Alexander died at his home in Little River township, that county, Saturday night last, April 2d. aged 76 years. The Monday previous he had been over his farm, directing some work and returning to his home was taken with a chill and sank steadily until he died. Mr Watts had been sheriff of his county was in constitutional convention of 1875 and was always prominent in public affairs. He was an honest, virtuous and influential man.

April 21, 1887
In the spring of 1853, now 34 years ago, Mrs A M Sloan, of Alexander county, bought from the late Abner Feimster, who was then merchandising at Liberty Hill, a set of stone plates. She used them for Sunday plates only up to the time of the war, but has since used them daily, has raised four children and not one of those plates has ever been broken, nor is one of them even cracked to this day. This beats the record.

House Destroyed by Fire
Friday night last between 11 and 12 o’clock the dwelling house of Mr Daniel Frieze, just beyond the corporate limits, on the Taylorsville road, caught fire and was entirely consumed with about all of its contents except the bedding. A party returning from a fishing expedition saw the fire as they were passing, and aroused Mr Frieze, but it was to late to do anything to stay the flames. All of the out-buildings on the premises went with the dwelling house and with it also a supply of bacon and other provisions which had been stored in the loft. There was no insurance on the property and the loss is total. It falls heavily on Mr Frieze, who is an old man and is not left destitute. The dwelling was a good two-story frame structure.

April 28, 1887
At the residence of the groom in Alexander county on the 17th inst. by F B Reese Esq., Mr Martin Icenhour age 80 years and Miss Jane Pressly, aged 40.

May 19, 1887
The Alexander Sulphur Springs

Messrs Milholland & Foushee, of this place, have contracted with Mr J S Leonard to fix up his springs in Alexander county. The marble has been ordered and the work will be done soon. ‘There are eight of these springs, the extremes of which are only about one hundred yards apart. The waters have curative properties for many diseases, and that of one of the springs is said to be nature’s vermifuge. The sprigs will be advertised as soon as the work is done and accommodations will be made for a few boarders.

Heavy Rain in Alexander
The heaviest rain known in that locality in twenty years, fell in sugar Loaf township, Alexander county, about the head waters of the South Yadkin river, one night last week, as in the beginning of all things, covered the earth. The mill dams of Noah Deal and James Sink were broken and the bridge over the river on the Cove Gap road, was moved from its foundations. The uplands were badly washed, the bottoms flooded, and considerable damage was done to growing crops.

July 7, 1887
The safe bought some time ago for the court house of Alexander county, and which has been in the depot here some weeks, was hauled out Tuesday. Jacob Lentz Esq, finally took the job of getting it to Taylorsville and it left here behind a six-horse team.

Sales of tobacco for Mr P M Hammer of Vashti, postoffice, Alexander county, were made at the Cash Warehouse here Tuesday at the following prices: 51 lbs at $18.50, $9.43; 22 lbs at $12, $2.64; 27 lbs at $23, $6.21; 37 lbs at $4.50, $1.66; 24 lbs. at $5.50, $1.32; 42lbs at $3.30, $1.38 – 203 lbs in all for a total of $22.64, or an average of $11.15. This is said to be the best sale of the year at any warehouse in town.

Mr Albertus Lackey, of Sharpe’s township, Alexander county, is 82 years old and this year harvested all of his own wheat. He cut 40 shocks one day last week up to dinner time.

July 7, 1887
Miss Emma Howell has not been seen on our streets for several days. Suppose she is visiting her grandmother in your place.
Taylorsville is yet a dry town, but from the amount of drinking in town yesterday the drug store is having a good trade in alcohol. Had not the town better have a licensed bar and get some of the benefits or is there no law to make druggists pay license for selling alcohol?
Several parties lost their horses and camped in the town over night.
Taylorsville, NC, July 5 1887

Aug 4, 1887

At Huntersville, Mecklenburg county, on the 27th ult, by Rev R A Miller, MR J F Jordan, of Raleigh, and Miss Amity Hunter, daughter of the late J Nick Hunter, of Huntersville.

Near Wilkesboro, on the 31st of July, Mr W B Transeau, aged about 80 years.
In Chambersburg township on the 18th of July, of Typhoid fever, Hubert B Cloer, son of Mr T M Cloer, aged about 17 years.

Death of a Remarkable Woman
Mrs Fannie Carmichael died at the residence of her son-in-law, Dr L Harrill, in this place, at an early hour last Monday morning. She was born near Brier Creek, Wilkes county, May 16th, 1795, and was therefore in her ninety-third year when she died. Having been born during the second presidential term of George Washington she had lived under every administration the country has ever had, from Washington’s to Cleveland’s inclusive. Mrs Carmichael was the mother of ten children and outlived her family by 15 years. Left widowed and childless, her last years were spent with her son-in-law and daughter-in-law, Dr and Mrs Harrill, who cared for her pathway to the grave. She was a woman of large intelligence and of great strength of character and of mind. All of her faculties were preserved in a remarkable degree up to the time of her last sickness, and being a great reader, few men are as well informed as she was in politics and upon current questions. Her mind continued clear almost to the last. It was her desire that she should be buried by the side of her husband in old Brier Creek church graveyard, and at 12 o’cock Monday, Dr Harrill, accompanied by some of the members of his family and some friends, left with the remains, to lay them in the spot of her selection.

Nov 10, 1887

At the residence of the bride’s mother, Mrs Dr. Halyburton, in Shiloh township, on the 3d inst, by Rev W M Hunter, Mr J D Morrison and Miss Tirzah Halyburton. All of Iredell county.

In Olin township on the 31 inst, by J A Stikeleather, Esq, Mr J P Shoemaker and Miss Mary Moore. All of Iredell county.

In Shiloh township on the 1st inst, Robert Ira, infant son of Mr and Mrs H B Reece, aged seven weeks.
At his home in Miller’s township, Alexander county, last week, Mr Thomas Milholland, aged 61 years.
At Morganton, October 30th, the infant child of Mr and Mrs C F McKesson.
At Wilson on the 1st inst, Lily, infant daughter of Rev and Mrs J H Gordon.

Nov 17, 1887
Sudden Death

Mrs Clarissa Stevenson was found dead in her bed at the residence of her son-in-law. R Z Linney Esq, with whom she lived, at Taylorsville, last Sunday morning. She was a sufferer from heart disease but her death was altogether unexpected. It was only discovered to have occurred when some of the family went to her room to call her to breakfast. Mrs Stevenson was about 75 years old. She was the daughter of the late Robert Allen, of Alexander, the widow of the late James F Stevenson and was the mother of a numerous family, among her children being Rev R T N Stevenson of the North Carolina Conference, Dr J F Stevenson of Monroe, and the late John A Stevenson Esq, attorney at law of Statesville.