Newspaper Articles 1921

Year: 1921
The Landmark, Statesville North Carolina

Newspaper articles contributed by Twylla Teer and abstracted by Elsie Arcuri.
Some of these articles were almost impossible to read. PLEASE view microfilm before accepting it as fact.

ult. = last month
inst. = present month
Periods intentionally omitted after abbreviations, initials, etc.


Jan 6, 1921
Mr Lola Harris and Miss Eva Lackey were married on the 23rd at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs Emma Lackey. Rev Mr Ingle officiating. After the depature of the minister they happened to think that the license had been issued in Alecander county, while the marriage had taken place in Iredell. So they drove to Stony Point and had the knot tied again.
Miss Clara Baker one of the teachers at Rocky Branch, quiety drove to Statesville that evening where she was quietly married to Mr Stephen Thomasson. She has returned to her work.
Mr Lola Harris and Miss Eva Lackey were married on the 23rd at the home of the bride’s mother.

Mrs Malinda Lackey of Gwaltney’s township, Alexander county died at her home about 1 o’clock Tuesday morning. Funeral and interment were at Pisgah church this morning at 10 o’clock. She was the oldest resident of this section being ninety-odd years. Her husband died during the Civil War. Several children survive.

Stony Point R-2, Jan 5
Mrs Will Wright who recently underwent an operation at Long’s Sanatorium and who died there was brought to her home church yesterday for burial. Mrs Wright was a well-known and a highly-respected lady who was much loved in her community.

Mr B P Patterson who has been suffering the past six months from a broken limb, underwent an operation at a Charlotte hospital a few days ago and is getting along all right. Mr Patterson had the misfortune to suffer a re-break of the limb after it had began to knit and it became necessary to use a splinter of bone from the other limb to pin it together as it would not knit anymore.

Mrs J O Guy who was similarly injured about the same time is improving but is unable to walk without the aid of crutches.
Mrs Mary Massey is now very low with diptheria.
Mrs Mel Sides is very ill at her home near Loray.
Mrs J A Guy has returned from spending the holidays with his son, Mr J A Guy Jr. near Elmwood.
Mr L S Johnson is visiting his parents Mr and Mrs M C Johnson at Kaysville, VA.
Mrs Annie Thomas of High Point has been spending some time with her grandmother Mrs J R Guy at Stony Point.
Mr R A Lewis who had been visiting his sister, Mrs Hubert Smith at Marion has returned to his home near __?


Jan 13 1921
Honor Roll for County Line School
Stony Point R-1
Robert Stewart, Roy Waugh, Cecil Waugh, William Waugh, Annie Waugh, Janie Waugh, May Waugh, Roe Dagenhart, Annie Dagenhart, Flossie Stewart, Della Stewart, Olla Lee Stewart, Elizabeth Alexander, Elsie Wilkinson, Lena Wilkinson, Edith Alexander, Melvin Dry, J C Stewart, Bain Dagenhart, Cloe Dagenfield, Letha Stewart, Elsie Dagenfield, Bessie Stewart, Luther Stewart, Bruce Stewart, Walter Waugh, Guy Waugh, Harold Waugh, Woodson Wilkinson, Burette Dagenhart; Teachers: Miss Pearl Niblock, Miss Jessie Alexander.

Liberty Items
Taylorsville, Jan 11
Christmas and New Year’s passed off nicely in this community. We had only one wedding. Mr Will Elder and Miss Blanche Burgess were quietly married at Taylorsville, Christmas Day. Mr and Mrs Elder left for Virginia where they will make their home.
Clyde Buford, little son of Mr and Mrs Carl Bruce died the 4th and was buried the 5th at Liberty. Funeral services were conducted by Rev D A Okley. Our sympathy goes out to the bereaved father and mother.
Mr Dewey Warren who has been in Kansas for several years came home Monday to spend a month with his father, Mr P L Warren.
Mr J M Warren moved his saw mill to Wittenburg twp where he will cut a fine bunch of timber for Dr S T Crowson and Ed C Campbell.
Mrs Lizzie Ann Keever has been spending several days with her daughte Mrs Ann Jenkins near Stony Point.
Mrs J M Warren and son, Luther, are spending a few days at Mr G W Warren’s.


Jan 17, 1921
Statesville people will be interested in the news of the marriage of Miss Margery Allen and Mr W B Somers in Charlotte Saturday afternoon at 4:30 at the home of Dr W W Orr, pastor of the Tabernacle. The Charlotte Observer today carried news of the marriage.
The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs W J Allen of Taylorsville. Mr Somers is a son of Mr and Mrs C H Somers of Wilkesboro. He is a brother of Mrs F C Hubbard of Statesville and a nephew of Mr and Mrs L C Lewis of Statesville.

Jan 20, 1921
John Mundays Tragic Death
Riding in a Dog-Cart, He Was Overcome from the Effects of Whiskey, Fell Out of the Cart and Expired in a Short Time
John Munday who made his home at Mr John Harkey’s in Cool Spring township, died rather suddenly Monday afternoon, his death, it is alleged, being due to the effects of whiskey. Burial took place Tuesday at Cool Spring.
Munday was a well-known character locally. He usually traveled in a dog-cart drawn by a horse. Monday morning he went to mill at Turnersburg. That afternoon between 1 and 3:30 o’clock, en route to his home, he was observed to have been riding very unsteadily in his cart, his body swaying, first one way, then another. Finally some one noticed the horse had stopped in the road and investigation disclosed that Munday had fallen out, his body on the ground and his feet remaining in the cart. He breathed for some time.
Dr Ross McElwee county physician and Sheriff Alexander made an investigation and it was decided that no inquest was necessary and that death was due to the effects of whiskey. In addition to what whiskey he had in him, a bottle, containing a small amount of whiskey, was found among Munday’s possessions.
Munday was about 60 years old and unmarried. He is survived by a brother William Munday of Cooleemee.


Jan 24, 1921
James Newton Smith Passed Away Friday Morning – Mrs A M Sample in New York for Treatment
Other News of Taylorsville
by Miss Lula Matheson
Taylorsville, Jan 22
The community was saddened when it was learned that James Newton Smith had passed away Friday morning at 11:30 O’clock at his home in the southern part of town. He had been in poor health for several years, and had been confined to his home for the pas 16 weeks. Monday he grew worse and it was known that he end was near. The funeral was conducted from the late residence Saturday morning at 10 o’clock by his pastor, Rev L L Moore and the interment was in the town cemetery.

Jan 27, 1921
Miss Willie Lowrance spent the week-end with her parents, Mr and Mrs Leroy Lowrance of Taylorsville.
Mr and Mrs Carl Beaver, of Hickory are visiting with Mr Beaver’s father, Mr E A Beaver.

Remains Removed to Oakwood Cemetery
The remains of Miss Annie Laurie Love, who died 20 yeas ago were removed Tuesday from the cemetery in Taylorsville and re-interred at Oakwood cemetery. The deceased was the daughter of Mrs Mary Love and the late Reb W Y Love, who made Statesville their home for a number of years.

Feb 3, 1921
Death of Mr Jonas Wike and Mrs Phildillo Matheson
Mountain People Cut Off from Outside World On Account of Snow Drifts and Long for a Warm Rain
By Miss Lula Matheson
Taylorsville Jan 31

Mrs Phidillo Matheson widow of the late Phidillo M Matheson died Friday night at the home of her son, Mr Eli Matheson, in Millers township. Mrs Matheson was born at Christopher and was near 80 years of age. The burial was at Macedonia Baptist church Sunday afternoon. Mrs Matheson had been in declining health for two or three years and had been confined to her bed for several months. She is survived by four children – three sons, Messrs Eb, Hosea, and Archibald Matheson, all of this county and one daughter, Mrs Avery Pierce of Iredell county and the following named sisters: Mrs P M Hammer, Mrs William Mecimore, Mrs John Strikeleather and Mrs Monroe Strikeleather and her brother Mr Hosea Christopher all of this county.

Atorney J H Burke went to Statesville this morning to attend court.
Miss Lola Hafer is visiting friends in Charlotte.
Miss Ruby Koon of Rutherford College is visiting her sister Mrs G K carter and Mr J M James.
Mr Bliff Stevenson has returned from Lincolnton where he spent sometime with his brother MR W T Stevenson.

The snow the deepest remembered here in a number of years has been melting fast for the past two days but on the mountains it had melted very little up until Sunday and the people were cut off in some places from the outside world. A report from a farm on top of the Brushies Sunday night stated that there were drifts five feet or more deep in some of the roads.


Feb 24, 1921
Hiddenite, R-2, Feb 23
Mr C W Mayberry has traded his store and the property at York Institute to Mr C L Mitchell of Hiddenite. Mr Mayberry will move to Taylorsville. Mr and Mrs Mayberry have made many friends around here who will hate to see them leave. Mr and Mrs Mitchell have lived here before and we are glad to have them back.
Mrs Maurice Lackey has been very sick for over a week. She has scarlet fever.
Mrs Sallie Millsaps from near Statesville, who was spending some time with her mother, Mrs Mary Lackey was called home last week by the sickness of her daughter-in-law Mrs Robert Millsaps, who has measles.
Mr Judson Green died at his home at Vashti last Sunday and was buried Tuesday at Shady Grove. He is survived by his wife, one son and several daughters.

An Alexander Man Had a Painful Experience in Tobacco Growing,
but There are Hundreds of Others Who Have Cause to Sympathize With Him
Shiloh, Feb 23
It is raining today.
Elgin played Pressly’s school Friday, the score stood 25 to 9 in favor of Elgin.
R P Alexander, J B Johnson and Y R Houston attended court at Taylorsville Monday.
W E White of Stony Point came ove to survey the land of the late W A Wright for division between his sons J T and W H Wright
An Alexander county man passed through last week on his way home from Statesville where he had taken his tobacco crop. He told the writer that he used $4.50 worth of guano on his crop, and had to pay for getting it hauled to Statesville.

Born February 4, to Mr and Mrs W A Stenhouse at Greenville SC, a son, George McDonald Stenhouse. Before marriage Mrs Stenhouse was Miss Bessie Harris of Stony Point.

Superior Court Convened Monday-The Cases Disposed of to Date
The Trial of John Lewis for Murder is Under Way
Mr Judson Greene Died Monday
By Miss Lula Matheson
Taylorsville, Feb 23
Mr Judson Greene, son of the late Rev J B Greene, died at his home in the Vashti community, Monday. The funeral was conducted by Rev Mr Payne and burial was at Shady Grove Baptist church, Tuesday. Mr Greene, who was sixty-two years of age, had been in poor health for a year and had been seriously ill for several weeks. The surviving relatives are his wife, who was Miss Mary Gwaltney, sister of Attorney J L Gwaltney, of Stony Point: six children: Mrs Fred Poole who lives in the State of Washington; Mrs Sloan of Iredell county, Mrs Frank McCurdy and Mrs Walter McLain of the Vashti communtity and Major Greene and Miss Emma Greene, who lives at home; one brother, Dr Lum Greene of Wilkesboro; and three sisters. Mrs Mattie Mintz of Shelby, Mrs Sharpe of Loray and Mrs Addie Martin, of Oklahoma. Mrs Martin was here on a visit to her brother at the time of his death.

Alexander Superior Court convened Monday afternoon, Judge Shaw of Greensboro presiding. The following cases have been heard:
Clete Earpe, Dennis Teague, Will Farpe, Rev Crouch and Charles James, who had been under bond for good behavior, Teague, Will Earpe, Crouch and James were discharged; Clete Earpe was sent to jail.
Frank McCurdy, retailing no guilty.
Floyd Hefner, Pleas. Hefner, retailing, plead guilty.
Rom. Wyche, retailing, plead guilty
Baxter Adams, retailing, plead guilty
These men are in jail awaiting sentence.
Ralph Millsaps, carrying concealed weapon; guilty: fine 250 and costs.
J R Reece, E A Bostworth, Wilson and Bradley, men from Kannaplis who skipped their bond last court, charged with driving an automobile while intoxicated, motion continued as to Wilson and Bosworth for two years upon payment of one-fourth costs each in his case. Reece and Bradley are in jail awaiting sentence.
L L Chapman drivint an automobile while intoxicated, plead guilty.
State vs Noah McAlpine for assult against a female, plead guilty. Prayer continued upon payment of the costs, gave bond for $500 to appear for three years to show that he had not drunk any intoxicating liquors of any kind and had been kind to his family.
The case, State vs John Lewis for murder was called and the jury selected after court adjourned Tuesday evening. The jurors are: Ira Thomas, O T Childers, Charlie Childers, Jesse Crouch, Ronda Pearson, M W Warren, E P Cavin, N A Childers, M A Bowles, E T Daniels, W S Patterson and G S Beckham.
The following named out-of-town lawyers are attending court:
Messrs W A Self, Marshall Yount and Mr Russell of Hickory; Judge Jones of Asheville, F A Linney of Boone, L C Caldwell of Statesville, L F Klutz of Newton.


March 3 1921
[Article difficult to read]
Susan P Lackey Dead- Other News of Hiddenite
Hiddenite, R-2, March 2
Mrs Susan Pantha Lackey died at her home at Hiddenite February 28. Mrs Lackey was 80 years old on the first of last month. She was twice married, the first time to Mr Hiel Harkness, July 1861 who was killed in battle inside of a year.
On November 22, 1865 she was married to Mr R C Lackey, who went on before, nine years ago. She is survived by the following children; Mr Hiel Harkness, of Molson, Idaho; Mrs Julia Leach, Mrs Ada Blankenship, Messrs. H L and E D Lackey of Hiddenite and Mrs James Lackey of Statesville. One sister, Mrs T F Murdock and one brother, Mr W C ? of Hiddenite. Mrs Lackey had been unable to walk, since October 19-? and had been a great sufferer ? a great part of this time.
The funeral service was conducted by her pastor Rev D A Oakley and her body was laid to rest by the side of her husband at Sulphur Springs.
Mr T F Murdock’s right sick.


March 10, 1921
The News of Hiddenite
By Jetter Lackey
Hiddenite, Mar 8
Mr T F Murdock is seriously ill.
Miss Elizabeth Wike who has been very sick is now back in school.
The junior class of the Hiddenite high school schoold entertained the senior class at the home of Mrs P W Mackie last Monday evening
There was a baseball game between Hiddenite and Glade Creek at Hiddenite. The score was 1 to 10 in Hiddenite’s favor.
The Hiddenite Methodist church is going to organize an Epworth League.
Mr C H Gryder has purchased a new Ford touring car.
Mr Neil Alexander has returned from South Boston VA where he has been on business.

Hiddenite, R-2 Items
Hiddenite March 7
Mr and Mrs Glenn Sharpe and little son, Glenn Jr and Mr Gus Crouch left Friday for Virginia to make their home.
Mrs W M Perry and little daughter who have been spending sometime with Mrs Perry’s parents.
Mr and Mrs F M Harrington left Friday for their home near Chase City VA.
Mr and Mrs E C Walden and son Frank, Mrs B L Deal, and Mrs Jo Deal spent Friday in Statesville. Mrs Jo Deal from above Taylorsville, is visiting at Mr B L Deal’s.
Mrs W A Sharpe spent some days last week at Hiddenite with her father, Mr T F Murdock who is sick.
Mr N F Murdock of Salisbury came up Saturday. Mr Murdock is thought to be improving slowly.
Mrs Sallie Mays of Hiddenite is visiting Mrs C L Mitchell.
Miss Lois Deal is visiting at Mr Jo Deal’s.
Mr B L Deal is having his house painted.
Mr Maynard Lackey has moved to Rocky Creek and Mr Brodie Thomas has moved to Mr Lackey’s place.
Mr Arp Murdock has moved to Mr Worth Hines.
Mr Harve Lackey brought in a new wife Friday. He was married to Mrs John Little, Friday, Squire Cobb officiating. Hurrah for Uncle Harvey! He’s not dead yet!