Slaves from Iredell County Records


These slaves are names that are listed in Deeds and Pleas & Quarters in Iredell County, NC. Part of this county will later become Alexander County, NC. This is not a complete list but it is all the books that I read 1791-1840. (and some from 1859)

Contributed by Claudia Doerfler

[Slaves names are in bold type.]

Feb. 1791
Negro Charles taken to court to be dealt with according to the law respecting runaway Negroes.

Aug. 1798
Cuiel- Negro girl Collin Campbell sold to John Campbell.

Feb Session 1799
Dinah, Negro girl – Arnold Bruce sold to Joseph Stevenson 2-20-1797

May Session 1800
Negro woman Margaret and her child Chany – Valentine Tucker sold to Matilda F. Tucker 5-20-1800,
Negro woman Rachel 2-20-1800
Negro Hesther – John Thompson Sr to Ruth Clayton 5-3-1800
Negro Jane – John Thompson Sr to Margaret Clayton 1-28-1800
Negro Lucy – John Thompson Sr. to Elizabeth H. Thompson 10-18-1799

Nell and Mose – Isaac Teague sold to John McLeod
John – Robert Wilson sold to John McLelland

Rachel and Jane – Zachariah Beall sold to David Beal and John Nichols

12-13-1801 John Knox estate
March a gift to Betsy (wife)
Doll and her child Feib
Mary – gift to brother in law Thomas Wilson

Beall family gave Negro girl and Sam

Cirus (boy), Jude (girl) – Andrew Oliphant gave to Theophilus Allison

Jude and her child Cyntha – sold as mortgage from John Montgomery to Andrew King

Betsey – Samuel Harwell sold to Joseph Harwell

May 7 Session 1808
Billy was sent to court to be dealt with according to law.
Child of Flora living on Brotherton’s plantation.

Dorcas (woman) – The guardians of children of Thomas Tucker sold her to pay debts of the estate.
Punch (man) – L. Speaks and Joel Keeton sold him to Thomas Allison 3-15-1808
Solomon (boy) 12-12-1804 Andrew Hart sold to William Allison.

August Session 1808
Perry Graham (boy) 7 yrs old – a boy to be bound to John Forsythe to learn the trade of farming.

May Session 1809
child living at Ross Nesbit’s
child of Sally McCartney living at Samuel Brooks
Easther, girl – John Felps sold to Mary Williams as gift 5-14-1809

August Session 1809
Ben – 8-18-1809 Lucy Mayberry sold to Thomas Cook
8-18-1809 Lucy Mayberry sells to Abel & __ Mayberry

November Session 1809
Dinah – Andrew McKenzie sold to Fergus Hall 10-2-1809

February Session 1810
Molly – 9-7-1803 Benjamin Bittle sold to Thomas Redman
Bill, Richard, Milly, Sarah, Juddy – 3-16-1809 – John Keeton sold to William Stuart

February Session 1811
Harry, child 7 yrs bound to William Irwin

November Session 1812
Caleb 10-13-1812, Samuel Farr sold to James Irwin
Carlos 4-4-1810, Samuel Farr sold to James Irwin

May Session 1813
Milas, boy 9-13-1811 Andrew Kilpatrick to Joseph W. Kilpatrick.

Feb. Session 1814
Sandy, man belonged to estate of Mary McConnell, to be sold
Tom – Richard Allison sold to Andrew Knox

August Session 1814
London – formerly a slave, the property of Rebecca Black, be emancipated and that the clerk of the court make a record, emancipated 4 years after her death.
Daniel Graham and Nicholas, boy of color now living with Joshua Moore to be taken to court and dealt with as the law directs.

February 1816
Bill, mulatto at John Johnstons, to be taken to the sheriff to take him to court.

May Session 1816
Jane – State vs Jane, a slave, property of Peter Mock. Found not guilty of the felony and murder which she was charged.
Bill Grimes, mulatto boy bound to John Forsyth until age 21 yrs. Who is to pay his $80. when free and comply with the law.

August Session 1816
Jevinor, girl David Houston sold to Ann P. Dickey 8-12-1816

February Session 1817
Jack State vs. Jack, court orders that he receive 35 lashes on his bare back.

June Session 1817
Sarah Nichols, and her 2 children , living near John McClain and 2 children of free Hannah to be taken to court.

December Session 1817
Tuesday 12-21-1817 Ben, Negro slave , belonging to the estate of Henry Chambers, deceased, having proven to the satisfaction of court his meritorious services, be emancipated and set free agreeable to the last will of the deceased.
Peter, boy – Joseph M.C. Hall sold to Joseph Guy 12-15-1817

August Session 1819
Sarah, woman James Kerr to Alfred D. Kerr 11-20-1818
Bill of sale and mortgage John Forsythe to Robert ____ for Landon, Derry, Sa?on, Watts, Aberdeen, Allen, Milly, Liley, and Nelly .
Milly and her 2 children named Elvira and Caroline – James Stevenson to William Stevenson 12-11-1819

May Session 1820
Ho??, man – Elizabeth Dickey sold to Alexander Nesbit 5-15-1820
Tom, boy 6 yrs old – Williams and Samuel Harden sold to Zael Sharpe 4-21-1820
Lydia, girl – Williams Harden sold to Azel Sharpe 3-28-1820
Melinda, girl – William Harden sold to Azel Sharpe 3-30-1820

May Session 1826
Nancy, woman and Eli Byers now living at Andrew Davis’ to be taken to court and Charity Jo ? boy child to be taken

November Session 1827
Charlotte – A. Simonton sold to P. Caldwell
Rachel – John Muskat sold to Alexander Kilpatrick
Hanna – B. Shipp sold to Caldwell, Gaither and Caldwell

February Session 1831
Alexander boy – Milly Gaither sold to Burgess S. Gaither
Anthony, Charity and Mary – Joseph Davison sold to John Davidson
Phill – Thomas A. Hague admin. Sold to David Waddle
Suzanna – Charles Moore sold to Alexander Howard
Caleb – John Fitzergerald sold to David Fitzgerald

November Session 1831
To sell all Negroes of David Smith except: Peter and Stephen

May Session 1832
Rachel and Sophia and ? – John and Easter Falls sold to Thomas W. Falls and Joseph Falls.
Jesse – Ann Beard sold to Alfred P. Beard
Thomas – Ann Beard sold to Alfred P. Beard
Sarah and Jack – John Revis sold to James Martin
Lewis – Hezekiah Hobbs sold to John Poston
Henderson – Ann Beard sold to Alfred Pinkney Beard
Richard – Ann Beard sold to Alfred Pinkney Beard

February Session 1833
Violet – Thomas Brandon gave her as a gift to Robert Thorn,to his daughter
Wesley, a boy – Archibald Tomlinson sold to Jeremiah Moore
Ira and Rachel – executors of Thomas Sharpe

August Session 1833
Liosa belonging to James Morrison (hatter) be exempted from paying a poll tax.

May Session 1834
Gabriel, boy – ordered that Allen Alexander be exempt for paying tax on him.

November Session 1839
Joseph Allison deceased, selling following slaves from his estate: Catherine, Priscilla and an infant.
Sale slaves for partition of estate of Nancy Kerr and others VS J.F. Alexander guardian: Tilly, Ephraim, Sampson, Anderson, Rufus, Milas, Jane

James Thompson, Sr. bought, Mihala, 4 yrs

August Session 1841
Jerry and Albert, boys – Hugh W. Bryson sold to William R. McLelland

November Session 1841
Ursula and her 2 children – Silas D. Sharpe, guardian of Sia Sharpe sold them
Amy, girl 7 yrs old – 5-19-1840 – Stephen Archibald sold to M.H. Douglas
Meria, girl 7 yrs old – 1-7-1841- Marshall H. Douglas bought her
Alexander, boy – 9-9-1841 – E. B. King sold to George Allison

February Session 1843
Tina, girl – to be sold by heirs of Robert Elliott

May Session 1843
Hial, boy – a gift of George Allison to Joseph Allison 3-18-1843
Doa, girl – a gift of George Allison to William Lovelace 3-8-1843

August Session 1843
Caroline, girl – a gift of Allen Burroughs to Elizabeth Kounce 5-15-1843
Asbury – property of estate of Thomas Lackey, deceased, Asbury is crippled and exempted from a poll tax.

November Session 1843
Jacob – he was sold as part of the Joseph Douglas estate

February Session 1845
Sarrah and Harriet slaves belonging to the estate of Andrew Adams, deceased, to be sold
Negro woman and child Juda(sp?) and Martha – Jacob Bostain, Sr. sold to James Little

August Session 1847
Susan – James F. Johnson sold to Moses A white

November Session 1848
Henry and Angeline – to be sold and had belonged to the estate of Jane Gray deceased
Lucy and child Sall, Caroline, Liza and Sam are part of the estate of Forsythe to be sold

August Session 1849
Sharpe, boy – the property of James McLelland to be sold to pay off debts.
Caroline and child Jonas and Sampson – property of H.Forsythe to be sold

August Session 1850
Jim, Jane, Nan, Eli, and Enos – property of John Howard estate to be sold
Lucy, woman about 30 yrs old. And a boy about 17 yrs – belonging to the estate of H. Forsythe to be sold
Hariett, woman – property of R. F. Sloan, deceased to be sold

November Session 1850
Elias, Isaac, Sarah, Catherine, Caroline, Cornelius, and Robert – property of John Crawford, deceased, to be sold.

1-17-1859 From Jerusha Feimster estate
Cyntha, Elvira and her children Elsey, Augustus and Thomas – gift to Thomas L. Tucker and wife Sarah H.
Emaline and her child Cynthia – to be gift to Mary J. Hampton
Wilson, Andrew and Adalade – belongs to Mary J. Hampton
Leander – a gift to Mary S. Sharpe, widow of Silas D. Sharpe and he left Cynthia $10.00

5-10-1862 estate of Margaret B. Feimster
Daniel – gift to Sarah H. Tucker
George – gift to Jerusha K. Morrison
Melmo – gift to William R. Feimster
Mary, girl – a gift to granddaughter Frances Victoria Feimster