Index to Alexander County WPA Cemetery Records

In the 1930′s and 1940′s, the workers of the Works Progress Administration (now called the Works Projects Administration) set out to record burial information for cemeteries across the state.  These records are provided online by the NC State Archives and State Library of NC; visit their website to view the PDF file. You can learn more about the compilation work to put these records together on the NC Miscellany blog.

In order to make the records easier for you to navigate, we have provided an all-name index to the Alexander County burials included in the WPA records. The index includes approximately 2,500 names.

Do keep in mind that there were often errors in these transcriptions so you’ll want to be sure you follow-up accordingly.


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Alexander County College Students

The table below includes both college students from Alexander County. The list was generated August 16th, 2014 from the NCGenWeb NC Yearbook Index website and includes approximately 80 names; mostly graduating seniors pre-1940. The database is updated on a regular basis; you can access the most updated list here.

These students had cities in Alexander County listed as their hometown. There may be other students in the index that were not labeled as being from the county, so it’s a good idea to search the database for additional people.  You can also find links to the online yearbooks by visiting the NCGenWeb NC Yearbook Index website.

ALEXANDER, EulaStony Point1913SeniorUNC-Greensboro
ALLEN, George GilderoyHiddenite1906SeniorNC State University
AUSTIN, Lucy EstelleTaylorsville1924SeniorElon College
BAILEY, Eula CarolineStony Point1927SeniorUNC-Greensboro
BARNES, Sarah D.Taylorsville1945SeniorWinston-Salem State University
BELL, EdnaTaylorsville1924SeniorUNC-Greensboro
BOLICK, Ila TripletteTaylorsville1905SeniorNC Wesleyan College
BUMGARNER, Mildred PaulineTaylorsville1931SeniorMitchell Community College
BURKE, Harold DonaldTaylorsville1926SeniorDavidson College
BURKE, John HarringtonTaylorsville1926SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
BURKE, John HarringtonTaylorsville1925SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
CAMPBELL, LucilleHiddenite1940SeniorWestern Carolina University
CAMPBELL, Milton ClydeTaylorsville1917SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
CAMPBELL, Thomas BarnesTaylorsville1925SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
CAMPBELL, Winnie CatherineTaylorsville1936SeniorMitchell Community College
CARSON, Lester GreyTaylorsville1928SeniorNC State University
CHRISTENBURY, Sara JaneStony Point1923SeniorDuke University
CONNOLLY, MalindaTaylorsville1934SeniorMitchell Community College
COOPER, MabelTaylorsville1915SeniorUNC-Greensboro
DAGANHART, BerthaStony Point1924SeniorAppalachian State University
DARSON, Stacy BondTaylorsville1927SeniorNC State University
DAVIS, James M.Hiddenite1911SeniorWake Forest University
DAVIS, William EarleHiddenite1910SeniorNC State University
DEVIER, Geraldine EmmaTaylorsville1937SeniorBrevard College
GRYDER, Coffey HarlanTaylorsville1917SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
GUY, James WoodrowStony Point1940SeniorBrevard College
GWALTNEY Jr., Leroy ParksStony Point1917SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
HARRINGTON, GeorgeTaylorsville1924SeniorAppalachian State University
HEADE, ElizabethHiddenite1940SeniorWestern Carolina University
HENLEY, Clara BaxtonTaylorsville1923SeniorDuke University
HILL, PaulineStony Point1934SeniorMitchell Community College
HILL, Vernon JamesTaylorsville1895SeniorDavidson College
HINES, NellieStony Point1921SeniorMitchell Community College
INGRAM, Mitchell RoyTaylorsville1913SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
KELLY, William HenryTaylorsville1929SeniorDavidson College
LACKEY, Garland RadfordHiddenite1929SeniorNC State University
LACKEY, Jane RheaStony Point1936SophomoreBrevard College
LACKEY, Jane RheaStony Point1938SeniorWestern Carolina University
LENTZ, John PaulStony Point1932SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
LENTZ, LouiseStony Point1930SeniorUNC-Greensboro
LINDSAY, ElizabethTaylorsville1922SeniorUNC-Greensboro
MATHESON, Carl LafayetteTaylorsville1927SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
MATHESON, James PleasantTaylorsville1899SeniorDavidson College
MAYES, Ina SueTaylorsville1949SeniorWinston-Salem State University
McRAE, Mary LouThomasville1934SeniorMitchell Community College
MELLON, Harriette EugeniaStony Point1921SeniorMitchell Community College
MILLER, HarryStony Point1916SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
MILLER, RuthStony Point1938SeniorMitchell Community College
MOORE, John WatsonTaylorsville1912SeniorDavidson College
MOORE, Wilson W.Taylorsville1922SeniorDavidson College
MOOSE, Thelma LucileTaylorsville1926SeniorUNC-Greensboro
MOOSE, William HasselTaylorsville1925SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
MOOSE, William L.Taylorsville1927SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
MORRISON, Sarah MaeStony Point1936SeniorMitchell Community College
NORTON, MyrtleStony Point1936SeniorMitchell Community College
PAYNE, Sloane WallerTaylorsville1928SeniorWake Forest University
PEELER, Olin CandlerTaylorsville1926SeniorDuke University
ROTHROCK, Max VernonThomasville1924SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
SHARPE, Howard D.Stony Point1917SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
SHARPE, Julia MaeHiddenite1932SeniorDavenport College
SMITH, GilbertHiddenite1936SophomoreBrevard College
SOMERS, Erma F.Stony Point1927SeniorUNC-Greensboro
SOMERS, SadieStony Point1920SeniorUNC-Greensboro
STEVENSON, Ina WinifredStony Point1928SeniorFlora McDonald
STEVENSON, MabelStony Point1924SeniorFlora McDonald
STIKELEATHER, Robt. M'IntoshTaylorsville1922SeniorNC State University
TEAGUE, Daphne MyrleeTaylorsville1938SeniorBrevard College
TEAGUE, Everett SimonTaylorsville1920SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
TEAGUE, Grover ClevelandTaylorsville1923SeniorWake Forest University
TEAGUE, Jackson U.N/A1915SeniorWake Forest University
TEAGUE, Lloyd W.Taylorsville1920SeniorWake Forest University
THOMAS, William RennHiddenite1911SeniorUNC-Chapel Hill
THURSTON, AsaTaylorsville1905SeniorDavidson College
VIELE, AdaTaylorsville1911SeniorUNC-Greensboro
WATT, Frances ZelmaStony Point1937SeniorBrevard College
WATTS, Plato HiltonTaylorsville1927SeniorNC State University
WATTS, Rosa LeeTaylorsville1922SeniorUNC-Greensboro
WATTS, Victoria JanetTaylorsville1938SeniorBrevard College
WAUGH, Ray PaschalHiddenite1939SeniorMitchell Community College
WEBSTER, Iva LeeStony Point1937SeniorMitchell Community College
WHITE, Edgar EugeneTaylorsville1909SeniorWake Forest University
WHITE, Thomas ClarenceTaylorsville1909SeniorWake Forest University
WILKINSON, LenaStony Point1931SeniorMitchell Community College
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Military Page, CW Roster

A military records page has been established to hold all relevant links.  Also, a compilation of Civil War rosters was found in the old site’s files, and that has been set up on a new page on this site.

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New List of Estate Records at Archives

The NC Archives just posted a newly formatted list of estates for Alexander County. See the “Estates” section on this page: County Records at the NC State Archives

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Alexander on WordPress

22 October 2011

Alexander NCGenWeb has moved to a WordPress format.  Some of the pages are still in the old HTML format, but that will change in the coming weeks.  Please return to this page for updates in the future, or subscribe to a news feed.

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