Our Confederate Soldier

Our Confederate Soldier stands in front of the Anson County Courthouse in Wadesboro, North Carolina. It is modeled after John Randle Richardson, an Ansonville native and soldier in the 23rd Regiment, Company A, North Carolina Troops in the Civil War. The sides of the statue are inscribed:

“By this monument we translate our homeage for the soldiers of Anson County who served in the war between the government and the Confederate States.”

“ANSON” [front]

These men embraced the principles of their leaders. They believed our social institutions and our right of local self-government imperiled by the avowed hostility of a large section of the Union, they resisted with every device of honorable warfare. ‘The Glory and Grief of Battle Won and Lost soldiered them.'”[right side]

Erected under the auspices of Anson Chapter No. 357 United Daughters of the Confederacy. – January 19, 1906.” [back side]

To Companies C-14th, A-23rd, K-26th, B-31st, H-43rd, I-43rd, K-43rd, A-59th Regiments North Carolina Troops and Anson Soldiers in other commands.” [left side]

4th Cavalry Regiment
Partial Register of the 14th Infantry Regiment
14th Regiment, Company C
23rd Regiment, Company A
26th Regiment, Company K
31st Regiment, Company B
43rd Regiment, Company H
43rd Regiment, Company I
43rd Regiment, Company K

NC Confederate Soldiers Burial Information

Confederate Pensioners In Florida Born in Anson, with Application Number

Flake, Francis E. — A10966 — born in Anson

Richardson, Joseph S. (John S.) — A08252 — born in Anson