Taxables for the year 1763 Anson County

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The names below are an attempt to transcribe cursive writing from copies of microfilm dating back to 1763. The original microfilm can be researched by anyone interested in these records. I always welcome corrections to my attempt at  transcribing names.


SOURCE: North Carolina Digital Collections

Rights –  The SA of NC considers this item in the public domain by U.S. law but responsibility for permissions rests with researchers.

List  of Taxables for the year 1763 of Thomas Frohock CC 

William Arrindon

Thomas Arrindon

Joseph (page torn on last name)

John Adams

John Ashley

James Altman

Richard Adams

James Adams

Robert Ashley

Morgan Brown

John Cion Lale and Negros

Aber & Dole

John Bounds

James Bounds

James Bounds Sr

Thomas Blagsingham

William Moody Negros

Rafs or Ross and Wils

John Bennett

** page torn on the following names**

Nicholas *Barod William*** William Burgis

* end of page torn**

James Brown

Thomas Berry

Mathew Barley

Margts Benton

Thomas Bailey

Samuel Bruson

William Brown

James Brown

John  Boan & Son

William Barnes

William Brooks negros

Sharper Cesor Qruan Mal & David Snead

John Brooks John D Jun.

Edward Black and Joel Chevers

William Bolkin & Rick Green

Charles Barnes &* Barnes

Albert Bright

John Ballin

Abner Bishop Constable

William Wilson

John Barnes

David Britain?

Archibald Blake

Thomas Boldin

Isaac Belew

Nicholas Broadaway

William Coleman and Negro Simon

John Cheak

Joseph Cannon

William Constant

John Carpender

Gibson James

Joseph Culpeper

William Adams

William Criffendon

Sampson Oneal

John Culpeper

Sampson Culpeper

Robert Culpeper

William Culpeper

John Collson

Charles Harrington

Whipmell Harringrton 14 negroes

Jack, Syphoor Danah

Lindah, Dinah Jun

Mak Philres

William Sherrel

John Purkins

Mark Cole

Frances Clark

William Coward Wm Paul

George Carter

William Cox

John Coleman

Christopher Clark Negros

Dicki & Sivis

Abraham Cook

John Coles and Negros diner

& John Beard

Stephen Cole & Wm Lewalling

William Cole & Nath


Jeremiah Clark

Jacob Cockerham

John Crawford

James & John Glewn

Richard Colleck

Thomas Cockerham &

Thomas Sorster

Marshall Diggs

Thomas Downer

John Downer

Thomas Dickson &

Hezekiah Jones

Phillip Dill &

Negros Sambo

William Dinkins &

Thomas D

James Denson

Nathaniel Dennis

Dark Samuel

David * blurred* Deandes

Negros Tom & Nan

Shadrack Denson

John Dicks

Thomas David

Gabril Davis

Samuel Davis &

Two Sons

John Dunbar


Benjamin Dumas

Benjamin JR Dumas  ‘

*13 Possible Negros**

Zeakel Patrick

Negros Frank Harry

W.A. Cooper hanah

Phillis Cope Genna


Lib & Tho. Creol Oversear ??

John Davis DD Jun

& George Shankle

Davis Evans

Thomas English

William Erby

Edward Elerbes

John Elerbes

Thomas Elerbes

Merad Elsey

Frances Etherington

Sausannah Easterwood

Charles Thompson

John Edwards

William Frayshear

James Few

Bentley Franklin

Samuel Flake and Negros


Samuel French

James French

Henry Falkinburg

Andw. Falkinburg

Isaac D

William Fealdin Constable

Lawrence Franklin

Enock Floyd

John Fredrick

James Falkner

Alexander Gordon

Esq Jordon Gibson

Leakel Griffeth

Walker Gibson

Elijah Gibson &

Tom Malalah

Jacob Grotshouse

Benjamin Griffeth

Giles John Wm. Norton

Negros Basen Bompy

Seppeo & Phillis

Daniel Griggs

Robert Graves

Thomas Gibon

Christopher Guin

Henry Harget

Isum Hasey

Joseph Hale Jun Wm & John Jon

William Haley

John Hamer D. John Jun?

William Hamer John Hiras?

& Negros Hannah

Hopkin Howell

John Hughes

Thomas Hightower

John Hightower

Leonard Higdon

John Hornbuck

Philliip Jun Hinson &

John Flowers

Arron Hart

Phillip Samson Herndon

Carry & Two Negros

William Hawkins

William Higgins

James Higgins

John Hathorn

John Higgins

James Higgins

William Higgins

William Haltorn

Lanbath Hopkins

James Howard

Jonathan Holms

Joseh Harrelson

George Helms

Tilman Helms

Nathaniel Hillen

James Hutchins

Anthony Hutchins

John Harbord Sen

Shadreck Hogans

William Hoggins

Henry Hall

Walter Homes

Samuel Hornby

David Hildreth

William Hodges

Rin Henderson

Lewis Howell

John Hugbery

Phillip Henson Sr

Barlet Hinson

Benj. Hinson

Jones ? Hinson

John Hicks & Sol. Snead

William Hicks

William Hardick

Charles Hill

John Husbands

James Ivy

Willis Ingram

Henry Johnston

John Jinkins

Thomas Johnston

Joseph Gise

John Jones

James Irvin

Richard James

George James

Isaac Johnston

William Johnston

Benj Jackson

John Jackson Sr

John Jackson Jr

Stephen Jackson

John Jefrey

Eubell Jordon Widow for

Frances Jordon

Nubin Jordon

John Jinkens

Sal Johnston

Timonthy Quin

William Con Quin

for John Sackey

Hinson Quinn

Hezekiah Ross &

Negros Sarah

Thomas Rus

William Rushing

Negros Mark & Cofa

Mathew Raford &

Negros Mingo

Conneley Robinson

Negros Walton & Jingo

Samuel Ratlif & 2 sons

Charles Robinson

Samuel Ray

Richard Roltenbury

John Ry & brother

**Page torn**

Samuel Rose ?

William Read ?

** End of torn page **

John & Thomas Royal

John Roland

John Robins

John Raley

William Sumaran

William and son Smithe

George Shipper Sen

Barnaba Skipper

Benjamin Skipiper

Elisha Sutton

Cornelius Shin

Henry Stoaks

John Sisco

Benjamin Smith

Zachariah Smith

Tercy Robinson &

Negros James

Henly Snead & ???

Jarad Snead & son Wm

Nann Judy Jenny & Peter

Samuel Snead & Negro Tom

Patrick Sanders

James Sanders

Edward Smith

Shor? Wm Stutky ?

James Martin &

Two Negros

Robert Snipe

John Smith &

Richard Downs

John & Isaac Sway

James Sheppard

Jacob Joseph Barnes

Negros Bess & Agg

Owen Slaughter

Zaharish Smith

Henry Sloror

Raska Sugg

Thomas Suggs

Thomas Suggs Jun

Charles Smith

Georege Sugg

Thomas Simpson

Samuel Simpson

Gilbert Simpson

John Simmons

Charles Spradlin

Wm. Roltenbury

James Short Daniel Short

Ternples Tredick

John Travis

Moses Tallant

William James Terry

Negros Ned

John Taber

John Thurman

Caleb Touchstone

Obediah Terrell

Daniel Toutchstone

Negors Charles & Jude

Touchstone ??

William Terry

Thomas Tallant

Aaron Tallant

John Moses

Robert Thomas

James Terry Negros

Jim. Serv. & Easter

George Terry

John Terry

Thomas Tannan

Parker Robert

Stephen Touchtstone

Thomas Tomkins

William Thornwell

Timothy Tabour

Mary Towers widow for

Thomas & Wm

Henry Tippino

Benjamin Vins

William Usery

Joh, James Usery

Osmon & Negros Jane

John Vanhooser Jun

John Vanhouser

Jacob Do Negros

Cas Charles & Ann

James Vickery

Ezekial Vickrey

Thomas Weake

David Whit

Roland Williams

John Wals

Nicholas Wheele

Wright Williams

Frances Winneham

Thomas Weak

William Weak

Joseph White Jr ?

Thomas Williams

John Wright

Robert Wills

Nicholas Wolford

James Welsh

Robert Wilburn

William Wilshear

William Watkins

John Wright

Samuel Williams

John Webb & Son

John Williams

Wm Wason & Thos. Mechaiel

Thomas Ward

John Wilson

Joseph Wilins &

Ben Bunt

Jonathan Wilkins

John & Benj. Wood


Joel Yarbrough

Humphrey Yarbrough

Jonathan Yarbrough

1815 Anson Co. Tax Lists

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“The names below are an attempt to transcribe cursive writing from copies of microfilm dating back to 1815 . The original microfilm can be researched by anyone interested in these records. I always welcome corrections to my attempt at  transcribing names.”

There are a total of 53 scanned images of this collection—-

SOURCE: North Carolina Digital Collections


Capt. Allen                                                  Images 2-5

Austin, James
Austin, John
Allen, David
Allen, Benjamin
Allen, Joshua
Austin, Jonathan
Austen, William
Austin, Jacob
Baucolm, Lewis
Baucolm, Wiley
  **Page torn on the following names**
Barns ,William
Brewer, John
Bap or Bass, John
Baucolm, Josiah
Bop, Richard
Brooks, William
Brooks, John
Culpeper, John

  **End of torn page**
Curlee, Jpe
Curlee, John
Corvander, George
Cockburn, Hedley
Edwards, John
Edwards, Sarah
Gurley, Benjamin
Gurly, Jepe Jesse or Joseph
Gurly, Jacob
Gurly, William
Gurly, William Sr
Gurley, Willes
Hinson, William
Harrod, Michal
Hudson, James
Hinson, Sampson
Hobbs, George
Hyatt, John
Hyatt, John
Henson, Nathaniel
Hambleton, William
Hudson, Joa??
Knox, Joseph
Lacey, J
Lee, Richard
Muselwhite,  Lenard
Moore, Redick
Moore, William
McTir, William
Nash, Walker
ONeel, Benjamin
Osman, Aaron
Philips, Joshua
Pool, Lydia
Ramsey, Stark
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Rich
Smith, John
Smith, George
Thomas, Amos
Thomas, Jacob
Turner, James
Thomas, Benj
Troyweek, Berymon
Thomas, Ezekiel
Vann, Thomas
Vann, Thomas
Williams, Elijah
Wilkin, Roland
Williams, Ruh or Rich
Williams, Isaac
Whettey, Stephen
Williams, William
Whitley, Eedu ?

Capt. Cashes                                                                   Images 6- 8

Bojan, Solomen
Boggan ,Jesse or Joseph
Bofwel Boswell,  B
Bennett, William
Burninghen Birmingham, Joshua
Bailey, John Sr
Bailey, William
Coppage,  Mosses
Caraway, Archibald
Carr, William
Cockren, John
Capel, Watson
Desmucks, William
Dunn, Isaac
Dees, Edmond
Eavres, Thomas
Edwards, William
Elder, John M
Flournary, John
Fones, Daniel
Grace, John
Hair, John
Hair, William
Holmes, James
Hair, Wilson
Harrington, Thomas
Harris, Archibald
Hildreth,  James
Hildreth, David Sr
Jarmen, John H
Little, Michal
Little, Pleasant
Lewis, Thomas
May, John
Mills, George
McLennon, Daniel
McLennon, John
Meeks, Jonas
Meacham, Henry
Meachem, James
Mask, silas
Nusom, Joseph
Philips,  George
Pope, John
Propter, Rebeca
Pickett, Marti
Rickets, William Jr
Rickets, William Sr
Rickets, Riosors
Roadland, Peter
Stricklind, Thomas
Sinclair, James
Slay, Thomas
Spear, John
Slaughter,  First name written through
Slaughter, William
Strasdeven, John
Taylor, Thomas
Talor, Edard
Teel, Emanuel
Williams, John
Walles, Richard
Williams, Patsey
Welch, Zachariah

 Capt. Curlee                                                             Images 9-12
Adams, Vernie
Byrd, John
Bennell, William
Brown, Nathaniel Sr
Brown ,Nathl. Jr
Boykin, Burrel
Bass, Burrel
Bennett, John Jr
Bass ,Harry
Bennell, Reading
Bennett, Thomas
Byrd, John
Bass, Willison
Cook, Charly
Cambell, John
Collens, Zachaes
Collens, Millis
Curlee, Obediah
Curlee, Wilburn
Cockburn, Hedly
Curthbertson, David
Cockburn, Daniel
Dunn, Joseph
Griffin, James
Griffin, Thomas
Green, William
Griffin, Charles
Griffin, Elisha
Griffin, George
Griffin, Amos
Griffin, John
Griffin, Enoch
Holly, John
Helms, Joel
Harrel, Jamey
Hardin, Jacob
James, Henry
James, Hosea
James, Henry Sr
Little, Jacob
Little, Hosea
Mullis, William
Mullis, Solomon
Mullis, John
Mullis, John Jr
Nash, William
Nash, Richard
Nash, Nelson
Nash, Joseph
Nash, William
Nash, Michael
Preson, John
Price, Woute
Pearce, Moses
Pool, William
Preson, James
Parker,  John
Phippes, Fred
Presly, Peter
Pierce, Moses
Presley, Voluntine
Presson, William
Rogers, Thomas
Ross, James
Rogers, Job
Ross, Daniel
Stegal, James
Stegall, John
Stewart or Swartz, Isaiah
Stegall, Absolom
Slegall, George
Stegall, Thomas
Stegall, Solomon
Sider, Benjamin
Sikes, Joshua
Taylor, Ganders
Tadaway, Daniel
Williams, Hezekiah
Williams, Parrots
Williams, William
Williams, Henry
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Jacob
Williams, Lewis
Watson, John
Williams, Timothy
Taylor, William
Thomas, John W
Thomas, Moses

 Capt Berverly                                                                 Images 13-15

Applewhite, Charly
Allen, Richard
Allen, Davy
Beveley, Joseph
Bennett, William
Berkeley, Jestha
Balts, Mills
Beverly, Abner
Bryant, George
Bryly, John
Barber, James
Boggon, William
Barber, Abraham
Bashferd Bradford,  James
Barber, John
Baggan, Pattrick
Botwell, Thomas
Coatney, Stephen
Carpeater, William
Deloch, Joseph
Everett, Thomas
Fort, Henry
Fullar, David
Fort, Ternes
Gannon, John
Gannon, Willis
Garman, William
Gray, David
Gray, James
Gould, Daniel
Gould, Malaca
Gould, Daniel Sr
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, James Sr
Hubbard, John
Hubbard, Henry
Hubbard, Theophiles
Ingrem, Margaret
Ingrem, John
Jones, Sampson
Kindred, Samuel
Kimbrough, James
Kimbrough, Elisha
Kimbrough, Nathaniel
Lewisford, Pattern
McLindon, Simon
May, Benj
Merrit, Nancey
Person, John
Price, Redick
Pearce, Bryant
Pickett, Joseph
Patrick, Pumal
Price, Abraham
Russell, Joseph
Russell, Richard Sr
Russel, John
Robison, Chas
Sasser, Mary
Sasser, William
Sullivan, Isaac
Sulivan, Elya
Segoe, Nancy
Spears, William
Sasser, Richard
Threadgill, Allen
Threadgill, Susannah
Threadgill, Isaac
Threadgill, George
Threadgill, Thomas
Threadgill, John
Threadgill, Howell
Vick, Edmond
Valentine, John
Watkins, James
Walker, James
Winns, Ezekiel
Willouby, Nathen
Willouby, Josleph
Watson, Allen
Wadle, William

–Going forward the format of keying the names has changed with the first name preceding the last name

Capt. Houghs                                                              Images 15 -19

Charles Burningham
John Burningham
Stephen Burning
Thomas Bolton
Hezekiah Belengoly
Elizabeth Bettle or Butler
James Capel
Samuel Dunn
Hezekiah Dunn
Richardson Daivs
Arthur Dickerson
Micajah Downer
Frances Downer
John Downer
Thomas Davis
Mumford Degasmete
Urlles Gregory by (C. H…)
William Gary
Henry Goodwin
James Gorden
Willis Goodwin
John Goodwin
Amos Garmos
Thomas Gibbs
Willis Gibbs
John Hough
Hezekiah Hough
John Hutchisson Sr
Simion Harris
Philip Henry
Zachariah Harrel
George Henry
Isiah Hutcheson
Chas Hicks
James Hutcherson
Thomas Handcock
Philip Hutchinson
Elizabeth Harris
James Hough
…for I Ingram
….. Wm Turner
….. Coty Bittes or Butler
…Judth Bels or Bettle or Butler
… Nancy Bettle
….William Butler or Bette
….Heirs of Wm Anderson
…. Joshua Burningham
William Ingren
Joseph Ingrem Sr
James Ingrem
Lenard Ingrem
Thomas Ingrem
Joseph Ingrem Jr
Joshua Ingrem
William Kirby
Adam Lockhart
Rebecka Long
Henry Miller
John May Jr
James Millar
Josiah Mouck or Morris
James McGee
James Martin
Hardy May
Joseph Mouck or Morris
William Nuton Newton
James Pickett
Jorden Pate
David Parker
Simon Parker
Walter Ross
William Ross
John Rogers
Benjamin Rogers
Thomas Smith
James Smyth
John Smith
James Stubs
Nathl. TYurner
William Vanderferd
William Wood Sr
James Wood
William Wood Jr
Alfred Wood
William Williams
John Williams

Capt. Laners 
                                                                      Image 19-22
Gray Allen
Isaac Abercrumby
Thomas Avatt
Srohbeth Abercrumby
Josiah Allen
Thomas Belengsly
Even Braswell
Robert Braswell
Sampson Braswell
Levy Brasweeel
Nathaniel Bruter
John Basset or Boyt
Rob Bolingly Jr
William Cothing
James Crumby
Henry Chambers
Charles Coppage
Thomas Colson
Mary Colson
Isaac Carpenter
Solomon Calhoon
John Davis
David Durly
Jno Davis
Benjamin Dumas
Geo Dunlap
?? Floyd
Ralph Freemen
John Grady
Susanneh Hyde
H? Hyde
William Hair
Samuel Ingrem
E Ingrem
Ishem Ingrem
Wiley Ingrem
dennis Ingrem
John  Kindol
William Kendol
Paton Lumsfoot
B? Lance
Thomas Lothep
Benj Lufrey
Ingrem Lee
Edward Lilly
John Libby
Burwell Melser or Messer
Smith Mollyu
James Marshell
William Marshell
.. Henry Nixon
Stephen Nash
… for William Nash
Nelms Presley
Charles Porter
Barnebus Porter
William Pope
Abner Pitmen
Dougles Randel
Richard Randal
Jeremiah Smith
John Sikes
Aron Sperks
Jno Sparks
Ephraim Spiery
Thomas Threadgill
 …. Aron Turner
James Turner
Hull Threadgill
Rich. Tombinson
Samuel Tyson
Joel Tyson
William Tyson
Lycy Turner
William Threadgill
Jno Sr. Threadgill
William Threadgill
Averet Vishen
? Veshen
Jaco Wotten
L Watson
 Charlot Winfield
Guardian Walsbern
of Wm Hyde
Edward Winfield

Capt Meadows                                                                   Images 23-26
John Ashcraft
Isham Alsobrooks
Samuel Alsobrooks
William Ashcroft
Willis Alsobrooks
Richard Armstrong
Joseph Alsobrooks
Ralph Alsobrooks
Benj. Ashcraft
Thomas Ashcraft
 ditto for Isaac Mainer
Thomas Ashcraft
William Bullard
John Brown
Michael Baker
Peter Baker
Thoms Barrit
William Baker Sr
Iearten Bingham
William Baker for Isaac Baker
Lewis Collins
Reuben Collins
ditto for Joseph Collins
Elijah Cook
Jonathan Dewim
Howde Gibane
William Gerefes
Hardy Guin
Colomerot Guia
Mills Howel
Stephen Huntly
John Harrel
Abraham Harrel
Thomas Horn
… for Carolina
Phabory Hendrick
John Harrel
William Lowary
Eli Lowary ofr
  Robert Lenard
Eli Lowary
James Lockhart
Isham Milton
William Moris
Abraham Mires
David Meadows
Joseph Melton
Lewis Meadow
Robert Mitchel
James Moris
James Meadows
William Morgan
Pitch. Prince
William Powell
William Rushing
David Rushing
James Rorce
ditto for Willis Worby
……. for Stephen Rains
….. for Noah Sinclair
…. for Ezekiah Rocie
William Rorce
Paul Rushing
Richard Rushing
Abraham Rorce
Burge Rains
Stephen Rushing
dotto for James Lettlebury
robert Rushing John Roach
Alford Sinclair
Orion Sinclair
John Whitaker
Abraham Wimberly
Jonel Wimberly
Abraham Wimberly
for James… Wimberly

Capt. Pratt                                                                          Images 27-31

 John Adams
John Arrington
Joseph Bette
Edward Brett
M Nell Bryd
James Curtis
James  Carter
Elijah Curtes
William Cartes
Abner Curtes
Elijah Curtes
William Cash
Fenly Campbell
Mrs Ann Curtes
John Degs
Dudly Degs
Elisha Degs
William Delport
Samuel Dickson
William Degs
Marshell Digs
Marshell Digs Sr
Pleasant Digs
David Digs
William Eavers
John Flowers
Joseph Farmer
Thomas Flowers
James Godwin
Thomas Godfrey
William Herman or Henson
Frances Hinson
John Jr Hinson
Edward Hinson
John Esq. Hernon or Henson
Benjamin Sr Henson
Benjamin Henson
Henry Harrington
John Henson
Thomas Jones
Edward Joy
James Johnson
William Johnson
Samuel Knox
John King
William latra
Henry Lyde
William Little
Danel McLauren
Normen McLeod
Archibald McGuyan
Mark Murphy
Daniel Murphy
Benj. Moormen
John McPherson
Archibald McPherson
Verment  Parson
Thomas Parker
Ezekiel Paul
Samuel Prat
William Peguie
James Parsons
Hubbard Pearson
ditto for Rogers
William Pratt
Benj Pratt
Thomas Parsens Sr
Henry Pardens
Thomas Ratliff
Mc Danel Rae
Mc Alex R T Rae
Mc Christopher Rae
William Ratliff
John Russom for
Murphy Buck
Mc John Rae
Mc  Dunlen Rae
Mc Jno B Rae
Mc Duncan Rae
Thomas Raleff
Fargahad Rae
Mc Daniel Rae
William Ratliff Sr
Sarah Smith
Nath. Stricklend
William Streater
Sheppard Streter
James Streter
Edward Streater
Jt Stkrater
Daniel Shat
William Thomas
Frances Wood
Christopher Walkers


Capt. Poes                                                                           Image 31 – 33

Joseph Allen
William Anderson
David Brumlon
Demsey Brilenum
John Baker
Elijah Colledge
John Cockren
Michel Darnohs or Darnoho
Levy Edmond
John Elliot
Shaderek Earch
Robert Elliot
John Elliot
David Griffen
Ara ? Green
Asa Green
Jeremiah Green
Levy Green
Abraham Hobb
Harty Haten
Jereby Horn
John Hunicut
Silas Honycutt
Stephen Hasby
John Jones
Amans Mc Melloh
William McMelloh
Solomon Monk
William Older
Nicholas NOrkel
James Poe
Sersun Poe
Peter Parker
David Ross
Griffin Ross
William Ross
Elijah Starks
William Sheppard
Jeremiah Sheppard
Joseph Smith
William Sherk
John Stasks
John Thinas
Nelson Turner
Miks Treet
Solemen Trutt
Jonathan Taylor
Richard Walden
Geo Williams
Joshua Waters
Job Williams
John Walden
Isiah Watson
Lewis Walden
Thomas Ward

Capt. Sinclair                                                                 Images 34-37

Abel Adams
Emanuel Adams
Samuel Bell
Jos Boswel
Need Bennefield
John Boorn
Judith Buckannen
May Buckannen
Norman Campbell
James Chiles
Elijah Ca_on
Robert Chopbell
Bartholem Chewney
Shadrick Deson
John Dobbs
James Duncan
William Dobbs
William Edens
William Gulledge
Thomas Gaddy
Acola_he Gulledge
James Gaddy
John Gaddy
Frusey Garman
John Gannon
Jeremiah Gulledge
Richard Groves
Joel Gulledge
Frederick Gaddy
Joshua Gacrot
David Huntly
John Huntly
Robert Hunlby
Thomas Hubbard
Robert Huntly
James Huggard
Joseph Jackson
James Jones
Stephen Jackson
James Johnson
Henry Ledbetter
Enoun Little
Hugh Meader
Marmaduke Merrs
Asa Merrs
James Moore
Philip Melton
John McLaren
Thomas Mires
Denet May
Arch McPherson
Margret McLerrin
William Meador
Norman McLeod
Alex McRae
Philip McRae
Duncan McRay
James Moore
Farquhard McRae
Alex McRae
Murdock Mac Rae
Daniel McLanlen
Alexander McRae
Farquharde McRae
Peter McJulyre? McIntre?
Duncan McKennas
James Nichelos
Stephen Paul
John Philmon
Richard Pabbshill?
Ruben Pheleps
Jacob Philips
James Rotliff
John Rushing
Jason Rushing
Numrod Redfern
Sampson Rogers
William Rushing
Peter Sinclair
Mathew Stattum
Benj Sinclair
John Sinclair
John Steward
Langley Sambuy?
John Tewning
Samuel Teel
Benjamin Tell
William Vaugh
Charles Vivion
John Webb
James Watson
Alexander Watson
Joseph Walles

 Capt. Staton                                                                          Images 37-40
Drury Allen
Thomas Allen
Robert Allen
Richard Austin
John Brodway
Abr. Brooks
Joshua Brooks
James Baucolm
John Bennett
Stephen Bagges
Asa Bagges
Joseph Barnes
James Cockburn
Jeremiah Clount
Boles Carr
Wiley Griffen
Lennard Green
Joseph Green
Jacob Green
Hardy Green
John Helms
John Heglar
Joshua Hermen
Peter Heglar
Charles Henson
John Helms
Philip Heglar
James Jinkens
Winbern Jenkins
William Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins
Christian Kicker
Thomas Love
James Little
Adam Long
Mary Marken
James Mills
Richard Maney
David Madcalf
Robert Presom
Martha Presom
Elijah Price
Reuben Pinkn
Samuel Prisem
John Prester
Thomas Polk
Charles Polk
James Rusell
Martin Ross
Susannah Robberts
John Rioe
Henry Sides
John Smith
William Stewared
Joseph Steward
Cornelius Sikes
John Right
George Segley
Jaremiah Smith
Isaac Smith
Angeleos Segley
William Segrove
William Smith
Frederick Slater
John Tye
Jasper Tunner or Thernin
Japtha Woodward
John Watson
Amos Yarbrough
William Yarbrough

 Capt. Smiths                                                                        Images 40-42
John Adcock
George Breley
Abraham Byler
William Blewett
John Coeks
Frances Clark
William Clark
Littlebery Diggs
John Diggs
William Diggs
Benj. Cling
George Cocker
John Duck
Jonathan Duck
Aaron Dunn
James Dunn
John Freeman
Elizabeth Grisom
Zabood? Grifsom
Gardner High
James Helms
William Hatcher
Benj. High
John High
Mark High
Colen King
William Lesk
Robert Lee
James Lee
Martha Morris
Thomas Mark
Weat? Nance
William Oneel
Kindred Oneel
William Peary
Robertson Pistole
Nicholas Parker
John Permenter
Elijah Ratliff
Samuel Smith
Eli Smith
William Stricklend
Samuel Spencer
William Segoe?
Thomas Smith
David Townsand
James Wall
John Wall
Solemen Williams
Charles West
Gidion Winfrey

Capt. Vans                                                                         Images 42-44
Caleb Auldredge
William Anderson
William Bagget
Allen Bagget
Uzart Bagget
Willey Bagget
Joel Bryant
Joseph Barnell
Matthew Burnell
Thomas Elleby
Jordon Flake
El Franklin
Elijah Flake
William Germen
Hardy Hooker
Ephraim Hunter
John Haley
Samuel Janagen
Henry Janegen
Abraham Knots
John Knots
John Lindsey
Elijah Liles
Thomas Loes
John Liles
James Liles
David Liles
Eli Liles
Angus Livingston
John Livingston
Duncan McQuagea
John Martin
William Martin
Isham Melehek
Joseph Martin
Brely Mors
Charles Sides
Widen Sheby
Moses Thomas
Joel Thoimes
Billard Thomas
John Timberlin
David Timberlea
John Thomas
Arther Tayler
John Taylor
William Vereson
Reuben Verson
Rebecca Walter

Capt. Whites                                                                    Images 44-47
Peter Arnet
James Bennett
James Bennett Jr
AbnerBogan William Bluton
James Barber
John Barber
Stephen Crab
Jesse Caudle
Isham Davis
Christopher Davis
James Davis
Michael Horn
Isaac Harell
Peuben Harrel
Peoples Hasly
William Herin
Enock Horn
John Jorden
Joseph Jorden
Lewis Ingrem
John Jr Jones
Henry Luten
Edmend Lilly
Hely Little
Solomen Lee
James Megs
Laurena Moore
Amos Mandes
Lauren Moore for Heirs of Rutlend?
John Megs
Dickerson Moore
John Manders
John Moore
Henry Norket
Willepin Nash
Henry Nunney
Isiah Pearce
John Parker
John Preslar
Joshua Preslar
William Preslar
Salesthal Preslar
Joseph Pearce
Elias Preslar
John Smith
Benj. Sains
Asam Sains
Micajah Taylor
Stephen Taylor
Thomas Ward
James White
Henry White
Stephen Williams
Daniel White
Joel White
Reuben White
Zachariah Jr White
Nicholas Welch
Benjamin Williams
James White
Elijah Wilkins
John Wingate


Capt. Joseph White                                                     Image 47-48
Jules Allen
Henry Allen
James Baker
Arba Barber
Batrey Barber
Samuel Bartlett
Mary Creel
James Copland
Benjamin Cheres
Vachal Chers
James Green
James Gordon
John Hill
Elisha Horn
Lemuel Horn
George Hammond
Matthew Hubbard
John Jr Hill
William Hubbard
Burges Hubbard
John Jackson
John Jones
John Little
Gray Ledbetter
Thomas Lursenby
William Lord
Hosey Little
Frederick Lard
Anthony McGregor
Moses Moore
Richard MainesSamuel Pounds
William Pickett
Philip Rushing
John Rushing
Horatio Roper
Robert Spires
Rueben White
Isiah White
Zachariah White
David White


Capt. Williams                                                              Images 48-49

“This was one of the most difficult to read so any guess is possible”
James Brooks
Abraham Brooks
Nruel Bennett
Adam Coeks
Limen Edward
Nelson Flounay
James Hendricks
Jno Harry
Barlet Henson
John Hildreth
David Hildreth
Joseph Jowers or Jarvis
George Sr Jowers or Jarves
John King
John Sr Lamden
Samuel Lemon
William Meachem
Fargaherts? McRae
Danl. McRae
Allames Porchard
Ike or Joseph Prick
Solemon Phelep
Jno Philip
William Resen?
Toeldy Robinson
Charles Williams
Henry?  Williams
Bery or Benj Williams
William George Welsch
Bartlete Williams
David Williams
John J Williams
Barlet Williams for
The Elbr? of Jno Williams
Martin Williams

 Image 52 of 53


The Following is the return from each Captain’s Company for the year 1815

Land         Valuation   Poll       Lolts?
Capt. Allen                   17511            14004            58
Capt. Cashs                  18453          31956            120          2
Capt. Curlee                 28746         22562           106
Capt. Beverlys             18191           28176            137           3
Capt. Houghs              21175           39481           154            1
Capt. Laniers               25380          56428          203
Capt. Meadows           20537           26748            99
Capt. Pratt                   27763           44948           271           4
Capt. Poes                   28144            16341             76
Capt. Sinclair              29268           34060          168
Capt. Slatoses             11855            14981              48
Capt. Smiths               15656           36250              97
Capt. Vann                  18352           23862              64
Capt. Whites               24648          29998             114
Capt. Joseph White  12132            22234              87
Capt. Williams            9570            20182              73

COLLINS, Francis (d.1910)

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Mrs. Francis Collins died this morning at the home, near Peachland of her son -in-law, Mr. Jas. Caudle, aged 80 years old. She is survived by three sons, Messrs. J. T. and Marion Collins, of White Store, and W.E. Collins of Charlotte, and one daughter Mrs. Jas. Caudle.

Source: Messenger and Intelligencer (Wadesboro, NC). 17 January 1910, page 3

LEE, Mary (d.1917)

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Mary Lee, the 13 year old daughter of Bob Mack Little, colored, who lives in the Bethel neighborhood, was fatally burned Friday. The girl was standing before the fire, when her dress caught. Her grandmother was the only person in the room and attempted to put out the fire

Source: Messenger and Intelligencer (Wadesboro, NC). 17 January 1910

CARTER, James (d.1920)

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Mr. James Carter, for many years a citizen of Anson County, but the past eight or ten years a resident of Rockingham, died Friday. He was 79 years of age and was a brother of Mrs. J. N. Henry of Lilesville

Source: Messenger and Intelligencer January 20th 1917 issue

HANNA, Sarah (d. 1910)

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Mrs. Sarah HANNA, widow of the late James HANNA, died at her home in Lanesboro township Thursday afternoon, aged about 70 years. Several children survive her.

Source: Messenger and Intelligencer (Wadesboro, NC). 17 January 1910, page 3. 

Index to Anson County WPA Cemetery Records

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In the 1930′s and 1940′s, the workers of the Works Progress Administration (now called the Works Projects Administration) set out to record burial information for cemeteries across the state.  These records are provided online by the NC State Archives and State Library of NC; visit their website to view the PDF file.  You can learn more about the compilation work to put these records together on the NC Miscellany blog

In order to make the records easier for you to navigate, we have provided an all-name index to the Anson County burials included in the WPA records.  See the list below.

NamePage #
ABSHIRE, Joseph21
ADAMS, Mamie Davis21
ALDRIDGE, Josiah14
ALDRIDGE, Martha14
ALFORD, Joseph H.21
ALLEN, (infant)14
ALLEN, Anna Spencer21
ALLEN, Clement14
ALLEN, Fannie E.10
ALLEN, Fred Hargrave21
ALLEN, George W.44
ALLEN, Hugh (Dr.)17
ALLEN, James R.17
ALLEN, Joseph18
ALLEN, Josiah Donald18
ALLEN, Mary A.17
ALLEN, Mary B.17
ALLEN, Minnie14
ALLEN, Moody H.18
ALLEN, Nancy18
ALLEN, Nathan21
ALLEN, Nettie P.14
ALLEN, Pettie Ann14
ALLEN, Phoebe J.44
ALLEN, Richard P.17
ALLEN, Sallie B.2
ALLEN, William R.18
ALLEN, Winnie14
ALLEN, Winnifred2
ARNOLD, Jared21
ASHCRAFT, Wilson J.21
ASHE, Caroline Attilia21
ASHE, Walter Jones22
ASHE, William Cincinnatus22
ATKINSON, John Dunlap22
ATKINSON, Kathleen Virginia22
AYCOCK, Sallie T.43
BAIN, Hamilton Deal22
BAIN, John Edwin22
BATES, John P.22
BATTLE, Sophnia Ann Lindsey9
BATTLE, William Horne9
BAUCOM, (infant)14
BENNETT, (infant)10
BENNETT, Agnes Craighead2
BENNETT, Catherine19
BENNETT, Earle DeGarr2
BENNETT, Frank (Capt.)22
BENNETT, George Hunter2
BENNETT, Harriet10
BENNETT, John W. (M.D.)22
BENNETT, Lemuel B. (Rev.)19
BENNETT, Mary E. Carpenter2
BENNETT, Nevel 19
BENNETT, Neville Janes10
BENNETT, Risden Tyler19
BENNETT, Rosa E.22
BENNETT, Rosa E. Hammond22
BENNETT, Rosa M.19
BENNETT, Sarah Edna22
BENNETT, Sarah V.42
BENNETT, Tyler22
BENNETT, William Osborne22
BENTON, Miriam H.22
BENTON, Sallie J. Gaddy22
BERRY, Mary Gatewood22
BEVERLY, (infant)44
BEVERLY, Alexander Smith22
BEVERLY, Annie44
BEVERLY, Emmeline Legrand22
BEVERLY, Hampton (Capt.)22
BEVERLY, James 44
BEVERLY, James Legrand22
BEVERLY, Nathan22
BEVERLY, Susan44
BEVERLY, Thomas Coke44
BIDWELL, Daniel23
BIGGS Jr., George Henry23
BIGGS, Alfred Sylvester23
BIGGS, Pearl Shearin23
BILES, (infant)2
BILES, Mary E.2
BILES, Robert A.2
BILES, Robert M.2
BILLINGSLEY, Guilford C.10
BLAND, Frances A.23
BOGGAN, Harriet Eleanor23
BOGGAN, Martha23
BOGGAN, Norfleet D.23
BOON, Vander14
BOSHAMER, A.A. (Rev.)23
BOSHAMER, Virginia Marshall23
BOYETTE, Mary Adele Richardson23
BOYLIN, Anna Hope23
BOYLIN, Del. B.23
BOYLIN, Laura J.23
BRADLEY, Emeline23
BRADLEY, James T. (Capt.)23
BRASINGTON, (infant daughter)23
BRASINGTON, (infant son)23
BRASINGTON, Joe Bennett23
BRASINGTON, Julian Allen23
BRASINGTON, Mattie Brown23
BRASINGTON, William Webb23
BRASWELL, Laura Isabell14
BRENT, Julia Leak24
BRENT, O.J. (Rev.)24
BREWER, Gracie13
BROADWAY, (infant)14
BROADWAY, Columbus H.14
BROADWAY, Dora Isabell14
BROADWAY, William14
BROOKS, (infant)2
BROOKS, Estelle2
BROOKS, George G.2
BROOKS, Willie D.3
BROWER, Charlie A.42
BROWER, William T.42
BROWN, Edgar L.24
BROWN, Hattie24
BRUNER, (infant)24
BRUNER, Charlotte24
BRUNER, Edgar24
BRUNER, Henry24
BRUNER, Jacob24
BRUNER, Mary H.24
BRUNER, Susan24
BRUTON, Susan A.3
BURCH, Louise24
BURNS, J. Carl24
BURNS, James Benton24
BURNS, Jane Clementine3
BURNS, Joshua A.3
BURNS, Lydia Ann24
BURNS, Martha A.3
BURNS, Mary C.3
BURNS, Robert3
BURNS, Samuel W.24
BURNS, Sarah W.14
BURNS, Temple Bennice24
BURNS, Walter C.3
BURNS, William3
BURR, Laura Ann44
BURR, Lester May44
CAGLE, Paul T.3
CARPENTER, Elizabeth3
CARPENTER, Joanna Malissa3
CARPENTER, Margaret A. Teal3
CARPENTER, Rosanna M.3
CARPENTER, William B.3
CARTER, Lethia24
CARTER, Mary Della24
CASH, Boggan (Col.)24
CASH, Frances Boggan24
CASH, Holden Wade24
CAUDLE, A.B. (Rev.)24
CAUDLE, Fred D.24
CAUDLE, Lucy A.3
CAUDLE, Thomas Booch24
CHAMBERS, Caroline Harrington24
CHAMBERS, Harrington24
CHAMBERS, Thomas25
CLARK, Arther Z.M.3
CLARK, James3
CLARK, James M.3
CLARK, Margaret W.3
CLARK, Mary Ida3
CLARKE, Aileen3
CLARKE, Francis A.3
CLARKE, Frank E.3
CLARKE, James Gaston (Rev.)25
CLARKE, Robert Boyd3
CLARKE, Sarah S.4
CLARKS, Robert Boyd (Rev.)3
COBB, Mary Battle9
COLEMAN, Dara Frances25
COLSON, Lizzie Adell4
COTTON, Lydia25
COVINGTON, Eranda Chappel25
COVINGTON, George W.25
COVINGTON, Rebecca Elizabeth25
COVINGTON, Virginia May25
COVINGTON, Wilson P.25
COXE, John McAlister25
CRAIG, (infant daughter)25
CRAIG, Charles Bell25
CRAWFORD, Anna Maria25
CREASON, Callie C.41
CREASON, Ollie May41
CREPPS, Ada D.43
CROW, Eliza M.4
CROWDER, J. Armstrong25
CROWDER, Maria Armfield25
CROWDER, Sarah Elizabeth25
CROWDER, Virginia Lee25
CROWSON, Nannie Rebecca25
CROWSON, Nellie Gulledge26
CRUMP, Birdie4
CRUMP, Carrie Cowie4
CRUMP, Charles W.4
CRUMP, Dovie4
CRUMP, Joanna K. Blake4
CRUMP, Lucy Tyson4
CURLEE, (infant)14
CURLEE, Adeline14
CURLEE, Glennie P.14
CURLEE, Hattie V.14
CURLEE, Lucy Margaret43
CURLEE, Lugenie15
CURLEE, Millard15
CURLEE, Nancy Jane15
CURLEE, Thomas15
DARGAN, Atlas J.26
DARGAN, Ellen A.26
DAVID, J. Hills15
DAVIS, Ann Eliza Kendall4
DAVIS, Annie L.4
DAVIS, Thomas W.26
DEANE, Laura A.44
DEES, Essie E.42
DENNIS, John G.26
DENNIS, Rosa A.26
DENNIS, Thomas A.26
DISMUKES, Elizabeth26
DOTY, Harriett A.26
DOTY, Marshall L.26
DRAKE, Ann Eliza26
DUNLAP, Agnes Craighead4
DUNLAP, Benjamin Ingram4
DUNLAP, Charlotte Virginia (Tinnie)26
DUNLAP, David Craighead4
DUNLAP, Eliza Crump4
DUNLAP, Eugene Moore4
DUNLAP, George4
DUNLAP, Hannah 4
DUNLAP, Hannah Pines4
DUNLAP, James A.4
DUNLAP, Joseph Fletcher4
DUNLAP, Louise26
DUNLAP, Lyllyan5
DUNLAP, Mariah A.5
DUNLAP, Mariah Alice5
DUNLAP, Martha B.5
DUNLAP, Minnie Louise5
DUNLAP, Robert Clifton5
DUNLAP, Roberta Kelly5
DUNLAP, Roy Julius5
DUNLAP, Tommie5
DUNLAP, Winnifred5
DUVALL, Freddie26
EASLEY, William T.15
EDWARDS, (infant)15
EDWARDS, Cyrus P.13
EDWARDS, Eliza Ann26
EDWARDS, Elizabeth Cornelia26
EDWARDS, Jesse26
EDWARDS, Jesse L.26
EDWARDS, John W.26
EDWARDS, Johnnie15
EDWARDS, Julia Ellen26
EDWARDS, Julia H.26
EDWARDS, Margie15
EDWARDS, Rebecca26
EDWARDS, Robert J.26
EFIRD, Hugh M.15
EFIRD, Jennie A.15
FENTON, Bessie26
FENTON, Margaret F.26
FETTER, Charles (Rev.)26
FLAKE, Bettie V.18
FLAKE, Flavel B.18
FLAKE, Grace Josephine18
FLAKE, John J.18
FLAKE, Joseph Washington18
FLAKE, Lydia G. Threadgill44
FLAKE, Mary A.18
FLAKE, Moody H.18
FLAKE, Robert H.18
FLAKE, William T.18
FLETCHER, William Little27
FORT, Elias P.19
FORT, Gaston Sherrill19
FORT, Mary A.19
FRALEY, Joseph A.27
FUNDERBURK, Martin Luther27
GADDY, Beedy E.10
GADDY, D.M. (Rev.)10
GADDY, David10
GADDY, David Earl10
GADDY, Flora A.27
GADDY, James M.10
GADDY, Julian5
GADDY, Lottie10
GADDY, Minnie Craig5
GADDY, Sara A.10
GADDY, Thomas5
GADDY, Tyler P.10
GATEWOOD, Daniel M.27
GATEWOOD, Margaret Covington27
GENES, Hattie27
GENES, William27
GILMORE, Robert J.43
GLASGOW, Eleanor Hargrave27
GLASS, Ellen H.27
GLASS, W.H. (Dr.)27
GOLSTON, Lydia27
GOODMAN, James E.15
GOODMAN, Walter A.15
GRAHAM, Benjamin Gist27
GRAHAM, Carrie McKnight27
GRAHAM, Georgia27
GRAY, Emma40
GRAY, Jerimiah40
GRAY, Mariah40
GRAY, Martha40
GRAY, Mary Allelia Murr27
GRAY, Sarah M.40
GRAY, William Archie40
GRAY, William B.40
GRIGGS, Daisy Marshall (Mrs.)27
GRIGGS, Robt. E. (Mrs.)27
GRUNSLEY, Florence May27
HADDOCK, Mammie J.27
HAIR, C.R.41
HAIRE, (infant daughter)27
HAIRE, Ina Grace5
HAIRE, Martha A. Turner19
HAIRE, Mary27
HAIRE, May Belle27
HAIRE, Ruby May27
HALL, Annie C.27
HALL, Henry Harrington27
HALL, Joel Battle27
HALL, Thomas C.27
HALL, William Weldon27
HAMMOND, (infant son)28
HAMMOND, Alexander Patrick27
HAMMOND, Eleanor28
HAMMOND, Flora Dickerson28
HAMMOND, Hampton Boggan28
HAMMOND, Joseph M.28
HAMMOND, Lucy James28
HAMMOND, Mary Blakeny28
HAMMOND, Rosa E.28
HAMMOND, William28
HAMMOND, William May28
HANNA, Hannah42
HANNA, James C.42
HANNA, Robert H.42
HANNAH, Bessie42
HANNE, Lydia42
HARDISON, (infant daughter)28
HARDISON, baby28
HARDISON, Bessie Prichard28
HARDISON, William Cameron28
HARGRAVE, Henrietta28
HARGRAVE, Johnston R.28
HARKEY, (infant)5
HARKEY, Ella Lilly5
HARRIS, Chas. W.12
HARRIS, Jane Clementine5
HARRIS, Pickette5
HARRIS, Robert W.12
HARRIS, Sherrod H.19
HATHCOCK, James Whitman29
HEMBY, Martha D.29
HENDLEY, Francis Jane5
HENDLEY, James W.5
HENDLEY, Joseph Hull6
HENDLEY, Judith Puitt6
HENDLEY, Kate Kendall6
HENDLEY, Sarah T.6
HENDLEY, Thomas6
HENRY, James M.29
HENRY, Tidal Beecher29
HICKS, Eliza L.29
HILDRETH, Keenan29
HILL, Albra15
HILL, Annie May15
HILL, Dolphus C.15
HILL, Ellen L.15
HILL, J.P.15
HILL, Julius15
HILL, Rada P.15
HILL, Ramon15
HIXON, John12
HONEYCUTT, Eva Maria46
HORNE, Corrina Covington29
HORTON, B.B. (M.D.)29
HORTON, S. Ellen29
HOUGH, Eugene46
HOUGH, Nona M.6
HOUGH, Ollie Howell6
HOWARD, Cecil29
HOWARD, Lola 29
HOWARD, Myrtle15
HOWELL, Alice43
HOWELL, James E.6
HOWELL, Mary B.43
HOWELL, Mary J.C.43
HOWELL, Nona Maudie6
HOWZE, Henry Y. (Dr.)29
HUNSUCKER, (infant daughter)29
HUNSUCKER, Texanna B.L.29
HUNTLEY, Daisy J.29
HUNTLEY, Georgie29
HYATT, Albertine E.6
HYATT, David6
HYATT, Eleanor Hargrave6
HYATT, Lina Pemberton6
HYATT, Louisa P.6
HYATT, Louise Blanche6
HYATT, Mary E.6
HYATT, Pauline H.6
INGRAM, Catherine T.11
INGRAM, Charles M.11
INGRAM, Jeremiah6
INGRAM, John B.29
INGRAM, Lilly G.6
INGRAM, Mary B.6
INGRAM, Mary S.6
INGRAM, Thomas J.29
INGRAM, William A.29
JAMES, Daisy Laura29
JAMES, Harry Ingram29
JAMES, Laura30
JAMES, W.H. (Capt.)30
JARNETT, Mumford D.30
JEANS, Milas30
JEARMON, Wannes Nedder42
JEWELL, Edward T.30
JEWELL, Fannie May30
JONES, Abram R.30
JONES, Ellie30
JONES, Evelina Pickett30
JONES, Frances Pickett30
JONES, Isaac A.30
JOYNER, Noah (Dr.)30
KELLY, Roberta7
KELLY, Sarah Mariah7
KENDALL, (infant)6
KENDALL, Alekis F.6
KENDALL, Alexander S.30
KENDALL, Amy (Miss)30
KENDALL, Benjamin (Rev.)30
KENDALL, Caroline E.7
KENDALL, James S. (Maj.)30
KENDALL, John (Rev.)7
KENDALL, Mary Albert7
KENDALL, Moses30
KENDALL, W.S. (Dr.)7
KENNEDY, Mary Ledbetter30
KERR, William Roach30
KNIGHT, Mary J.30
KNIGHT, William H.30
LAMPLEY, Elizabeth Catheron Bennett31
LANCE, Rosanna Troy30
LANCE, Thomas Chambers30
LAWHON, Willie C.43
LAWSON, Albert31
LAWSON, Bessie P.31
LAWSON, Carl31
LAWSON, Selma Gustava31
LEA, Lemuel Graves7
LEA, Lyllyan7
LEAK, Ann Eliza31
LEAK, Ann P.31
LEAK, Augustus McGehee31
LEAK, James A.31
LEAK, Julia B. Richardson31
LEAK, Paul31
LEAK, Walter R.31
LEAK, Walter Raleigh31
LEAK, William P.31
LEDBETTER, H.W. (Col.)44
LEDBETTER, Henry (Rev.)31
LEE, Albertine E.7
LEE, Mary H.7
LEGRAND, James (Col.)31
LENTZ, (infant)7
LENTZ, Robert Tyler7
LINDSEY, (infant)9
LINDSEY, Charles B. (Capt.)9
LINDSEY, Eliza Jane9
LINDSEY, James Barrygrove9
LINDSEY, Mary Jane Smith9
LINDSLEY, Amelia Given31
LINEBERRY, Daniel G.31
LITTLE, Alexander31
LITTLE, Alice Leak31
LITTLE, B. Frank31
LITTLE, Calvin M.31
LITTLE, Eliza31
LITTLE, Eliza Ledbetter31
LITTLE, Elizabeth31
LITTLE, Eugene Alexander32
LITTLE, Frank Milton32
LITTLE, George Kennedy32
LITTLE, John J.32
LITTLE, John Phillips32
LITTLE, Lora32
LITTLE, Marion32
LITTLE, Mary Eloise32
LITTLE, Thomas32
LITTLE, William32
LITTLE, William B.32
LITTLE, William Ledbetter32
LOCKHART, Caroline Burguin Ashe32
LOCKHART, Eugene W.10
LOCKHART, Fannie Lee10
LOCKHART, Ferguson Douglas32
LOCKHART, Kenneth32
LOWE, Virginia K.32
LUCAS, William Allen32
MacRAE, Jackson P.32
MacRAE, Nancy S.32
MANER, William44
MARSHALL, Clement32
MARSHALL, Eliza A. (Mrs.)32
MARSHALL, James C.32
MARSHALL, Jennie E.32
MARSHALL, Jennie E.M.33
MARSHALL, Marta Nash (Nida)33
MARSHALL, William Leak33
McBRIDE, Charlotte D.43
McCALLUM, Sarah Mariah7
McCOY, Daniel33
McGREGOR, John W.33
McGREGOR, William Smith33
McINTYRE, George7
McINTYRE, Isaiah15
McINTYRE, Martha15
McINTYRE, N.E. (Mrs.)7
McINTYRE, Stokes15
McIVER, Daniel33
McIVER, Mary33
McLAUGHLIN, John Calvin33
McLAUGHLIN, Mary Elizabeth33
McLEOD, Jane Ellen33
McLEOD, John B. (Dr.)7
McMURRAY, Frank J.33
McMURRAY, Julia Little33
McPHERSON, Martha E.33
McRACKAN, Sarah Mariah7
McRAE, John A.32
McRAE, Moreau32
McSWAIN, James E. (Rev.)7
McSWAIN, Sabelle A.7
MEEKS, (infant)46
MILLS, Florence7
MILLS, James M.8
MILLS, John W.33
MILLS, Lydia A.33
MILLS, Marie I.33
MILLS, Will Edgar8
MILLS, Willis H.33
MOORE, Elijah A.33
MOORE, Flora Ann33
MOORE, Julia33
MORGAN, Frances E.33
MORGAN, Robert Lee33
MORRIS, Eliza M.8
MORTON, Olie O.40
MOSS, Macon33
MOSS, Max34
MURR, Annie Gulledge34
MURR, Bessie W.34
MURR, Emma34
MURR, M.A.34
MURR, Rances L.34
MURRAY, John M.34
MYER, Sarah34
MYERS, Adaline H.34
MYERS, Amanda34
MYERS, Martha D.34
NASH, (infant)15
NASH, Bertha L.15
NELMS, Anne M.11
NELMS, Pressley11
NUTTALL, Eleanor34
NUTTALL, Mabel34
PARKE, Thomas B.34
PARKER, (infant)15
PARKER, Hartswell15
PARKER, Lee W.15
PARSONS, Frances Cornelia Leak34
PARSONS, Hilliard C.34
PARSONS, James C.34
PATRICK, Mabel P.34
PATRICK, William H.34
PAUL, Gaston34
PAULS, Mary34
PERRY, N.E. (Mrs.)8
PICKETT, Flora34
PICKETT, Joseph (Col.)34
PICKETT, Martin J.34
PICKETT, Mary J. (Mrs.)34
PICKETT, W.M. (Col.)34
PINES, Ingram4
PINKSTON, Julia C.34
PINKSTON, Julian34
PINKSTON, Minnie35
PINKSTON, Willie Rosaline35
POLK, Sara M.10
POPE, K.R.44
PORTES, Martha N.35
PRITCHARD, Benjamin T.13
PROFFIT, Ellen (Miss)8
REAGAN, Willis D.35
REDFEARN, Mary E. Chambers35
REDFEARN, Mary May35
RHYNE, Albert J.35
RHYNE, Lucy N.35
RICHARDSON, Charlotte Crawford35
RICHARDSON, Daisy Marshall35
RICHARSON, Julian Leak35
ROBERTS, Madison8
ROBERTS, Sarah Ann8
ROBINSON, Annie E.11
ROBINSON, Araminta J. Watkins35
ROBINSON, Earnest35
ROBINSON, Pauline35
ROBINSON, Percy Phillip35
ROBINSON, Richard Coleman35
ROBINSON, Robert Gwen35
ROBINSON, Thomas Christopher36
ROBISON, Paul De Jarnett35
RODGERS, Unity36
ROSE, Edgar Beverly36
ROSE, William A.36
ROSS, Daniel18
ROSS, Nancy18
ROSS, Robert Dunlap36
SANDERS, George Alexander36
SANDERS, Moses J.36
SAYLOR, Caroline36
SAYLOR, E. Owen36
SAYLOR, Eugene36
SCARBORO, Flavel Flake36
SCARBORO, Willie Marshall36
SCOTT, David36
SEAGO, Annie V.8
SHEPHERD, Augustine36
SHEPHERD, Frederick Augustus36
SHEPHERD, Mary Ann36
SHEPPHERD, Nannie J.36
SHERRELL, Eugene Pierce36
SHOOTER, Edna Pinkston36
SHOOTER, John Albert36
SIBLEY, Elijah8
SIDES, Martha J.8
SIKES, Dudley W.36
SINCLAIR, Lucinda8
SINCLAIR, Martha Jane8
SMITH, (infant daughter)36
SMITH, (infant)11
SMITH, Alexander16
SMITH, Anna Bet11
SMITH, Carl O.41
SMITH, Eliza Jane11
SMITH, Eliza Sidnor Nelms11
SMITH, Emeline H.8
SMITH, Etta37
SMITH, George A.8
SMITH, George Alexander37
SMITH, James M.11
SMITH, John 11
SMITH, John C.11
SMITH, John D.37
SMITH, John Daniel41
SMITH, John G.11
SMITH, Joseph P.11
SMITH, Lester16
SMITH, Lillian40
SMITH, Lula Bernice8
SMITH, Margaret May37
SMITH, Margaret May Wood37
SMITH, Mary11
SMITH, Mary Alice11
SMITH, Mary Bennett37
SMITH, Mary C.41
SMITH, Nona37
SMITH, Rosa J.41
SMITH, Rosanna M.8
SMITH, Rufus Alexander11
SMITH, Sallie S.41
SMITH, Samuel H.37
SMITH, William G. (Col.)11
STAFFORD, Andrew F.37
STAFFORD, Parthenia B.37
STANBACK, Annie Leak37
STANBACK, Annie Little37
STANBACK, Bessie Manley37
STATON, Elizabeth16
STATON, Ray Herman8
STEELE, William Leak37
STURDIVANT, William Eli37
SULLIVAN, Elsie Vivian37
SULLIVAN, Flossie B.8
SULLIVAN, Frank Medley37
TAPSCOTT, Mary Ann37
TARLTON, Ebbie P. Sanders46
TARLTON, Harriet46
TARLTON, Mary Jane46
TARLTON, Sarah46
TEAL, J.A.37
TEAL, Walter37
TEAL, Walter Stephen37
TEAL, William S.37
THOMAS, Edna Juanita38
THOMAS, Fay Della16
THOMAS, Flora A.38
THOMAS, Golda16
THOMAS, John A.16
THOMAS, Johnnie38
THOMAS, Manerva16
THOMAS, Martha16
THOMAS, Richmond L.9
THOMAS, Roxy Ann9
THOMAS, Sarah E.16
THOMAS, Sherwood C.9
THOMAS, Sophronia9
THOMAS, Verler R.16
THOMAS, William Herbert38
THOMPSON, Lydia A.43
THREADGILL, Caroline45
THREADGILL, Erie Montrose38
THREADGILL, Stephen Hull38
THREADGILL, Virginia Harris38
THREADGILL, William 45
THREADGILL, William C.38
TICE, James42
TILLMAN, Cornelia M.38
TILLMAN, James A. (Dr.)38
TOMLINSON, Minnie T.38
TREADWAY, Luisa C.40
TROY, Alexander38
TROY, Robert38
TROY, Rosa Anna38
TURNER, (infant)16
TURNER, George W.16
TURNER, Harriet Cornelia38
TURNER, Jane19
TURNER, Julian16
TURNER, Minnie16
TURNER, Sarah Webster16
TURNER, Wilson N.P.16
TYSON, (infant)45
TYSON, Crissy B.8
TYSON, Donna Clarence8
TYSON, John8
TYSON, Lucy8
TYSON, Mary H.8
TYSON, Tempie Beverly45
WADDELL, Jesse F.8
WADDILL, Martha Aliff38
WALL, Flonnie38
WALLACE, Louise B.38
WATKINS, F.E. (Mrs.)43
WATKINS, Ida Lilly45
WATKINS, John M.43
WATKINS, Joseph W.43
WATKINS, Julia (Mrs.)43
WATKINS, Phebe E.43
WATKINS, Ruth O.43
WATKINS, Tyler B.45
WATKINS, Young A.43
WATSON, Sarah (Miss)38
WATSON, W. Stephen38
WHEELER, Fannie E.38
WHEELER, Joseph H. (Corp.)38
WILLIAMS, Amanda M.38
WILLIAMS, Harriett Amelia38
WILLOUGHBY, Mary Margaret Covginton39
WINFREE, Addie47
WINFREE, Charles Wilson47
WINFREE, Martha Emma47
WINFREE, Mary Elizabeth47
WINFREE, Samuel Gidion47
WINFREE, Sarah 47
WINFREE, Theteous Henrietta Teal47
WINFREE, William W.47
WOLFE, (no first name)39
WYATT, Thomas39
ZIMMERMAN, Catherine D.39

College Students from Anson County

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Did you know that the NCGenWeb Project offers an index database of college and high school students at schools around the state?

A list of students from Anson County extracted from that database has been added to this site.  Sisters Florence Myrtle Ashcraft and Mary Boshamer Ashcraft, shown below, are both graduates of Meredith College and are just two of the more than 200 individuals from Anson County found in the listing.


Most entries in the list are pre-1940. You can access the list here.