Camp Davis vs. NC Pre-Flight (1943)

Description from the record at Internet Archive

Program for the game between the cadets of Camp Davis and the cadets of the pre-flight school in Chapel Hill. Also includes information about other pre-flight schools: Georgia Pre-Flight School, Del Monte Pre-Flight School, Iowa Pre-Flight School, and the St. Mary’s Pre-Flight School. Includes portraits of commanders, notes on the coaches of the two football teams, line-ups, and statistics. The game was scheduled for Saturday, October 16, [1943], at Kenan Stadium.

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Thyatira Presbyterian Church 1753-1948

Written by Walter Lee Ingle, a President Emeritus of Davidson College, this 1948 publication contains approximately 100 pages of history of this Rowan county church spanning almost 200 years.

Thyatira is one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in the state and the author and his family were church members.  The book includes some beautiful sketches of the church as well.

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Pioneer Presbyterian Preachers of the Piedmont North Carolina

Compiled in 1928, this book provides biographical information about preachers in the Piedmont region of the state – including Cleveland, Gaston, Lincoln, Rutherford and Polk counties.

The book includes sketches for

Addition to the History of the First Presbyterian Church in Gastonia

In 1948, Hugh A. Query compiled a history of the First Presbyterian Church in Gastonia. This 1961 publication includes additional information between 1948 and 1961.

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History of the First Baptist Church, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, 1786-1961

This book was written by A.H. Outlaw and published in 1963.  It was added to the Internet Archive by Duke University.

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Barton College Yearbooks (Wilson County, NC)

image from the 1910 volume


Yearbooks for Barton College are now available at the Internet Archive.  The school was formerly called The Atlantic Christian College.  

The yearbook has been named The Pine Knot & The Collegiate. 



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If more volumes become available over time, this information will be updated. 


St. Mary’s Yearbooks of Raleigh, Wake County

Just added links to the yearbooks of St. Mary’s College & High School to the Yearbooks page. Scroll down to Wake County to see them.

John Motley Morehead and the Development of North Carolina, 1796-1866

Pages from John Motley Morehead and the Development of NC

Last night I abstracted an obituary for Joseph Motley Morehead (1840-1911).  While doing some online searching so that I could connect potential researchers to the obit, I learned of this book at the Internet Archive.

Now, what was interesting for me was the picture of his home, Blandwood. I grew up in Greensboro and would always pass this house as a kid either from my school bus routes, just going around town, etc. I have not yet learned much about the history of Greensboro, but I had no idea who lived in this house – now I know! How neat is that!

Blandwood, Home of John Motley Morehead


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Digital Issues of the Biblical Recorder

The Biblical Recorder is a weekly newspaper published by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.  The paper was founded in 1845 and was a major news vehicle for Baptist preachers.   More information about the history of the paper can be learned from it’s Wikipedia entry.

Recently added to the NCGenWeb Digital Bookshelf are links to online, digitized issues of this paper that span 1889-1917. The paper is filled with information that can contribute to your family history research and is worthy of checking out.

excerpt from the Biblical Recorder


Weaver College Graduates 1920-1934


Weaver College yearbooks from 1920-1934 have recently been added to the DigitalNC website and links have been added to the Yearbooks page.  The school was located in Weaverville Buncombe County before it later merged with Brevard College in Transylvania County.

With these additions,  I’ve now been able to add the index of graduating senior classes from these years as well.   To see the list of more than 350 students that graduated from the school during this time frame, click here.  More than a third of the students listed a Buncombe County city as their hometown.