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John Motley Morehead and the Development of North Carolina, 1796-1866

Pages from John Motley Morehead and the Development of NC

Last night I abstracted an obituary for Joseph Motley Morehead (1840-1911).  While doing some online searching so that I could connect potential researchers to the obit, I learned of this book at the Internet Archive.

Now, what was interesting for me was the picture of his home, Blandwood. I grew up in Greensboro and would always pass this house as a kid either from my school bus routes, just going around town, etc. I have not yet learned much about the history of Greensboro, but I had no idea who lived in this house – now I know! How neat is that!

Blandwood, Home of John Motley Morehead


A link has been added to it from the History page.