3rd NC Volunteers

3rd NC Volunteers [Colored Troops], Spanish American War
transcribed 3 Mar 2002 from various sources by Carson Turner; used with permission

The 3rd Regiment of North Carolina Volunteers mustered in on May 12, 1898 at Fort Macon, North Carolina, as a Battalion, and then in July increased by seven companies to the 3rd NC Regiment. In September the Regiment moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, and in November to Macon, Georgia. In Macon the 1st Army Corps (of which 3rd NC was a part) was alerted to prepare to proceed to Cuba, but on 8 February 1899 the Regiment (and most other volunteer regiments) began the muster out of service. The 3rd NCV didn’t participate in the battles of the Spanish American War, but those men who gave of their liberty and freedoms, if only for the preparation of war, are certainly worthy of our remembrances.

Captain Joseph J. Hood, Company D
Sergeant Terry White, Company D
Corporal James Pope, Company D
Private Arthur Barnes, Company D
Private Green Coleman, Company D
Private Amziah Crews, Company D
Private Alfred Faggart, Company D
Private George Harris, Company D
Private William Hammards, Company D
Private Henry Ivey, Company D
Private Allen Johnston, Company D
Private Zebulon Lynn, Company D
Private Edward Martin, Company D
Private George Miller, Company D
Private William Morrison, Company D
Private William Neil, Company D
Private Samuel Wilson, Company D
Private Jessie L. Beatty, Company D (discharged 12/19/1898)
Private Robert Christian, Company D (discharged 1/17/1899)
Private Charley Greeley, Company G

It seems clear that Company D was the “Concord” unit among the 3rd North Carolina Volunteers.