Court Records

Petition of John Melchior – wanting to build a dam across Rocky River. It was against the law to do so because it would impede the passage of fish on their spring spawning “runs.” But the General Assembly could grant authority to a man who wanted to build a grist mill provided he did certain things. Failure to do as instructed would result in very heavy fines.

Cabarrus County, North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Book 1:
1:30 Third Monday in January, 1794. Ordered that letters of Administration issue on the estate of Jacob Franck, decd. to John Long with Joseph Shinn, Eqr. Security in the sum of £200.
1:37 Third Monday in April, 1794. An inventory and Sales of the Estate of Jacob Franc, decd. was produced by John Long, admr. in the amount of £159.11.9.
1:51 Third Monday in July, 1794. An additional return of the Estate of Jacob Franc, decd. amounting to £21.8.9 by John Long, admr.
1:101 Wednesday, July 22, 1795. A settlement of the estate of Jacob Franck, decd. by the Admr. John Long. Amount in the whole £180.3.0, as per vouchers filed £27.9.9. Balance in the Adminstr. hands £152.13.3.
1:111 Wednesday, October 21, 1795. A settlement of the estate of Jacob Franc, decd. by John Long, admr. Amount of sales £180.3.0. As per vouchers filed £27.9.9. Remains in the Admrs. hands £152.13.3.
1:179 Third Monday of April 1797. Frederic Franck to Henry Furr, Jr., son of Jacob Furr, decd., 200 acres. Mar. 20, 1795.

Cabarrus County, North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Book 2:
July 15, 1799. Jacob Frank dec’s. Division of land among legatees by jury of John Duck, John Long, Samuel Shinn, Sr., Henry Furrer, Joseph Shinn. Report next session. John, Joseph, Susannah, Margaret – orphans of Jacob Frank. John Riedling, guardian. Elias House, sec.
Oct. 1799. Division of Jacob Frank. From Court House File. 1. Frederick Frank 2. John Frank 3. Joseph Frank 4. Frederick Frank, guardian for Jacob Frank, minor.
April 17, 1804. Jacob Frank, dec’d. John Readling to bring orphans of Jacob Frank to next court to be bound.

On 21 August 1819 John Yeoman of Cabarrus County made a declaration on oath in open court to obtain the provision of the late Act of Congress. He declared “that in the month of March 1776 in the State of New Hampshire, he enlisted in the Services in the United States for the Term of five years under Capt. Tarewell in Colonel Lilly’S Regiment belonging to the Brigade of General Poor, that he was in the Battle of Saratoga, where he was badly wounded in the service of the United States, at which time says in the Year 1777, he was discharged from the Hospital, being unable to continue in the Services. That he now has no other Evidence of his said Services in his Power, but what his Declaration contains. That he is in such reduced circumstances as greatly to need the Assistance of his Country for Support.” The Court orders the Clerk to certify and transmit the record to the Secretary at War.  ~  minutes of Rowan Co., NC, Court of P&Qs August Term 1819)
submitted by Lannie Hartman

George Miller and Regina, his wife vs. Conrad Plyler, Jacob Plyler, Paul Plyler, Mary Mossman, Henry Plyler, Jacob Hoover and Barbary, his wife. State of North Carolina, Court of Equity, Cabarrus County, Oct. Term, 1808. Written: October 1808, Recorded: January 19, 1809.

William F. Taylor – Bankruptcy ~ 1843, US District Court of North Carolina

John Sprinkle – Bankruptcy ~ 1843, US District Court of North Carolina

Absalom Stough, farmer; Sam’l G. White, farmer; Henry G. Gorman, plasterer ~ Bankruptcy, Jan 26, 1843, US District Court of North Carolina

April Session 1845:  Moses Suther bound to Charles N Waggoner

April Session 1847:  Vol 4 Pg 104
State vs John H Suither [sic]
Ordered by the court that defendant pay a fine of five dollares and gige bond in the sum of one hundred dollars for his good behavior towards all good citizens of the state and particular toward J. M. Long.

April sesson 1847 Vol 4 Pg 106
State vs John H Suither [sic]
M. M. Plunkett and Daniel Suither [sic] confess Judgement in the sum of twenty dollars each to be ______  on the payment of fine _________ _________.   * NFI

April Session 1847 (no Vol or Pg.)
State vs John H Suither [sic]
J. H. Suither [sic] and Samuel Suither [sic] acknowledge themselves indebted to the state of No. Ca. in the sum of one hundred dollars for the good behavior of the said J. H. Suither [sic] for the term of twelve months.

January Session 1848, pg 170 Guardian Bonds
“Joseph Barnhart was appointed Guardian of Solomon W. Suither [sic] Brother of J. M. Suther who gave bond in the sum of one thousand dollars with M.S. Plunkett as his security which said bond was approved of by the court present the worshipful N. C. Cook, L. N. Shinpock [sic], J. N. Black, Esqs. ”

January Session 1874, Vol 4 pg 70
Ordered by the Court that J. L. Misenheimer, Pinckney Winecoff, Elias Misenheimer, and J. M. Suither [sic] act as patrols for Capt. George A. Propst Company for the next twelve months.  (signed) R. C. Cook, Clerk