Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette
(1799 – 1825)
extracted from Marriage and Death Notices from Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette, 1799 – 1813 [1825], compiled by Carrie L. Broughton from files at the North Carolina State Library. Page numbers reference online page number/original page number. Original is located in the Genealogy Collection in the State Library of North Carolina North Carolina State Documents Collection.  R. R. = Raleigh Register

Alexander, William L., Mar. 15, Cabarrus county. R. R. Mar. 24, 1806 (pg. 128/144)
Allison, Robert, Nov. 2, Cabarrus county. R. R. Nov. 26, 1804 (pg. 125/141)
Cochran, Robert, Apr. 28, Cabarrus county. R. R. My. 24, 1822 (pg. 163/179)
Harris, Isaac, Aug. 13, Cabarrus county. R. R. Sept. 29, 1815 (pg. 148/164)
Harris, William of Cabarrus county. Jan. 8, Augusta, Ga. R. R. Mar. 24, 1815 (pg. 148/164)
Loss, Charles, Je. 10, Cabarrus county. R. R. Aug. 9, 1822 (pg. 164, 180)
Love, Rev. James, Mar. 15, Cabarrus county. R. R. My. 4, 1821 (pg. 160/176)
Newel, Francis, Nov. 1, Cabarrus county. R. R. Dec. 10, 1819 (pg. 154, 170)
Parks, Wm., Jly. 31, Cabarrus county. R. R. A ug. 20, 1824 (pg. 170/186)
Patterson, Robert, Jan. 29, Cabarrus county. R. R. Feb. 19, 1813 (pg. 145, 161)
Phifer, George, Jan. 23, Cabarrus county. R. R. Feb. 5, 1819 (pg. 155/171)
Pickens, Capt. Samuel, Je. 8, Cabarrus county. R. R. Je. 29, 1821 (pg. 161/177)
Rodgers, Wm. O., Jly. 29, Cabarrus county. R. R. Aug. 20, 1824 (pg.171/187)
Smith, Major General Robert, Jly. 16, Cabarrus county. R. R. Aug. 12, 1805 (pg. 128/144)
Smith, Mrs. Robert, Nov. 2, Cabarrus county. R. R. Nov. 19, 1813 (pg. 146/162)
White, Sam’l., Aug. 31, Cabarrus county. R. R. Sept. 29, 1820 (pg. 158, 174)

Southern Religious Telegraph Richmond Va
Died in Cabarrus Co NC on Feb 29, Mr Parmenio Rodgers, Age 40  [pub Mar 13, 1830, p3 c5].

Died in Cabarrus Co NC, Mrs Jane Harris, wife of Dr Samuel S Harris, age 33 on Feb 20, in her 34th year. [no date, pg 3 c 5]

Daily Express Petersburg, Va
April 5, 1869: Died Edwin R Harris of Cabarrus County, NC [pg 2 col 4]

NC Archives, Bernard J Henley papers
Died in Cabarrus Co., NC on Apr 15, Mr George Cline, when his horses ran away, running the wagon over him [Saturday May 9, 1829: pg 3 col 5]

Southern Christian Herald
[Died] In Cabarrus Co., (N.C.), on the 7th July, Mrs. Mary Robinson, wife of the Rev. Dr. Robinson. (no year)

Lancaster Ledger (SC)
State of South Carolina, Lancaster District, Thomas W. Huey has applied to me for letters of Administration on all and singular the goods … of Agness Nesbet, late of the county of Cabarrus, N.C., deceased, with her will annexed … [29 May 1852]

The Charleston Observer
Dr. Caleb P. Shive, late of Lincoln Co., Ga., and formerly of Cabarrus Co., N. C., after having been married only 13 days. . .  [issue of January 29, 1831]
In Cabarrus co., N.C. on the 19th ult., Mrs. Barbara Phifer, relict of the late Col. Caleb Phifer, aged 77.  [issue of April 30, 1831]

The Lutheran Observer

Died, on the 29th of March, 1838, at the residence of his son in Rowan county, North Carolina, Mr. Michael Walcher, aged 87 years, 5 months and 14 days. born in 1750, on the 15th of October, in Frederick City, Maryland. At the age of 14 years, he, with his parents emigrated to Cabarrus county, N. C., where his father labored in the capacity of a school-master and Catechist … confirmed under the ministery of Rev. Mr. Nuszman. At the age of 22 years, Michael Walcher was married to Miss Mary Magdalene Cline… she died and left him with 11 children. He ever afterwards remained a widower. At the day of his death, left 10 children, 47 grand-children, and 30 great-grandchildren.  [issue of May 18, 1838]

Departed this life at Mount Pleasant, Cabarrus County, N. C., on Sunday, the 25th of November, in the 22nd year of her age, Mrs. Elizabeth Shimpock, wife of Col. John Shimpock, and eldest daughter of the late Jacob Barrier.  [issue of December 28, 1838]
Died in Lincolnton, N. C., on the 20th ult., Gen. Paul Barringer, of Cabarrus Co., aged 65 years, 8 months and 24 days. His father came to this country from Hanover, before the middle of the last century, and settled in Pennsylvania and afterwards in the eastern past of Cabarrus Co., N. C., where he lived to an old age, suffering severely during our Revolutionary War because of his strong opposition to the Tories in the Western part of the State. He brought up a large family of whom the subject of this notices was the oldest… Concord, N. C., July 5th, 1844.  [issue of July 19, 1844]

In Cabarrus co., N. C., Oct. 26th, Margaret Catharine, daughter of Peter and Mary A. Cruse, in the 5th year of her age.  [issue of November 14, 1856]

Died, in Cabarrus co., N. C., Jan. 22d, Mrs. Catharine Cruse, relict of the late Andrew Cruse, in the 89th year of her age.  [issue of February 20, 1857]

April 22d in Cabarrus Co., N. C., Lauson Alexander, son of John H. and Camilla C. Miller, in the 12th year of his age.  [issue of May 8, 1857]

Sept. 11th, in Cabarrus Co., N. C. Edmond Jeremiah, infant son of Jacob and Rebecca Moose, in his 2d year.  [issue of September 25, 1857]

Departed this life near Mt. Pleasant, N. C.,Feb. 24th, Mr. John H. Miller, in his 37th year…member of St. John’s Ev. Lutheran Church in Cabarrus Co….leaves widow and child.  [issue of March 18, 1859]

Departed this life in Cabarrus Co., N. C., Jan. 17th, John Newton, infant son of Mr. Isaac and Mrs. Sarah Goodnight.  [issue of March 25, 1860]

The Christian Magazine of the South
May, 1844: Died on Coddle Creek, Cabarrus Co., N. C., on the 13th of February, Caleb Ross, aged about 5 years.

Died at his residence in Cabarrus Co., N. C., on the 25th of January last, Isaiah Dewese, in the 80th year of his age. He left an aged widow and twelve children, all of whom were present to witness his departure, having previously buried two children. For more than fifty years he has been a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church.

November, 1849: Departed this life on Sunday, 18th inst. at the residence of her husband in Cabarrus, Mrs. Martha M., wife of R. L.  Cochran, Esq.… she was aged 21 years, 7 months and 3 days, and for some time a member of Back Creek Church.

The Due West Telescope
June 26, 1857: Died in Cabarrus County, N. C. on Thursday, the 28th of May, Mr. Houston Cochran in the 22nd year of his age. The deceased met with his death from the accidental discharge of a gun held by his own hand. In the evening of the day on which he was killed, his family being from home on a visit to the house of some friends, taking his gun in hand, he walked to a blacksmith’s shop, about one mile from his residence.… Upon arriving there, he met the proprietor in front of the shop, and a conversation, somewhat protracted, being introduced, Mr. Cochran, to secure some support in his standing posture, leaned upon his gun. The conversation being ended, Mr. Cochran started in the direction of the door; but in taking up his gun, which had been placed inadvertently between the spokes of a buggy wheel standing by his side, one of the hammers caught in a spoke, and was raised enough to burst the cap as it sprang to its place, and caused the whole load to be poured into his right eye. …He leaves a wife, a little child and an only brother.

August 7, 1857: Died of brain fever in Cabarrus Co., N. C., July 21st, 1857, Minnie Linette, daughter of Rev. J. E. and M. S.  Pressly, aged 2 years and 8 months.

April 16, 1858: Died in Cabarrus Co., N. C., March 6th, Miss Sarah S. Cochran. She had nearly completed her forty eighth year.

July 9, 1858: Died in Cabarrus Co., N. C., Mrs. Catherine M. McGinnis in the thirtieth year of her age, on the first day of June, 1858, Mrs. McGinnis was a member of the A. R. Church at Back Creek.

June 3, 1859: Died in Cabarrus Co., N. C. on the 26th of April, Margaret Jennett Snell, wife of Samuel K. W. Snell, in her 26th year, leaving a husband and one child.… member of the Presbyterian Church at Rocky River for 5 years.

June 20, 1862: Died at Camp Mangum near Raleigh, 7th inst., Mr. Wm. Cochran, from the effect of measles. The deceased was a consistent member of the A. R. Church at Coddle Creek. Cabarrus Co., N. C., and having volunteered his services for the present struggle, he, in a few weeks, fell victim to disease at the camp of instruction. Another widow, and the fatherless children are thus added to the bereaved heartbroken throng.

June 19, 1863: Died in the field hospital near Chancellorsville, Va. on the 7th of May, Orderly Sergeant Robert Morrison Caldwell of the 7th Regiment, N. C. Troops, aged 27 years. He had participated in nearly every battle in Virginia since the battles before Richmond. . . .following his heroic leader, Jackson, in all his famed marches and thoughout the memorable Maryland campaign, and had escaped unhurt until the sanguinary battle of the 3d of May near Chancellorsville, where he received a mortal wound. . . . member of the G. A. Presbyterian Church at Rocky River, Cabarrus Co., N. C.

Associate Reformed Presbyterian
January 10, 1868: Died in Cabarrus Co., N. C., November 9th, 1867, Mrs. Mary Jane Wallace in the 26th year of her age…. member of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian church at Coddle Creek.

January 15, 1885: Died, August 26th, 1884, in Cabarrus County, N.C., Mr Andrew Bell, in the 69th year of his age…. faithful member of the A. R. church at Coddle Creek for about forty years.

February 12, 1885: Died, September 19th, 1884, in Cabarrus County, N. C., Mr. James DeKalb Bell, aged 38 years, 2 months and 14 days… member of the A. R. church at Coddle Creek… son of Andrew Bell … left behind a youthful widow and her little boy.

August 9, 1888: Died, near Coddle Creek church, Cabarrus County, N. C., on the 9th of May, 1888, Mrs Louisa M. Irwin, wife of E. G. Irwin, Esq., aged 56 years and 3 months… for about twenty-five years had been a consistent member of Coddle Creek church.

The Patriot – Guilford County NC, Greensboro
October 1, 1842: At Welch’s Mills, Cabarrus county, the morning of the 23rd, ult., Dr. Alfred W. Caldwell, son of Dr. David and Susan Caldwell, of this town, in the 39th year of his age.

December 26, 1832: In Cabarrus county, on the 19th ult., Susannah Cress, of scarlet fever.

The Yadkin And Catawba Journal – Salisbury, NC
Died – Phifer, John F. 43, on December 27, 1828 in Cabarrus County.

The Times, Greensboro, NC
January 28, 1860: Died In Cabarrus county, on the 9th inst. Mr. Seneca Turner; aged about 45 years.

May 19, 1860: Died In Cabarrus county, on the 5th inst., Mrs. C. A., consort of Dr. Cyrus A. Alexander.

The Patriot – Guilford Co., NC 
November 22, 1826: Died:On the 19th ult. In the county of Cabarrus, Mr. John Allison, formerly of this county.

December 10, 1839: In Cabarrus county, on the 5th inst., of bilious pneumonia, Martha Townsend, consort of Mr. Aaron Townsend-aged 66 years. The deceased had been for 48 years an exemplary member of the Presbyterian church.

Charlotte Democrat – Mecklenburg County, NC
Friday, May 16, 1890: Died in Cabarrus county recently, Mr. Obediah W. Hampton, aged 41 years.

Friday, June 13, 1890: Died in Concord, on the 6th inst., Nellie, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Brown, aged 4 months.

Friday, May 30, 1890: Died in Cabarrus County, on the 17th inst., Annie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Hornbuckle, aged 19 years.

Died at Harrisburg, on the 25th inst., Mrs. Harris, aged 85 years. Friday, June 27, 1890
Maggie Maxwell, daughter of Washington Maxwell, was burned to death last Saturday… about 12 years of age… Concord Standard

Friday, July 18, 1890: Died in Cabarrus county, on the 12th inst., Mr. M.A. Harris, aged 72 years.

Died in Cabarrus county, on the 14th inst., little son of Mr. Allen Bost, aged 5 years.

Friday, August, 8, 1890: Died in Huntersville, on the 12th ult., at the residence of his son in law, Mr. R.B. Hunter, Mr. John M. Cannon, aged 85 years. Mr. Cannon was a highly respected citizen of Cabarrus county.

Friday, August 22, 1890: Eugene Litaker, the young Cabarrus man who shot himself a few days ago, died last Wednesday. A disappointment in love is said to have caused his suicide.

Friday, August 29, 1890: Died in Cabarrus county, on the 22d inst., Mrs. Jane E. Harris, wife of the late Shakespeare Harris, aged 70 years.

Friday, September 5, 1890: Died in Cabarrus county, on the 22nd ult., Mrs. W.S. Harris, aged 66 years.

Friday, October 10, 1890: Died in Mt. Pleasant, Cabarrus county, on the 3rd inst., Mr. Will Rose.

Friday, October 17, 1890: Died in Cabarrus county, on the 10th inst., Mr. J.A. Russell, aged 65 years.

Friday, October 31, 1890: Died in Concord, on the 27th inst., Mr. John C. Winecoff, aged 35 years.

Friday, November 21, 1890: Died in Cabarrus county, on the 10th inst., Maud, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Johnston, aged 9 years.

Friday, November 28, 1890: Died at Poplar Tent, Cabarrus county, on the 25th inst., Mr. J.B. Harris, aged 43 years.

Friday, December 12, 1890: Died in Cabarrus county, on the 4th inst., Mr. Arch Faggart, aged 54 years.