Dialectic Society

Catalogue of the Members of the Dialectic Society
Instituted in the University of North Carolina (Debating Club)

(These either came from, or went to Cabarrus Co after graduating or attending UNC)
The names of active members alone are printed. They are given by years of entrance into the Society. In the great majority of cases this corresponds with the year of entrance into the University. By year of entrance is meant the collegiate, not the calendar year. Thus the year 1877 includes the fall of ’77 and the spring of ’78.

After each name is given the place of residence at entrance, then the degree taken in the University, or if no degree was conferred, the year of leaving college, together with all honorary degrees. Next are placed the date of birth, the various positions of trust or honor held, profession and present residence. If dead, the last place of residence is given, and the dates of birth and death are placed last. When no state is named, it is North Carolina.

M. C. = Member of Congress.
H. of C. = House of Commons.
H. of R. = House of Representatives.
C. S. A. = Confederate States Army.
U. N. C. = University of North Carolina.

Harris, Charles Wilson, Cabarrus Co. Prof. Math., 1795-’96. Lawyer. Anson Co. Dead.
Harris, Robert, Cabarrus Co. Dead.
Smith, Robert, Cabarrus Co. Dead.

Phifer, John, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1799. Planter. Memb. H. of C., 1803-’06 and 1810-’19. State Senator, 1824. Born 1779, died 1845.

Phifer, George, Cabarrus Co. Merchant and Planter. Born 1782, died 1819.

Pegues, William, Cabarrus Co. Dead.
Phifer, John Fullenweider, Cabarrus Co. Planter. Born 1786, died 1826.

Phifer, John N., Cabarrus Co. Planter. Coffeeville, Miss. Born 1795, died 1845.

Pickens, Samuel, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1814. Comptroller Ala. Planter. Greene Co., Ala. Born 1791, died 1855.
Robinson, Samuel B., Cabarrus Co. Dead.

Morrison, Robert Hall, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1818; D. D., 1838. First Prest. Davidson College. Born 1798, died 1889.

Alexander, Cyrus Adams, Mecklenburg Co.: A. B., 1820. Physician. Cabarrus Co. Dead.

Morrison, Washington, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1822. Lawyer. Gen. Assem. Charlotte. Born 1801, died 1836.
Wilson, Alexander Erwin, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1822; M. D.; D. D. Missionary to Western Africa. Dead.

Morrison, James Elisha, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1825. Born 1805. Presbyterian Minister. Teacher. Morvin, Anson Co.

Barringer, Daniel Moreau, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1826. Lawyer. Gen. Assem. Memb. Convention, 1835. M. C., 1843-’49. Minister to Spain, 1849-’53. Born 1806, died 1873.
Crawford, William Dunlap, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1827. Lawyer. Gen. Assem. Salisbury. Born 1806, died 1844.

Harris, Edwin Robert, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1828. Dead.
Houston, Archibald C., Cabarrus Co.: 1828. Dead.

Stirewalt, John, Cabarrus Co.: 1829. Architect.

Barringer, William, Cabarrus Co.: 1834. Methodist Minister. Born 1816, died 1873.

Harris, William Shakespeare, Cabarrus Co.: 1836. Planter. Dead.

Phifer, Martin Locke, Cabarrus Co.: 1838. Lawyer. Planter. Born 1818, died 1853.

Barringer, Rufus, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1842. Born 1821. Lawyer. Gen. Assem. Brig.-Gen. C. S. A. Charlotte.
Pharr, Walter Wellington, Cabarrus Co.: A. B. 1840. Minister.

Wharton, Samuel Davies, Guilford Co.: A. B., 1845. Teacher and Planter. Cabarrus Co. Born 1822, died 1857.

Barringer, Victor Clay, Concord: A. B., 1848. Born 1827. Commr. to revise Statutes of U. S. Judge Internat. Ct. Alexandria, Egypt.

Montgomery, William James, Montgomery Co.: A. B., 1855. Born 1834. Lieut.-Col. C. S. A. Solicitor 6th Dist. Judge Superior Ct., 1885-’88. Concord

Coleman, William Macon, Concord: A. B., 1858. Atty. Gen. Lawyer. Washington, D. C.
Gibson, William Henry, Concord: A. B., 1858. Lieut. C. S. A. Planter. Born 1837, killed at Gettysburg, 1863.

Gibson, John Phifer, Concord: A. B., 1858. Physician. Concord.
Johnston, Zebulon Morris, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1858. Planter. Born 1836, died 1866.

Coleman, Daniel R, Concord: A. B., 1860. C. S. A.

Puryear, Henry S., Huntsville, Yadkin Co.: 1859. Born 1841. Lawyer. Concord.

Foard, Frederick S., Concord: 1860. Lieut. C. S. A.
Foard, Noah Partee, Concord: A. B., 1861. Born 1839. Contractor. Roanoke, Va.

Means, Paul Barringer, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1868. C. S. A. State Senator. Lawyer. Concord.

Means, James M., Cabarrus Co.: 1868. Born 1846. C. S. A. Traveling Passenger Agt. Houston, Texas.
Means, Robert Work, Cabarrus Co.: A. B., 1867. Lawyer. Mayor. Born 1848, died 1876.

Means, George Washington, Concord: 1877. Lawyer. Concord.

Flannigan, Robert Andrew, Cabarrus Co.: 1879. Born 1851. Lawyer. Mill Grove. Died c. 1888.

Daywalt, George Washington, Concord: 1882. Born 1861. Teacher.

Bynum, Oliver Clegg, Pittsboro: A. B., 1886. Born 1864. Lawyer. Book-keeper. Concord.

Kestler, John Wesley, Concord: 1885. Born 1866. Druggist.

Crowell, James Lee, Stanly Co.: 1888. Born 1863. Lawyer. Concord.

Fleming, William John, Cabarrus Co.: 1887. Born 1866, died 1889.

Thies, Ernest August, Concord: 1888. Born 1868. Mining Business. Concord.

Patterson, Rufus Lenoir, Salem: –. Manufacturing Business. Concord.