Be very cautious when reading the conclusions others have formed. People make mistakes.  If you want to read compiled genealogies on websites or in publications, the best approach is to verify every piece of information or conclusion by finding original source documents.

Rowan Roots ~ this has a lot of info on names that are in Cabarrus County

Barringer Family ~ Cabarrus, and other counties

John Blackwelder & Elisabetha Maushardt descendants

John Callahan Family ~ Ben Callahan’s family

Crowell Family ~ page down to Generation 6

Frank Family

Furr Family Articles ~ submitted by Bill Furr

Furr Family

Furr Family ~ has many different areas for the Furr name

Jacob Groner Family ~ click on “next page” to go to next generation

Harrison Family ~ Julie Ganis’ family tree

James Love Family

McLarty Family

McLester Family

Johann Jacob Misenheimer

James Morrison Family ~ brother of John

O’Harrow Family ~ Cabarrus to GA>AL and on to Texas

Pless Family ~ Christopher Pless

Pressley Family ~ Andrew Peter Pressley

Jacob Wiley Ridenour Family

Solomon Suther Family ~ this family went on to Texas from Cabarrus County

Troutman Family ~ in and around Cabarrus County

Fransis Vanderburg descendants

Walter & Dry Families