Melchor Petition 1800

North Carolina General Assembly – Sessions 1800
Box _, Petitions
North Carolina State Archives

used with permission of John Blair Hagler
[this is a long list, with a lot of missing or phonetic names;
where there is a line, the name couldn’t be deciphered]

The Honorable the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina!
We the Subscribers being all close and thick settled near John Melchers Mill on Rocky River have petitioned a few years ago to the honourable the General Assembly to grant him leave to open his gates in the dam for only 2 months in fishing time, which you allowed us graciously; but We experienced still a great hurt by it, and no benifit from the fishery, take the liberty to petition herewith again to grant him to have his gates constantly shut, as he has removed his damm lower down in the river, and we can never derive any benifit from the fishery, very few [fishes]coming up that distance, and those few can go but about 6 miles higher up the river and Said Melcher always allotted a frea fishery on his premises but we [with] great Inconveniency have to hunt in the busiest times diffrent mills, when we could have it most comfortable at hand.
We therefore expect confidentially you’ll grant us also this just & humble request and remain respectfully

The honorable General Assembly’s
obedient Servants

An adviser for my self
To onorabrell Genrall as embely gentelmen Let
I wish you wood let me on the Same footing as Elicander
above me on the said river that imay in joy the fruite of my Labour
at last and if Should any information be lacking call upon
Mr. Bradshaw a nabur Between the 2 mills and member of your honorable body

John Melcher

Geo Alexander
Joseph Rogers
David T________
Martin shue
Fredrick Milhe?
Wm. Harris
Andrew Alexander ________
Elisha Spiears
Jno Black
James Adams
Samuel McCurdy
Jas. Stafford
R. W. Smith
Willm Newel
A. Houston
Joseph Welsh
Phillip Pless
John White
Aaron Wallace
Jno ___msty
Wm Jonston
Samuel Black
Robert Cuniey
Gotlieb Wolff
Wm. Young
Chas. Alexander
Martin Phifer
Jas Plunket Jun
Sam Shiry
Georg Barnhart
Samuel Blair
John Huston
John Chamberlen
Jas Carson
John Caruthers
John Goodman
John Mason
Arter McGray
_________ Alexander Giden Allman
Charles Blackwelder Chrisan Goodnight
Daniel Shaver
John Plot
Robert Lee
Silas Shin
__________ Bradshaw
John Peterson
Thomas Rodgers
John Gb___hill
Mical Peler
Peter Goodnight
Gorge Smith
Levy Gorsene
Gorge Carlock
Moheas Mook
Gorge Barnhart
Thomas Mook
Rineholt Arevenshin
Christan Rosemon
Jacob Hudson
Jacob Mor____
Michel Winecofe
Daniel Cline
Daniel Winecoufe
Gorge Stough
Paul Walter
Adem Ba_bery
Christopher Maze
John Leventon
Jacob Crell
John Long
Wm Mgraw
Rolen Oyls
Gorge Corzine
Thomas Voyls
Saml Ferguson
James Russel
John Corzine
Robert Lee Ingram
Benjamin McGraw John McGraw Jun
Randy Christy John Davis [Davies}
Joseph White
Nicholas Corzine
John McKindale
Thomas Vooyls
John Wild
Nicholas Voils
Samuel Corzine
Steven Mafield
Wm Seals
Wm Biggers
Johannes Bohm
Paul Furror
_____________ ______________
Robert Huey
Mathias Barringer
Fillip Kercher
George Meisinheimer
John __________
John ______________
James Smith
Janah? __________
Jonar Horse
Johann Christph Licht
Kinrath Nes Robert William
Johannes Bernhart _______________
Frederich Festerman
Christian Horlacher
George Teter jiner
Jacob Heydecker
Chonrat Udi
Jacob Brown
Gorg Ulrich
Leonhart Leitz
Conrod Bost
Elias House
George Hise
George Fagert
Peter Meisinheimer
Jacob Boshart
Andres Dorr
Balentine Fegert
Phillip Dorr
Jacob Bost
Jacob Barger
John Howel
Paul Barringer Senr
Nathan ___________
Jerge Adam Meyer
Gotfrit Lieb
Henry Plott
Richard Almond
Wm. Mensinger
Jacob Weber
John Sosamon
John ______Senr
Phillip Christ
Daniel Bost
Tobias Cress
Wm Bost
Elias Bost
Bostan All
George Ritchey
Feddrich Fesperman
John Ritchey
Mikell Fesperman
Paul Foro Siner
Henry Fesperman
George Tucker Sen
Henry Melker
Gorge Hartman
Henry Lanker Linker
John Foro Senr
Jonah ________
Fraderich Kiser
Ely Howell
William Howel
James Briant
Isom Clay
Travis Guilman
John _______
________ Self
________ Powell
_________ Self Senr
Christopher Lofler
Gorge Harkey
Johannes Lofler
Jacob Austin
Daniel Bieber
Jonathan Whitley
Christian Gregory
Gorge Wm Cresko
John Cox
Wm Louder
Jacob Musbgenug
Henry Shue
Mathias Barnhart
Frederich Peck
Jonathan Ogburn
Nehemiah Hearn
Sherod Rowland
Bird Pyron
John Mainord
Thomas Pyron
James Rowland
Benjamin Cagle
Edward Hearin
Robert Cagle
Joel Rowland
Leonard Cagle
Absalom Harwood
George Cagle
Isaac Burlinson
George Long
Paul D_____
Younger Worderruff
Silas Shinn. Clk.
James Little, J. P.
James Love
Joseph Howel
Joseph Howel, Jr.
Thomas Aaron
Joseph Howel Jun
Solomon Shinn
John Rogers
Paul Phifer
James ________
John Simaner
Jacob Stewart
Robt. Harris
Jacob Self
George Rogers
John Stewart
Joseph Shinn
Willm Mcanulty
Jno Still
Lewis Towsin
Dudley Townsin
John Carlock
Laurence Snap
John Ford
Rd. Smith
Chas Harns or Harris
William Means
John Means
Jos. Daugherty
Elsy Snap
Benjamin Patton
Mathias Melchel Jiner
Joshewa Baker
Samuel Hiria
Wm. Atkison
Alex Mcclanaghan
Daniel Stogner
Mikel _________
James Ci__pell
George Corsine
Mo__es Shank
John Baringer Junr
John Reedling
Gorge Bost Capt.
John Shelhous
Ausemus Penninger
Henry Shiver
David Suiter
Mareten Bevens
John Cook
Mathias Cook
Adam Bouers Senr
John Conder
Mical Young
Henry Propsts
James Russell
Jacob Lu_s Junr.
William McClanathen
Lanard Barbick
Jacob Lucas
David Mitchel
Mical Overcast
Conrad Hise
Gorge Hartman
Macal Goodman
Daniel Starns
John Suter
Jno Phizer
Elixander Paterson
Abram Misenheimer
Adam Casper
Jacob Misenhimer
James McGraw
Nicholas McGraw
Wm Townsend
Stephen Mayfield
George Voyls
George Carlock
David Russell
John Chamberlen
John Shaver
Jos___ Green?
James Huat
James Russell
John Pessel
Benjamon Voyle
John Starns
John M. Pless?
Henry _______
John Masens
Elsander Forgason
Charles Parks
Jacob Hudson
Danl Little
Tobias Klotz
Charles Barenhart
Davit Cormer?
John Furr
Hannes Comer
Henrich Feil
Jacob Stokes
Jacob Smith
Conrad Leydeker
Leanord Stucker
Peter Hey junior
Jacob Petery
Jacob Ifert
Johannes Lippert
Phillip Heglor
Wilhelm Folck
Jacob Miller
Heimich Bleyller
Jones Leib
Johann Hertzel
Christopher Lyerle
Jacob Faggert
Leonhart Leib
Joseph Starns
Christofel Seib
Daniel Fagertt
Andreas Reinhart
Paul Barringer junior
Mart __________
Christian Leitz
George Hartsel
Johannes Meisenheimer
Michel ___________
Johannes ___
Henrich Hahn
Martin Blackwelder _______________
Mather Bohen
Johannes Berger
Fredrich Bleiler
Carles Seaford
Gottleib __________
William _________
Johannes Schu
John Culpepper
Martin Afurt
Charles Starns
Michil W. alcher
Henry Hon
George Barringer
Marten Harkey
Paul Barringer
Jacob Harkey
Michael Garman
Capt Thomas Ingroman
Jacob Self
John Gorman
Hezikiah Briant
Connor Bird
William Smith
Peter _______
Peter Smith
George Kiser
John _______
Lanard Howel
Beverley Gray
Stephen Self
Henry Cagel
John Teter
David Howel
Thomas Love
Demarius Palmer Capt.
Christian Gregory, Alter
Wm Harkey
Jacob Hegler
George Hearne
Jacob Hilr
Amos Barnett
George __________
Jesse Hearne
Thomas Worlorton
John Hearne
Samuel Underwood
George _________
Eprin Drake_avry
Philip Jordan
Cator Whitley
John Barger Senr
Mathias Baringer
John Culpe Senr
Elyja Hunnicut
David Green
Zacharias Leyerle
Howel Harwood
Frederich Rogers
John Robins
Johannes Starnes
John Smith
a__ Rowland
Samson Cagle
Edward Almond
Isaac Cagle Jr
Aaron Green
Christopher Yow
Solomon Burris
John Frederich
Robert Rowland
Peter Long
Ja__ Mainord
Wm Smith
Jacob Cooper  

The Committee of prpr & Greivances No_
to whom was reffered tje petition of a number
of the Inhabitants of Cabarrus County
praying that John Melcher of Said
County be authorised to enter his mill
dam across Rocky River Report
that from the representations made your
Committee are fully convinced the prayer
of the petitioners ought to be granted
which they recommend and that the
Bill herewith to carry their [prayer] into effect
be passed into law.
John Moore Clk.

NC House of Commons W Dec 1800
read & concurred with
By order S. Cabarrus Sp.

__ _______

In Senate Decemb 4th 1800
Read & resolved that this house
do concur therewith
By order Jo Reddick S, _

M. Stokes Clk.