Military During the 1700s or 18th Century

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Cabarrus Black Boys

Revolutionary War Pensions

Revolutionary War Veterans

Military During the 1800s or 19th Century

War of 1812

Muster Roll 1812 -1814

Cabarrus County Regiment

Civil War 

Approximately 42,000 North Carolinians lost their lives in the Civil War. North Carolina sent the most men and suffered the most casualties of any Confederate state.

17th Regiment

20th NC Infantry – Cabarrus Guards – off site link

33rd Regiment, Company C – Cabarrus Hornets

52nd NC Infantry – off site link

57th NC Infantry – off site link

Company E, 4th NC Cavalry

Co H, 8th NC Infantry Regiment  – has picture of early 1900’s reunion attached

Co G, 7th NC Regiment

Spanish American War

3rd North Carolina Volunteer Regiment (Colored Troops)

Co L, 1st North Carolina Volunteers

Military During the 1900s or 20th Century

World War I


Military from World War I  ~  includes medal awards

World War II

Military from World War II

Korean War


Vietnam War


Desert Storm

There were two losses from Cabarrus County.  One was:
22 year old Army PFC Kenneth J. Jackson from Concord; official statement: “killed, non-hostile.”

Military During 21st Century

War in Iraq

Army Sgt. David B. Parson, Kannapolis NC, died 6 July 2003, Iraq.