Public and Private Schools of Cabarrus County

Cedar Grove – Historical
Pleasant Grove – Historical

Grammar / Elementary

Adcock Elementary


submitted by Connie Cook-Schagunn, whose father Frank Cook, is in 1st row, 3rd boy from the left.

Bell’s Mission Elementary (AA)

submitted by Alice Stewart

submitted by Alice Stewart

Bellfonte Elementary (AA)

submitted by Alice Stewart

submitted by Alice Stewart


Columbus Chapel Elementary (AA)

submitted by Alice Stewart

submitted by Alice Stewart

Coltrane – Webb (on Spring St)

Corban Street

Central Grammar

Ebenezer Elementary (AA)

submitted by Alice Stewart

submitted by Alice Stewart

Jackson Park Elementary

submitted by Connie Cook-Schagunn

submitted by Connie Cook-Schagunn


Kannapolis, 1915 1st grade
submitted by Zelia Cline


Kannapolis, 7th grade, 1922 submitted by Zelia Cline

Kannapolis, 7th grade, 1922
submitted by Zelia Cline

Long Grammar – established by Rev. Frank Long

Primary – Concord

Public School (AA) — [no other name]

Rocky River Elementary School

Weddington Hills Elementary School

Junior High

Central Primary

High School

Concord High School

Logan – (AA)  [became Logan High School in 1924]

J W Cannon High School

Central Cabarrus High School – established 1966 by merging 3 area high schools: Bethel, Harrisburg & Hartsell

Cox Mill High School – opened 2009 in the Odell Community

Hickory Ridge High School – established 2007 in Harrisburg

Mt Pleasant High School – established 1928, reopened 1992

Northwest Cabarrus High School – established 1966

Jay M Robinson High School – established 2001


Bethel School – Township #10
pic #1 #2 #3

Shankletown (AA)- Concord (in area called Shankletown).

Logan — originally Concord Colored School, started by Rev. Frank Thomas Logan 1891; in 1924 became Logan High School

Deaton – Robert Mathias Ritchie (of Rowan County) taught here 1907-1911

Harris Chapel – Robert Mathias Ritchie (of Rowan County) taught here 1903-1906





Mt Pleasant

W R Odell – established 1929


Union School – Concord


Barber-Scotia College
founded Jan 1867 by Rev Luke Dorland.

North Carolina College – (later Mt Pleasant Collegiate)


Zion Wesley Institute (AA)- The A. M. E. Zion Church had long desired an institution for a thorough education of its children, and accordingly a school under the auspices of the North Carolina Conference was started in 1879 in the town of Concord, N. C. It was incorporated under the name of Zion Wesley Institute, and after two sessions, depending upon collections from the churches of that conference, it was forced to close its doors. Therefore it was in May, 1881, when it became apparent that the school must close, then being taught by Prof. A. S. Richardson. The Ecumenical Conference of the Methodist Church was held this year in England, and in this month of May. Bishop J. W. Hood, D. D., who was president of the Board of Trustees of the Institute, and Rev. J. C. Price, with other representatives of the Zion Church, were in attendance.

Bishop Hood, recognizing the ability of Dr. Price, who was then a young man just out of school, prevailed upon him to become an agent for the school and to remain in England after the close of the conference.  During the conference Dr. Price made himself famous among the delegates and visitors as an eloquent orator, and after its close had no trouble in getting before the English people, who welcomed him everywhere and responded to his appeals in a sum amounting to $9,100. This, of course, was great encouragement to the Trustees and the Church. The congregation of the Zion Church, in Concord, offered 7 acres of land for a site to erect buildings and locate the school permanently. But the trustees decided that Salisbury would be a more favorable place, and the school was located in that city.  The name was changed to Zion Wesley College and later to Livingstone College.

Mt Pleasant Female Seminary – Mt Pleasant (See Mt Amoena)

Bethel Academy – Clear Creek

Classical – Concord

Classical – Poplar Tent

Cannon – private preK to 12th

Concord Male Academy – Concord

Concord Female Academy – Concord

Music School – Concord

Rocky River Academy – Harrisburg

Scotia Seminary (female – colored) – Concord — later became Barber-Scotia College

St John’s Academy – Mt Pleasant

Poplar Tent Academy

Jackson Training School – state school for indigent boys

Mixed School – Springsville
1884 – Miss Sallie J Robinson

Mt Pleasant Collegiate Institute – North Carolina College — a Lutheran College for men which closed in 1902 and later became Mt. Pleasant Collegiate Institute

Parochial School  — financed by the Missouri Lutheran Synod

Mt Amoena Seminary – est 1859 (all girls). The Lutheran synod decided to provide education for girls and opened the Mt. Pleasant Female Academy in 1858. The name was eventually changed to the Mount Amoena (Latin for Mt. Pleasant) Female Seminary. Cost to attend the school, including room and board, generally ran $135-170 per year. For that price, students could study math, English, spelling, history, geography, writing, Latin, and natural sciences. The school burned in 1911. The citizens of Mt. Pleasant along with the North Carolina Lutheran Synod raised money to rebuild the school, reopening it in 1913. The school finally closed in 1927.

White Hall Seminary