World War 2

Cabarrus Military in World War II

These are some of the men & women who were casualties in World War II,
and who were from or had ties to Cabarrus County

McCollum, Paul W. — DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS — Killed in Action

Penland, Joe Robert — DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS — Born in Concord

Trammel, Judge Y., Jr. — DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS — Killed in Action

Whittington, Jeston C., — SILVER STAR — Killed in Action March 10,1945 in Manila/Antipolo — Camp Whittington, Japan which operated during the Korean
War was named in his honor. — He was from Kannapolis and is buried in Concord.


KIA = killed in action
DOW = died of wounds
DOI = died of injuries
DNB = died non-battle
FOD = finding of death,
M = missing

Listings for US Army and Army Air Corps:

Albright, William T                               PFC                        KIA
Alexander, Charles H                           S/SGT                    KIA
Alexander, Clyde E                              PVT                        KIA
Alexander, Lewis M                             SGT                        KIA
Allman, Boyd F                                    PFC                        KIA
Allmon, Joe B                                       PFC                        KIA

Baker, Charles E                                   PFC                        KIA
Ball, James E                                         PVT                        KIA
Barbee, Odell T                                    PFC                         KIA
Barnes, Solomon                                   PFC                         DNB

Barnett, Lathan J                                   PVT                         KIA
Barnhardt, J L J                                     PVT                         KIA
Barrier, Flowe M                                   PFC                         KIA
Barringer, Clarence                                PFC                         KIA
Basinger, Walter H                                SGT                          KIA

Billings, Earl R                                       PVT                          KIA
Black, Clifford L                                    PFC                          KIA
Black, Clingman R                                 SGT                          KIA
Black, Richard J                                     PVT                         KIA
Blackwelder, Hubert L                           PVT                          KIA

Boger, Herman R                                   S/Sgt                         KIA
Boger, John D                                        CAPT                       FOD
Boggs, Carl T                                         TEC5                        KIA
Bond, David P                                        1 LT                         DNB
Boring, George S                                     CPL                         DNB

Bost, Vincent R                                       S/SG                         KIA
Bostian, Banks R                                     TEC 4                       KIA
Bowden, Ernest L                                    PVT                          DNB
Brown, John P                                         PVT                          DNB
Bumgarner, Hansel D                               PVT                          DOW

Burchett, Junior R                                    TEC 5                        KIA
Burris, William A                                      PFC                           DOW
Callaway, Dwight A                                  SGT                          DNB
Canup, Avery W                                      SGT                           KIA

Cauble, Fred A                                        PVT                           DNB
Cauble, Lester F                                       PVT                          KIA
Chambers, Bennie L D                             TEC 5                        DNB
Childers, Maynard F                                 PFC                          KIA
Clay, Henry F Sr                                      PFC                           KIA

Cline, Edward F                                        PFC                          KIA
Cline, Robert H                                         PVT                          KIA
Cook, Charlie B                                        PVT                          KIA
Cook, Luther H                                         PVT                          KIA
Correll, Charles H                                      S/SG                         KIA

Cozzens, William I                                      PFC                          KIA
Crenshaw, Roy E Jr                                    PVT                          DNB
Daniels, James D                                        SGT                           KIA
Duncan, Heath L                                        PVT                            KIA
Dunlap, Thomas H                                     PVT                            KIA

Earnhardt, Fred C                                       SGT                           FOD
Eidson, Clyde W                                         TEC 4                        KIA
Ellington, Lee M                                           TEC 5                       DNB
Evans, Walter C                                           PFC                          DNB
Faggart, Cleen A                                          PVT                          KIA

Flowe, Anthony                                            PVT                          DNB
Freeze, Crawford V Jr                                  S/SG                         KIA
Furr, Fred D                                                 PFC                          KIA
Furr, Troy L                                                 PFC                          KIA
Furr, Wilburn                                                2LT                           KIA

Gardner, George C                                       PVT                           KIA
Gardner, Charlie R                                        PFC                           KIA
Gettys, Wilbur G                                           PVT                           KIA
Glass, Charles F                                            PFC                           DNB
Glosson, Henry B Jr                                      PFC                           KIA

Goldston, James W                                        SGT                          KIA
Goodman, Carl S                                           2LT                           FOD
Goodman, Rathel R                                        S/SG                         KIA
Green, Claude P                                             PVT                          KIA
Gregory, Presley B                                         PVT                          DNB

Griffin, John B                                                 PVT                           DOW
Hallman, Thomas D Jr                                     PFC                           KIA
Hampton, Lloyd E                                           PFC                           KIA
Harrison, William E J                                       PFC                           KIA
Helms, Frank R                                               PFC                           KIA

Helms, James L                                               1LT                            KIA
Herrin, Charles W                                            PFC                           KIA
Higgins, Jesse C Jr                                           1LT                            KIA
Hill, Floyd E                                                     S/SG                          KIA
Hinson, Harold D                                             SGT                           DNB

Hobbs, Robert H Jr                                          PFC                           DOW
Hodgens, Ralph J                                              PVT                           KIA
Honeycutt, Julius F                                            PFC                           DNB
Horton, Hubert D                                              PVT                           KIA
Hullender, Robert A                                          PFC                           KIA

Jones, Ernest W                                                PVT                            DNB
Kellis, Andrew J                                               S/SG                            KIA
Kennedy, Paul R                                               PVT                            DOW
Keziah, Monroe                                                S/SG                           KIA
Knight, George A                                              TEC 5                         KIA

Knight, Thomas M                                            CPL                             DNB
Lackey, Henry C                                              TEC 5                          KIA
Lambert, David                                                 PVT                            KIA
Lee, Ellis N                                                       PFC                            KIA
Linker, Morrison L                                            PVT                            KIA

Linker, Paul E                                                    PFC                            KIA
Lippard, Ray C                                                  PVT                            KIA
Litaker, George H                                             SGT                            KIA
Litaker, William R                                             TEC 5                          DNB
Little, George T                                                 PVT                             KIA

Long, Charles H Jr                                               S/SG                           KIA
Love, Clyde C                                                     PFC                            KIA
McCall, James                                                     SGT                            DNB
McCollum, Paul W                                              LT C                           KIA
McCoy, Leinster W Jr                                         PFC                            KIA

McKnight, John C                                              CAPT                         DNB
McLeod, Hinton S                                              2LT                            DNB
Miller, Frederick H                                              PVT                           DNB
Miller, Hubert P                                                   S/SG                          DNB
Miller, James H                                                    PVT                           DNB

Misenheimer, Ernest                                             PVT                           DNB
Misenheimer, Jack E                                             S/SG                         DOW
Moore, Jesse C                                                    1LT                           KIA
Morgan, Toley D                                                  TEC 5                       DNB
Morris, Henry N                                                   PFC                          KIA

Mull, Romulus F                                                   S/SG                          KIA
Murray, Charles J                                                 PVT                           KIA
Murray, John W                                                   SGT                           DNB
Nash, Willie G                                                      PVT                           FOD
Nichols, Robert L                                                 PFC                           KIA

Norville, James B                                                  PVT                           DNB
Overcash, Luther R                                               S/SG                          DOW
Patterson, Harold L                                               2LT                            DNB
Perkins, Charles H                                                 PFC                           KIA
Perkins, William A                                                 PVT                           DNB

Phillips, Harry D                                                    S/SG                           KIA
Phillips, Oliver D                                                   PVT                            KIA
Pickrel, Clyde                                                       T/SG                           KIA
Plott, Clarence O                                                  PVT                            KIA
Pope, Larry G                                                       PVT                            KIA

Presley, Johnie R                                                   SGT                            KIA
Price, William H                                                    S/SG                           KIA
Rabb, Harry S                                                       PVT                            KIA
Reading, Joseph F                                                 CPL                            DOW
Roberts, Buford J                                                  PFC                            KIA

Roberts, Ellis J                                                       PFC                            KIA
Rogers, James E                                                    1LT                              FOD
Rutherford, Charlie                                                PFC                             DOW
Scarboro, P H Jr                                                   2LT                              KIA
Shinn, Hoyle M                                                     1LT                              KIA

Shinn, Lewis S                                                       PFC                             KIA
Shinn, Myron L                                                      S/SG                            DOW
Shoe, Fred S                                                         CPL                              DOW
Shoe, Holmes E                                                     PVT                              DOW
Shoe, Lindsay P                                                     PFC                              KIA

Sides, Addie F                                                       PFC                              KIA
Simpson, Hubert S                                                 PVT                              KIA
Slirewalt, Hazel B     (Stirewalt)                              PFC                              DNB
Smith, James S                                                       PVT                              KIA
Snelling, Reece C                                                   PVT                              KIA

Soots, William R                                                     TEC 5                           DNB
Starnes, Boyd                                                         PVT                              KIA
Stegall, Bruce J                                                       PFC                              KIA
Stowe, Sam                                                            SGT                              KIA
Talley, Mack C                                                       PVT                              DNB

Tarlton, George W                                                  PFC                              KIA
Thompson, James P                                                SGT                              KIA
Thompson, Paul J                                                    PFC                              KIA
Tino, Howard J Jr                                                    PVT                              KIA
Trammel, Judge Y Jr                                                SGT                              DNB

Turner, Herbert P                                                    PFC                               DOW
Upright, Clyde R                                                     PFC                               KIA
Wagoner, Marshal J Jr                                            S/SG                              FOD
Wall, George R                                                       CAPT                            KIA
Watkins, Jarvis B                                                    PFC                               KIA

Wensil, Harry A                                                      PVT                               KIA
Werner, Fred D                                                      PFC                               KIA
Whitaker, William E                                                PFC                               KIA
Whittington, Jeston C                                              PFC                               KIA
Wingler, Guy L                                                       CPL                               KIA

Williams, Taffy J                                                     T/SG                               KIA
Young, Claude W                                                   PVT                               KIA