1930 Census listing for THOMAS ARNOLD

1930 Federal Census ED #1

Currituck, North Carolina Page 2B

Crawford Township Enumeration Date: 4-18-1930

State Highway Road #37

Arnold, Thomas H-R M-W-47-M-22 N-N Farmer

Harriet W F-W-45-M-19 N-Y

Bertram S M-W-19-S N-Y Laborer Farm

Mildred D F-W-13-S Y-Y

Inez D F-W-13-S Y-Y

Percy S M-W-11-S Y-Y

Earl S M-W-8-S Y

The first Y or N indicates whether or not the person attended school during the census year.

The second Y or N indicates if the person can read and write English

All family members were shown as being born in North Carolina.

 Contributed by Shelley Arnold


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