1930 Census listing for DENNIS ARNOLD

1930 Federal Census ED #53 District 12

Baltimore, Maryland Sheet 21B

419 Belmont & North Point Blvd. Enumeration Date: 5-3-1930

Arnold, Dennis H-O-$3000 M-W-43-M N.C. N.C. N.C. Burner Steel Mill

Clara A. W F-W-40-M MD. Bohemia Bohemia

Theresa M. D F-W-4 ½-S MD. N.C. MD

Mary P. D F-W-2-S MD. N.C. MD.


The succession of numbers and letters indicate:

1. Head of Household (and subsequently relationship to Head)

2. Own or Rent

3. Value of Property

The second group of numbers indicate:

1. Sex

2. Race

3. Age

4. Marital Status

5. Age at Marriage

Contributed by Shelley Arnold



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