This Bible record has not been seen for, as I understand it, about 30 years or more. It belongs to the Ella Hubbard Burgess Riggs (born 1902 and still living in Camden), listed in this Bible record. It has been transcribed by me as written.

This particular text has been cited numerous times in the past, most often in reference to the wife of Zachariah Kite (Kight) and the date of birth of Zephaniah Kite (Kight). She, Claypia (Clarpalia), wife of Zachariah Kite (Kight), has been frequently cited as having been an Indian. This Bible alone has always listed as the reference for this statement. As you see, there is no information regarding her, other than her relationship as the wife of Zachariah Kite (Kight). As far as I know, the only other reference to her is in a deed. With that, there is no evidence to support the long-standing tradition that she was an Indian. I must state, however, that her name, regardless of spelling, is nothing like any other name I have seen in the region. Some of the Kight family did live close to the Indiantown area on the border of Camden and Currituck Counties. The Indians that resided in the area were not for the most part, as many people have assumed, members of the Pasquotank tribe. The Pasquotanks had long since dispersed from the area or had been absorbed into the settling population, both white and slave. The vast majority of the Indians in Camden County, if not all of them, by the mid-1700s were of the Yeopim tribe that was placed on a 10,000 acre reservation in the Indiantown area in about 1704 as noted in a deed from Lord Granville to the Yeopim Indians. The Yeopims had previously lived in the southern part of Perquimans County and parts of Chowan County. If Clarpalia was an Indian, she was more than likely a member of this tribe.

I can not comment definitively on her origins. I can, however, state that, given her name, location, and dates, there is a good possibility that she was indeed an Indian as according to family tradition. Still, I think that every Camden County, NC Kight family researcher should examine the scant references to her, take into account the history of Camden County during the time period in which she lived, and draw their conclusions based on that information, not strictly on family tradition.

The above note is include here with the authors permission: Harvey Benton Harrison, III.

(Page with Copyright information not provided. Design and style common to late 19th century large “family”-type Bibles. All handwriting appears to be the same.)

(Bible formerly belonging to Ella Hubbard Burgess Riggs.)
(Transcribed as written by Harvey Benton Harrison, III.)

(Marriage Certificate page)

That Robert T. Burgess
and Margaret Ann Kight
At Shiloh Camden County on the 29th day of
December in the year of our Lord 1878
in Presence of Bailey Needham & Lydia Burgess
Signed Ceremony was performed by
Gideon Barker, Justice Peace

(Births page)

Caleb Kight Burgess – Born Apil 26, 1880
Addie Kight Burgess – Born April 21, 1881
Aby Kight Burgess – Born June 6, 1882
Paul Kight Burgess – Born September 22, 1883.
Willie Kight Burgess – Born June 3, 1885
Joseph Walston Burgess – Born October 22, 1886
Mary Christian Burgess – Born May 24, 1888.
John Wesley Burgess – Born September 20, 1889.
Caleb Kight Burgess – Born July 15, 1891.
Robert T. Burgess – Born June 4, 1893.
Margaret Ann Burgess – Born September 25, 1894.
Robert T. Burgess – Born September 30, 1895
Nellie Kight Burgess – Born January 19, 1902.
Ella Burgess Was Born June 11, 1902.

(Marriages page)

Paul K. Burgess to Laura J. Burgess – November 17, 1906.
Willie K. Burgess to Annie S. Staples – May 24, 1908.
John W. Burgess to Elizabeth Forbes – October 10, 1908
Addie K. Burgess to Frank Baker – March 25, 1913.
Ella Burgess to Charlie S. Riggs – July 17, 1916

(Deaths page)

Caleb Kight Burgess – Died May 14, 1880.
Aby Kight Burgess – Died August, 1883.
Mary Christian Burgess – Died June, 1889.
Joseph Walston Burgess – Died July, 1889.
Robert T. Burgess – Died June 6, 1894.
Margaret Ann Burgess – Died September 25, 1894.
Robert T. Burgess – Died June 15, 1896.

(Written on a blank page)

Margaret Ann Kight, daughter of Caleb and Aby
Kight, was born July 3, 1865.
Robert T. Burgess, son of Hezikiah and Polly Burgess,
was born October 22, 1856.
Caleb W. Kight, son of Dempsey and Elizabeth
Kight, was born October 2, 1835.
Aby Burgess, daughter of Simeon and Elizabeth
Burgess, was born December 30, 1829
Hezikiah Burgess was the son of Hezakiah
and Lydia Wright Burgess.
Polly Burgess was the daughter of Dempsey
and Elizabeth Kight
Dempsey Kight, son of Zephaniah and Margaret
Brown Kite, was born May 8, 1795.
Elizabeth Griffin, daughter of Macy and Sallie
Griffin, was born October 18, 1811.
Zephaniah Kite, son of Zachariah and Claypia
Kite, was born June 25, 1766.


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