BRAY Family Bible (BENJAMIN F. BRAY 1846-1925)

This is a transcription from the family bible of Benjamin Franklin Bray and Mary Elizabeth Jarvis Bray. B. F. Bray was born in 1846, grew up in Camden County, later became sheriff of Perquimans County (around 1902), and died there in 1925.

The transcription was made by Dr. Samuel Skinner Britt, Jr., Baton Rouge, LA. He had possession of the bible. He died in 2006. He sent this information to his cousin, Mary Elizabeth Bray Peele. The note and two transcription pages are in the possession of Kevin M. Crofton ( The location of the bible is currently unknown.

Note from Sam Britt

“This is copied as written in the Bible. Note the differences in spelling the same name. In the case of Uncle Billy I think it should be Wm. J rather than W M J. I wish whomever wrote it had used names and not initials

I do not have any idea who the Gairett or Gariett is. I suspect that FITCHNE should be FITCHER. If you know what any of the initial are for let me know.”

Bray Family Information

  • B. F. Bray and M. E. Jarvis were married, January the 12 day 1869
  • M. F. Bray was borned April the 9 day 1870(this was Telia’s mother and I think her name was Mary Frances)
  • W. M. J. Bray was borned April the 10 – 1873(this is Uncle Billy)
  • Otelia Braray was borned August 13, 1876
  • B. F. Bray was borned November l4 the 1878 (this is B F Bray Jr)
  • Dorillia Bray was borned November the 14, 1883
  • Thomas Latham Bray was borned March 28, 1888
  • Maud Bray was borned Sept. 17, 1890
  • B. F. Bray the son of Solmon Bray and Polley his wife was borned August the 31, 1846 (this is Grandpapa)
  • M. E. Bray the daughter of William Jarvis and Mary his wife was borned July the 9, 1846(this is Grandmother)
  • Fitchne Lee Gairett was borned February 14, 1867, the son of Charles Gairett and Bernety his wife.
  • Charley Gairett the son of Chas. Gariett was horned January 10th 1873. His wife was named Bernety.
  • Otelia Greageory was borned November 12, 1893, the daughter of James A. Greageory and M. F. Bray.(this is Te1ia.)


  • Mary Jarvis departed this life January 6the 1877. Her age was
  • Polley Bray departed this life Sept. 2the 1866. She was borned 1820
  • Otelliar Bray departed this life November 8the 1880
  • B. F. Gariett departed this life 1873. January the 15
  • Robert Jarvis departed this life August the 8, 1882
  • Dorlia Bray departed this life 1884
  • Mary F. Greagory derarted this life August the 13, 1894
  • Mary E. Jarvis Bray died April 20, 1919
  • B.F. Bray, Sr. died Nov. 14, 1925
  • Otelia Bray Holmes died June 21, 1951
  • B.F. Bray, Jr. died Jan. 4, 1952
  • W.J. Bray died May 1928
  • T.Latham Bray died Aug. 10, 1967
  • Maud E. Bray Britt died Aug. 16, 1970

Contributed by Kevin Crofton


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