First Generation

1. Dennis Dozier FEREBEE. Born on 11 Sep 1815 in Currituck County, NC. Dennis Dozier died in South Mills, Camden County, NC on 27 Apr 1884, he was 68. Buried in Camden County, NC. Occupation: farmer; lawyer; Colonel, 59th Regt NCT(4th NC Cavalry Regt)., CSA. Education: University of North Carolina 1839.

On 13 Feb 1842 when Dennis Dozier was 26, he first married Sarah R. MCPHERSON, daughter of Wylie (Willie) MCPHERSON & Kezia MCPHERSON, in Camden County, NC. Born on 18 Dec 1821 in Camden County, NC. Sarah R. died in Camden County, NC on 11 Oct 1867, she was 45.

They had the following children:

i. Marion Herbert. Born on 18 Feb 1843 in Camden County, NC. Marion Herbert died in Camden County, NC on 19 May 1844, she was 1.

ii. Elizabeth McPherson. Born on 4 Dec 1844 in Camden County, NC. Elizabeth McPherson died on 19 Dec 1844 in Camden County, NC.

iii. Hannah Elizabeth. Born in 1846 in Camden County, NC. Hannah Elizabeth died in Camden County, NC in Jul 1863, she was 17.

2 iv. Nelson McPherson (1849-1917)

On 24 Oct 1878 when Dennis Dozier was 63, he second married Mary E. DAVENPORT. Born in 1848 in Chowan County, NC. Mary E. died on 8 Jun 1914, she was 66.

They had one child:

i. Margaret Elizabeth. Born on 17 Jul 1879.

On 30 Apr 1901 when Margaret Elizabeth was 21, she married R. L. McMURRAN. Born on 19 May 1866 in Portsmouth, Virginia. R. L. died on 21 Jun 1931, he was 65.

Second Generation

2. Nelson McPherson FEREBEE. Born in 1849 in Camden County, NC. Nelson McPherson died on 25 Nov 1917, he was 68. Occupation: M.D. Education: Univ. of NC, 1867-68; Univ. of Maryland.

On 13 Nov 1872 when Nelson McPherson was 23, he married Margaret Thweatt GREGORY, daughter of Francis Roger GREGORY & Nancy ALAEANDER. Born on 10 Jul 1851 in Granville County, NC. Margaret Thweatt died on 18 May 1908, she was 56.

They had the following children:

i. Ruth Alexander. Born on 11 Jun 1876 in Berkley, Virginia.

On 1 Feb 1905 when Ruth Alexander was 28, she married Beverly Randolph KENNON, in Norfolk, Virginia.

3 ii. Mary McPherson (1878-)

iii. Alan McPherson. Born on 20 Oct 1882 in Oxford, Granville County, NC. Alan McPherson died bef May 1984, he was 101.

On 20 Feb 1920 when Alan McPherson was 37, he married Constance SMITH. Born on 16 Sep 1897 in Morehead City, Carteret County, NC. Constance died in Morehead City, Carteret County, NC on 22 May 1984, she was 86.

iv. Nelson McPherson, Jr.. Born on 15 Jul 1887 in Oxford, Granville County, NC. Education: University of North Carolina 1906.

Nelson McPherson, Jr. married Imogene Pruden CANNADY. Born on 3 Aug 1895 in North Carolina. Imogene Pruden died in Oxford, Granville County, NC on 29 Dec 1978, she was 83.

v. Dennis Roger. Born on 8 Nov 1889 in Granville County, NC. Dennis Roger died on 5 Feb 1890.

4 vi. Martha Gregory (1890-)

vii. Katherine Eaton. Born on 24 Aug 1894 in Granville County, NC. Katherine Eaton died in Granville County, NC on 22 May 1897, she was 2.

Third Generation

 3. Mary McPherson FEREBEE. Born on 27 Sep 1878 in Granville County, NC.

On 14 Nov 1901 when Mary McPherson was 23, she married William Stamps HOWARD, son of George HOWARD & Anna Ragland STAMPS. Born abt 1863 in Tarboro, NC.

They had the following children:

i. William Stamps, Jr.. Born on 24 Aug 1902 in Portsmouth, Virginia.

ii. Nelson Ferebee. Born on 31 Oct 1906 in Granville County, NC. Nelson Ferebee died in Tarboro, NC in Oct 1969, he was 62.

iii. Mary Ferebee. Born on 22 Jun 1913 in Tarboro, NC.


4. Martha Gregory FEREBEE. Born on 7 Dec 1890 in Oxford, Granville County, NC.

On 25 Jun 1914 when Martha Gregory was 23, she married Leonidas C. TAYLOR, son of R. P. TAYLOR. Born on 2 Mar 1891. Leonidas C. died in Wilson, NC in Sep 1966, he was 75.

They had the following children:

i. Leonisas C.. Born on 17 Feb 1916. Leonisas C. died in Jan 1980, he was 63.

ii. James A.. Born on 9 Jun 1918. James A. died in Chapel Hill, NC on 1 Mar 1989, he was 70.

iii. Nelson Ferebee. Born on 4 Jan 1921. Occupation: Chancellor UNC-Chapel Hill 1972.


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