Camden County City Jail


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There have been 3 jail houses built on the site where the current Historic Jailhouse now sits. The first jail was used until the 1880’s; after which, a second jail was constructed. The second jail burned down in 1910 as a result of an attempted escape. The third jailhouse was constructed of brick, in 1910, and served the county until the 1940’s when Camden began sending its prisoners to the Tri-County Jail, which currently houses prisoners from Camden, Pasquotank, and Perquimans.

The third jail, a two-story structure, has been restored to its original appearance. The first floor now houses the Board of Elections. The second floor has the original bull-pen containing 4 cells. Also on the second floor is a small museum which uses pictures and artifacts to relate the history of Camden. Outside, stocks and a pillory have been rebuilt to show punishment used in the 18th Century.


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In the summer of June 2015 The Camden County Jail was being repaired. The old jail is being re-pointed. A bonus to this project is that the source of the water leakage has been identified and was fixed.

18 June 2015 Camden Jail 2 18 June 2015 Camden Jail 3 18 June 2015 Camden Jail 4 18 June 2015 Camden Jail 5 18 June 2015 Camden Jail 6 18 June 2015 Camden Jail

Pictures and information Contributed by: Anne Burgess Jennings