ALLEN, Nathaniel (d. 1805)

Raleigh Register
December 9, 1805

Died – At Edenton, on the 28th ult., in the 50th year of his age, Nathaniel ALLEN, Esq., Colonel of the Militia Artillery of this State.  He was amongst the first and firmest Patriots of the year Seventy-six, and contributed his assistance towards the maintenance and defence [sic] of those just rights which constitute the patrimony and inheritance of all the human race.  In those times of difficulty and danger, he was bold and intrepid, yet firm and calm and dignified in his deportment.  By his affability, benevolence, and philanthropy, he acquired the veneration and respect of his inferiors, and the justly merited friendship of his equals.  The peculiar energies of his mind, which had been highly cultivated and improved, rendered him at all times an interesting and agreeable Companion.  He had an ear to hearken to the voice of distress, a heart to sympathise [sic] in the miseries of his fellow-man, and a hand ever ready to administer to his comforts and relief.  By his death, his relations and friends, have sustained a great and irreparable loss. 




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