World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing: Army and Army Air Forces Personnel

Contributed 27 July 2010 by B. Jo Branch

Abbreviation: Types of Casualties
DNB – Died, non-battle
DOI – Died of injuries
DOW – Wounded and later died
FOD – Under Public Law 490, Finding of Death
KIA – Killed in Action
M – Missing

Soldiers Name………………Serial #………Rank…..Type

Alexander, Marvin R……..34673896…..PFC…….KIA

Armstead, George W……..34457922…..PVT…….DNB

Bass, Louis A………………..6838980…….PVT ……DNB

Blanchard, Rochelle……….34117842…..PFC ……DNB

Coffield W H Jr……………..34113422…..CPL…….DNB

Dale, Herbert W Jr………6291045……S SG…..DNB

Forehand, Erie P…………34171551….PFC……KIA

Habit, Edward R Jr………33645873….PVT……KIA

Hurdle, William M………34851756….PVT……DNB

Jordan, Wesley L…………34660499….PFC……DNB

Mathews, Lawson C……..01643102….CAPT…DNB

McClees William N………34253826….S SG…..KIA

Nixon, Tency G………….34673310….PFC……DNB

White, George M…………0-023440….CAPT….DNB

Wilkins, William H………34016475….PVT……KIA



Edenton Bell Battery Roster

Captain William Badham Jr.


  • Second Lieutenant David Gaskins Jr.
  • Second Lieutenant Augustus M. Moore
  • Second Lieutenant Julian G. Moore
  • First Lieutenant John M. Jones
  • First Lieutenant Nelson McCleese


  • Pvt. Samuel H. Abbott
  • Pvt. Harmon Alexander
  • Artificer Thomas B. Alexander
  • Pvt. Thomas Armstrong 
  • Pvt. Riddick Arnold
  • Pvt. David O. Askew 
  • Pvt. Charles L. Bailey 
  • Pvt. Thomas C. Badham 
  • Pvt. William P Banres 
  • Pvt. Benjamin J. Barrett 
  • Pvt. Thomas A Barrow 
  • Pvt. Alonzo L Barry 
  • Pvt. Thomas B Bateman 
  • Pvt. Thomas F. Boswell 
  • Pvt. Benjamin C. Bourdeaux 
  • Pvt. Jeremiah Bowen 
  • Pvt. Henry H. Boyce 
  • Pvt. Andrew J. Brewer 
  • Cpl. Franklin L Brickhouse 
  • Pvt. Doctrine D Brickhouse 
  • Pvt. John F Bunch 
  • Pvt. Robert D Bunch 
  • Pvt. Quinton T Bush 
  • Pvt. James H Burkett 
  • Pvt. Thaddeus W. Butler 
  • Pvt. T.W. Busbee 
  • Pvt. Abram T. Bush 
  • Pvt. George F. Byrum 
  • Pvt. Jesse W. Byrum 
  • Pvt. Joseph R. Byrum 
  • Cpl. Doctrine Cahoon 
  • Pvt. Jordan Cahoon 
  • Pvt. William H Cale 
  • Pvt. Roderick C Campbell 
  • Pvt. James Carter 
  • Pvt. Joseph F. Chippewater 
  • Pvt. Exum B. Clark 
  • Pvt. James D. Clark 
  • Sgt. William Thomas Clark 
  • Quartermaster Sgt. Abner A. Combs 
  • Cpl. Jesse L. Cooper 
  • Pvt. John C. Cullifer 
  • Sgt. Alfred M. Darden 
  • Sgt. Edward S. Davenport 
  • Pvt. Ephraim B. Davis 
  • Pvt. Henry Edward Dillon 
  • Pvt. Silas W. Dillon 
  • Pvt. Alpheus P. Doughtie 
  • Pvt. Caleb G Dowty 
  • Blacksmith William C Dunning 
  • Pvt. John H. Dunston 
  • Pvt. Thomas H. Evans 
  • Pvt. Francis R. Elenor 
  • Pvt. James W. Farmer 
  • Pvt. Thomas K. Feagan 
  • Pvt. Charles Fenon 
  • Pvt. Stephen Ferrel 
  • Pvt. George Washington Flythe 
  • Sgt. John G. Fraim 
  • Pvt. Peter Fullerton 
  • Pvt. John S. Gaskins 
  • Pvt. Thomas L. Gibson 
  • Commissary Sgt. Oliver F. Gilbert 
  • Pvt. George H. Gilcott 
  • Pvt. Thomas G. Goff 
  • Pvt. James E. Gordon 
  • Sgt. Henry S. Gregory 
  • Pvt. Allen Grist Jr. 
  • Pvt. Samuel L. Grist 
  • Bugler John F. Gulick 
  • Pvt. Baker F. Halsey 
  • Pvt. Isaac Halsey 
  • Pvt. D.W. Hansberry 
  • Pvt. George L. Hancock 
  • Pvt. Abram T. Harman 
  • Pvt. Reddick H. Harman 
  • Pvt. Henderson Harris 
  • Pvt. Irwin A. Harris 
  • Pvt. Thomas Harris 
  • Pvt. Josiah Harrell 
  • Pvt. John Hassell 
  • Pvt. Calvin A. Haste 
  • Cpl. William H. Hassell 
  • Pvt. James W. Hathaway 
  • Pvt. Andrew J. Haste 
  • Pvt. James F. Hayman 
  • Pvt. Jacob Heath 
  • Pvt. Benjamin F. Hember 
  • Pvt. Robert M. Henry 
  • Pvt. John W. Herring 
  • Pvt. John Hollowell 
  • Pvt. Cyrus E. Hopkins 
  • Pvt. O’Kelly W. Howard 
  • Pvt. William Hudson 
  • Sgt. Benjamin F. Hunter 
  • Pvt. Zachariah Ivey 
  • Pvt. James S. Jackson 
  • Pvt. Carney Jones 
  • Pvt. John M. Jones 
  • 1st Sgt. William H. Jones 
  • Pvt. Richard F.R. Jordan 
  • Pvt. Isaac V. Jordan 
  • Pvt. Wilson Jordan 
  • Pvt. William W. Kemp 
  • Pvt. William Taylor Keough 
  • Pvt. James E. Lang 
  • Pvt. James R. Larkins 
  • Pvt. Frank Lassiter 
  • Pvt. George W. Lassiter 
  • Pvt. James H. Lassiter 
  • Pvt. John Lassiter 
  • Pvt. John W. Leonard 
  • Pvt. Leroy Lassiter 
  • Pvt. Richard Lassiter 
  • Pvt. Samuel S Leary 
  • Pvt. Edward F Littleton 
  • Pvt. Ashley H. Liverman 
  • Pvt. Thomas Liverman 
  • Pvt. James Madison 
  • Pvt. Solomon M. Mann 
  • Pvt. James H. Manning 
  • Pvt. West Miller 
  • Pvt. William C.R.C Miller 
  • Pvt. John A. Mitchell 
  • Pvt. George Mizell 
  • Pvt. Jonathan Mizell 
  • Pvt. William Mizell 
  • Pvt. Lemuel Monds 
  • Pvt. William M. Monds 
  • Pvt. Demetrius W. Newberry 
  • Pvt. George C. Newberry 
  • Sgt. Michael Newman 
  • Pvt. William A. Nichols 
  • Pvt. James A. Nixon 
  • Pvt. Josiah Nowell 
  • Pvt. Richmond M. Only 
  • Pvt. William D. Only 
  • Pvt. Henry W. Outlaw 
  • Pvt. John L. Outlaw 
  • Pvt. Uriah Overton 
  • Pvt. Benjamin F. Owens 
  • Pvt. Joseph M. Owens 
  • Pvt. George W. Parish (A George Abraham Parrish is buried in IL)
  • Cpl. John A. Patrick 
  • Cpl. Joseph F. Parish (A Joseph J. Parish is buried in IL)
  • Sgt. Thomas M. Parker 
  • Pvt. Franklin L. Patrick 
  • Pvt. William E. Peelle 
  • Pvt. Jarvis B. Perry 
  • Pvt. Josiah Perry 
  • Pvt. William Perry 
  • Pvt. Franklin E. Phelps 
  • Pvt. James Pickett 
  • Pvt. Samuel C. Pickett 
  • Pvt. William H. 
  • Pickett Sgt. John R. Powell 
  • Cpl. Junios B. Powell 
  • Pvt. Samuel Privett 
  • Pvt. John Quinton 
  • Pvt. Cader M. Raby 
  • Pvt. Fletcher Y. Ramsay 
  • Pvt. Abner P. Rawls 
  • Pvt. Job Riddick 
  • Pvt. John Roberts 
  • Pvt. Barney Rose 
  • Pvt. James E. Sailor 
  • Pvt. James E. Saunders 
  • Pvt. Quenten T. Saunders 
  • Pvt. John A. Savage 
  • Pvt. John A. Sawyer 
  • Pvt. James Sheahan 
  • Pvt. William S. Sheahan 
  • Pvt. George F. Shoulars 
  • Cpl. James R. Skinner 
  • Pvt. Joseph D. Skinner 
  • Pvt. John W. Spencer 
  • Pvt. Absolom W. Spruill 
  • Pvt. Thomas Stafford 
  • Pvt. Lafayette Steely 
  • Pvt. James H. Story 
  • Pvt. James Swain 
  • Sgt. Cornelius Tarkenton 
  • Pvt. John Tarkenton 
  • Pvt. John W. Tarkenton 
  • Pvt. Josephus Tarkenton 
  • Pvt. James L. Taylor 
  • Pvt. William Thomas Terry 
  • Pvt. Lucius A. Tyler 
  • Pvt. Albert Vann 
  • Pvt. Jesse T. Vaughn 
  • Pvt. Edward Waugh 
  • Pvt. James D. Webb 
  • Pvt. William Jeptha Webb 
  • Pvt. Jordan B. Weston 
  • Pvt. George W. Whedbee 
  • Pvt. James White 
  • Pvt. James R. White 
  • Pvt. Joel H. White 
  • Pvt. John White 
  • Pvt. Jordan W. White 
  • Pvt. James L. Williams 
  • Pvt. Thomas E. Williams 
  • Pvt. Willoughby Williams 
  • Pvt. James Wills 
  • Pvt. William W. Winborn 
  • Pvt. Samuel Francis Wood 
  • Pvt. Robert D. Worley 
  • Pvt. Joshua C. Wright 
  • Pvt. Andrew Wynn

Signers of the Resolutions of the Edenton Tea Party

The tea pot on the green and the tablet on the Court House commemorate this event. Our thanks to Dixie Briggs for contributing the following account for the Chowan County Page.

From the Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser, January 16, 1775, comes the following contemporary account of the Edenton Tea Party and the only authentic list of signers of the resolutions. 

“Extract of a letter from North Carolina, Oct. 27. 

“The Provincial Deputies of North Carolina having resolvd not to drink any more tea, nor wear any more British cloth, &c. many ladies of this Province have determined to give a memorable proof of their patriotism, and have accordingly entered into the following honourable and spirited association. I send it to you, to shew your fair countrywomen, how zealously and faithfully American ladies follow the laudable example of their husbands, and what opposition your Ministers may expect to receive from a people thus firmly united against them.” 

Edenton, North Carolina, Oct. 25, 1774. 

“As we cannot be indifferent on any occasion that appears nearly to affect the peace and happiness of our country, and as it has thought necessary, for the public good, to enter into several particular resolves by a meeting of Members deputed from the whole Province, it is a duty which we owe, not only to our near and dear connections who have concurred in them, but to ourselves who are essentially interested in their welfare, to do every thing as far as lies in our power to testify our sincere adherence to the same; and we do therefore accordingly subscribe this paper, as a witness of our fixed intention and solemn determination to do so.

Abagail Charlton Mary Blount
F. Johnstone Elizabeth Creacy
Margaret Cathcart Elizabeth Patterson
Anne Johnstone Jane Wellwood
Margaret Pearson Mary Woolard
Penelope Dawson Sarah Beasley
Jean Blair Susannah Vail
Grace Clayton Elizabeth Vail
Frances Hall Elizabeth Vail
Mary Jones Mary Creacy
Anne Hall Mary Creacy
Rebecca Bondfield Ruth Benbury
Sarah Littlejohn Sarah Howcott
Penelope Barker Sarah Hoskins
Elizabeth P. Ormond Mary Littledle
M. Payne Sarah Valentine
Elizabeth Johnston Elizabeth Crickett
Mary Bonner Elizabeth Green
Lydia Bonner Mary Ramsay
Sarah Howe Anne Horniblow
Lydia Bennet Mary Hunter
Marion Wells Tresia Cunningham
Anne Anderson Elizabeth Roberts
Sarah Mathews Elizabeth Roberts
Anne Haughton Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth Beasly

The following was received from Richard Crotwell  – Penelope Barker, a main instigator of subject was Penelope Craven before her marriage to Barker. Source: Great Stories of the American Revolution by Webb Garrison, Chapter 12 pages 76 & 77.

Slaves of John ALSTON, Chowan County, NC, 1758

From the Will of John Alston, Chowan Co., NC (1673-1758)
In “The Alstons and Alstons of North and South Carolina”
by J.A. Groves, 1901, pages 68-71.

a Negro woman named Sara …
one Negro man named Seser …
and one Negro man named Robin …
one mulatto woman named Moll …
one Negro woman named Moll and her increase …
one Negro woman named Fanney and her increase …
one Negro woman named Janey
and a Negro boy named Jupiter
and a negro girl named Cate
and a negro girl named Nancy …
Dick, Fanney, Peter, Robin, & Easup and Diner allso …
one Negro boy named Peter …
one Negro boy named Ned …
one Negro Girl named Pru …
one negro man named Dick
one Negro man named Peter
and one mulato man named Easop

African-American Cemetery in Edenton

Compiled by Historical Record Survey of NC, 1936. Copies donated by Shepard-Pruden Library, Edenton, NC, and transcribed and contributed by Dayle Noble Biba ( Location not stated, but judging from its size, it is possibly the large cemetery on Granville St., near Virginia Rd. (Hwy 32 north).

BADHAM, Hannibal 6/16/1846-12/18/1918
Miles B. ?-1925
Pennie 1858-3/30/1922
BANKS, Andrew 12/27/1928-?
Ernestine B. 3/16/1902-8/21/1927
Hoberta 1881-1915
BARCLAY, John H. 1856-1928
Venns 1864-1934
BARNES, John 1849-5/31/1921
BEASLEY, Arthur 12/25/1866-11/25/1935
Laura C. 2/28/1868-1/22/1934
Sarah Jane 9/27/1886-1918
BENDRIDGE,James NORFLEET 12/23/1864-1/2/1916
BEMBRY, Bessie ?-12/17/1925
John T. 6/15/1880-6/16/1927
Perry 3/18/1885-11/5/193
BENTON, Mary S. 2/29/1840-6/28/1912
BLAIR, Polly 7/5/1884-2/7/1911
BLOUNT, Willie S. 7/2/1913-11/4/1932
BADHAM, John H. Jr. 4/21/1903-5/27/1906
BOND, Nannie E. 1/30/1870-6/4/1913
BOUSHELL, Joseph W. ?-10/10/1844
Martha B. 1830-8/1/1844
Thomas Allen 1846-10/14/1848
BRANCH, Albert 12/28/1875-12/20/1927
BRIGHT, J.A. 1/29/1869-4/2/1926
BRITT, James A. 1867-1930
BURKE, M.F. 10/26/1874-2/10/1921
W.E. 1868-1923
BUTTS, Annie 1/6/1872-4/18/1928
CAPEHART, John E. 11/14/1850-2/14/1926
Julia C. 11/20/1864-11/2/1927
CHAPMAN, Marie L. 1801-12/14/1855
CLARK, Fannie 1868-1904
COOKE, Virginia 12/21/1860-12/29/1916
COX, Richard 1834-10/12/1931
CREECY, A.C. 7/4/1836-6/1/1894
Martha A. ?-7/26/1925
Mary 9/1/1849-3/9/1913
DAVES, Armstead 1823-5/15/1903
Caroline 1822-10/1/1900
DEAL, Laura 2/18/1865-3/14/1927
DUGGINS, Maggie ?-3/1/1926
DUNGEX, Mary H. 1902-1923
EASON, Carrie Elmer 9/14/1890-10/7/1897
EDNEY, Edward 1877-6/24/1934
EURE, Sarah 10/1/1906-8/23/1923
FAUMELL, Thomas BASDON 1854-2/5/1856
FLEETWOOD, Emma NIXON ?-1/20/1951
GREEN, Mary 10/15/1906-6/15/1908
Paul A. 10/16/1903-11/9/1903
Weimer 4/2/1909-6/6/1930
GREGORY, Ellen 9/18/1855-4/11/1919
GRIFFIN, Thomas 2/15/1887-11/30/1908
HALLEY, Priscella 2/10/1896-8/17/1931
HARDY, Albino ?-4/3/1924
James ?-4/10/1915(?)
HASKINS, Aggie 1800-1902(?)
HATHAWAY, Burton W. 1/28/1814-3/20/1857
Richard M. 12/18/1896-7/189(?)
HAUGHTON, Frank ?-12/4/1931
Lee Violet 10/20/1856-10/6/1912
HILL, Odessa 8/28/1923-3/29/1924
HINES, Charles H. 1872-1921
HOLLY, Annie T. 1856-1928
Bessie G. 1870-1924
HAWKINS, Moses A. ?-1/17/1934
M.P. 1893-1/7/1918
JOHNSON, A.A. 3/5/1854-2/13/1929
Elizabeth 6/1/1904-8/1/1904
Thomas 1875-1912
JONES, Willie T. 1886-10/12/1918
KING, Timothy 1891-5/24/1922
KNIGHT, S.F. 10/11/1853-10/18/1901
LEARY, Josephine 1856-3/18/1923
LEE, Corine 1/15/1857-4/30/1922
Richard M. 7/25/1859-10/18/1924
LOWTHER, Beryl 1896-1921
E.G. 9/14/1898-1928
Fannie A.M. 3/14/1860-6/2/1924
Gladys 1900-1922
Hester ?-21/10/1910
James L. 1873-1923
Rose ?-8/7/1917
MCDONALD, Elijah 10/24/1888-12/4/1893
Maude 4/6/1892-3/13/1928
Oliver H. 2/17/1884-8/21/1884
Phillip Sr. 12/10/1814-6/30/1891
Precilla 8/15/1818-1/18/1891
MCCALL, A.N. 1853-6/30/1913
MERIMAN, Sersson 4/1/1867-1/1/1935
MOORE, Claudia 1877-5/15/1898
MORRIS, Mariam 10/23/1853-2/19/1915
MURDOUGH, Margaret ?-7/8/1914
MUSE, Aaron Sr. 9/10/1865-6/11/1921
Helen 4/10/1868-8/3/1932
NICHOLS, Lucinda 12/4/1834-3/30/1862
NIXON, Johnny 12/25/1902-1/16/1931
John T. 5/1/1870-12/13/1927
NORMAN, Elijah 6/12/1891-3/31/1933
Nellie 12/7/1885-6/14/1911
PAGE, John R. 2/29/1840-1/8/1881
PAXTON, Jennie 1820-10/10/1893
Robert 1819-12/25/1891
Samuel T. 11/10/1895-6/25/1925
Serina 6/14/1840-9/5/1840
REEVES, Croswell D. 10/8/1898-6/23/1928
Gaston M. 12/10/1890-7/13/1895
Leothia 5/21/1901-11/28/1929
Winston A. 9/8/1893-8/7/1930
RAWLS, James L. 3/1/1902-12/18/1927
RICKS, Martha 1869-1931
Thomas Jr. 6/22/1911-12/24/1933
RIDDICK, Hannah 10/30/1885-3/25/1927
Rebecca 12/30/1869-10/28/1922
RYAN, Mary Jane 5/15/1869-8/6/1911
SAWYER, Cecil Harry ?-9/23/1930
Emma 12/1852-6/1919
SHARPE, L.F. 1/7/1872-9/6/1919
SKINNER, Annie A. 12/4/1848-7/26/1920
John 1871-1919
Nancy T. 5/11/1862-3/19/1916
Willie 1837-1923
SMITH, Edna Pearl 12/1892-7/7/1893
TURNER, Henry 1861-5/19/1912
WELCH, Luke 3/5/1862-9/1/1927
Winnie 9/15/1862-4/15/1862
WHEDBEE, Edgar 1885-1923
WHITE, Claria 1847-6/12/1918
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth D. 1777-3/2/1849
Joseph 1886-1929
WISE, Edward Mark 5/2/1913-3/24/1916
WOOD, Viola L. 10/8/1897-10/9/1915
WORRELL, Sameul 3/10/1882-8/10/1931
WYNN, Johnson 1851-12/12/1911

Bush Family Bible

Contributed by: Mary Lou Wolfarth (

William Bush born May 24, 1770 
Gilly Bush born Jan 2, 1773 
William T Bush son of William and Salley was born Nov, 19, 1795 
Mary Bush born Dec 24, 1800
John Bush born Oct 4, 1798

Children of William T Bush and Leah Rountree
Rountree Bush Aug 15, 1821

Children of William T Bush and Martha Twine
Elisha Twine Bush born June 20, 1830
Andrew Jackson Bush born Oct 6, 1833
Richard T. Bush born April 25, 1837 
Quinton T, Bush born May 24, 1840 
Abram Twine Bush born July 30, 1844 
John Twine Bush born May 19, 1795

John T Bush, son of William and Martha Bush born May 19th A. D. 1848 
Eliza Jane Bush, daughter of John L. Winslow and Harriett P. Winslow born Sept 10th A.D. 1858 
Mary Lethia Bush daughter of John and Eliza Jane Bush born Aug 15, A.D. 1878 
John Ira Bush, son of John Bush and Eliza Jane Bush born March 15th A.D. 1883 
Rose Ella Bush daughter of John and Eliza Jane Bush born July 24th A.D. 1883 
Martha Jane Eunice, daughter of John and Eliza Jane Bush born June 26th 1887 
Annie Beatrice Bush daughter of John Bush and Mara Isabella Elliott was born Sept 11th 1893 
Charles Maynard Bush son of John T Bush and Mary Isabella was born Nov 10th 1899

======MARRIAGES ====== 
John Bush and Margaret Felton married Dec 19, 1822
John Bush and Martha Ann Evans married Nov 23, 1826
William Bush and Martha Twine married July 27th 1827
Elisha T. Bush and Sarah Martha Bush married Dec 24, 1850
James P Bush and Taloula Skinner married May 26th 1864
John Ira Bush and Dora Dean Allsbrook married Sept 8th, 1910
Alton Thomas Bush married Rosa Lee Phelps May 11th 1940
Myrtle Eloise Bush married Howard L. Ritter
Myrtle Eloise Bush married David J. Langley Jan 25, 1947

=======DEATHS ======
John Ira Bush died Jan 3, 1947 Western Branch Cemetery Portsmouth
Treasey Walton died Feb 3rd 1845
Martha Bush Feb 9, 1849
John T. Bush Feb. 9, 1850
William Bush died March 24, 1851
John Bush d Jan 13, 1851
John J. Bush April 4th 1862
Rountree Bush in Richmond March 12, 1863
Elisha T. Bush 1879
Mary Lethia Rodman April 4, 1904
Charles Maynard Bush drowned July 31, 1919
Sarah Martha, wife of Elisha T. Bush died Nov 8th, 1865 age 34
Eliza Jane Bush Dec 27th 1887
Mary I Bush Feb 20th, 1919
John I. Bush Jan 3, 1947
Abram Twine Bush Oct 6th, 1923

======BIRTHS ======
Jackson T. Bush, son of John and Margareth Felton born Sept 16, 1823
Salley Ann Bush daughter of John and Martha born Feb 1, 1827
Sarah Martha Bush daughter of John and Martha born July 24th, 1831
Margaret Ann Bush daughter of John and Martha born April 20th, 1829
Sarah Martha Bush daughter of John and Martha born July 24th 1831
John J. Bush born Aug 1th 1834
James P. Bush son of John and Mratha born July 17th, 1838
Sarah Jane Bush daughter of John and Martha born 25th of September 1841
William H. Bush son of John and Martha was born Oct 1844
Addilia Cornelia Bush daughter of John and Martha born Jan 1st 1849
Martha Elizabeth Bush daughter of James P. Bush and Taloula his wife born Feb 16th 1865

======BIRTHS ======
The children of John Ira Bush and Dora Allsbrook
Laura Jane Buh born July 31 1914 Died Aug 10, 1914 Resting Place: Oak Grove Cemetery Portsmouth, Va.

Alton Thomas Bush born July 12th, 1916
Myrtle Eloise Bush born June 12th 1918

Cheshire – Bush Deed

Debt to Alexander Cheshire, 1843 – Chowan County, NC  –DEBT TO ALEXANDER CHESHIRE (typed from copy of original from Releigh archives) From WILLIAM T. BUSH and brother JOHN T. BUSH of Chowan County NC. 1843 DOCUMENT JUNE 20, 1843 SIGNED BY JOHN BUSH, WILLIAM BUSH, ROBERT T. PAINE IN THE PRESENCE OF THOMAS V/ HATHAWAY. CLERKS OFFICE, EDENTON CHOWAN CO. REGISTERED APRIL 12, 1855 BOOK N AND ON PAGES 51,52, 53 NS PERKINS, Registrar. Describes land owned by William T Bush: “a certain tract or parcel of land situated lying on and being in the County of Chowan State of North Carolina in the UPPER DISTRICT in said County being the property of said William Bush whereon he now resides and bounded by the lands of ROUNTREE BUSH on the east by the swamp called BEAR SWAMP and the lands of HUMPHRY AND SHADRACK WARD on the south by SANDY RUN SWAMP and on the west by ** WELCH’S MILL POND containing by estimation 300 acres be the same more or less, also certain personal property of the said William Bush consisting of negro slaves: “Stafford, Bob, Courtney and Mary” Together with the personal years crop of him the said William Bush and all his household and kitchen furniture, his stock of cattle, horses, hogs, (can’t read), his carts and tackling, his farming utensils and property of every kind and description, save the debts due to him on bond or otherwise and also one certain parcel of land situte in the middle district in the said county whereon the said John Bush now resides containing by estimation 125 acres to be the same or or less and bounded on the north by the land of EDMUND BRINKLEY, on the east by the lands of JOHN RIDDICK and others, on the south by the lands of MAHALA SIMPSON, and on the west by the lands of ANN ROBERTSON, also certain negro slaves: Dick, Patty, Cynthia, Mariah, Peter and boy Dick” and the present crop upon the last mentioned tract of land of the said John Bush and by him conveyed to the said William Bush by deed bearing date of 30th July 184- and all other property of him the said John Bush save and except the debts due and owing him by bond or otherwise.” conveying to “ROBERT T PAINE…public and private sale.. to discharge the aforesaid bond or notes. Held in trust for Alexander Cheshire On the outside page of document: Act sales of the personal and real estate of WILLIAM T BOUSH recorded in Book C p 74. (The only time we see his name spelled Boush in the document.)


Wm Bush & John Bush to R.T. Paine Trustee State of North Carolina Chowan County. Whereas John Bush & William Bush both of the County of Chowan & State of North Caroline are justly indebted the said John Bush as principal & William Bush as surety to ALEXANDER CHESHIRE of said County by a certain judgment ordered against them the said John & William in the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Chowan County at the suit of the said ALEXANDER CHESHIRE for the sum of nine hundred and fifty six dollars with interest on Three hundred and fifty six dollars part thereof from the 14th February 1840 in the costs of suit say fifteen Dollars & fifteen cents & whereas upon said judgment execution is now levied in the hands of the sheriff of said county returnable to August Term next of said Court and commission of 2 l/2 percent on the amount due in said execution has accrued to the said William D. Roscoe sheriff aforesaid for levying said execution besides his fees for services of same; and whereas the said John Bush as principal and the said William Bush as surety stands further indebted to THOMAS D. WARREN in the sum of Two hundred dollars eighty seven dollars by bond on note bearing even date with the presents, and whereas the said William Bush as principal and the said John Bush as surety are further indebted to the said THOMAS D. WARREN in the sum of five hundred & forty two Dollars by bond or note bearing even date with these presents, and the said John Bush and said William Bush are anxious & desirous of more effectually securing the aforesaid Judgment & execution & the aforesaid Notes or obligations aw well as each other by reason of the mutual surety ship. Now know all men by these presents that we the said John Bush & the said William Bush severally and jointly for & in consideration of the promises & the further consideration of five shilling to them in hand paid by ROBERT T.PAINE of said county before sealing and delivering these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge & therewith satisfied & contented, have granted bargained sold and conveyed & & they therewith satisfied & contented, have granted bargained sold & convey by these presents do grant, bargain sell & convey unto the said ROBERT T PAINE his heirs, executors, administrators & assigns forever the following property to wit, a certain tract or parcel os land situated lying and being in the county of CHOWAN & State of North Carolina in the UPPER DISTRICT of said County being the property of the said WILLIAM BUSH whereon he now resides bounded on the North by lands of ROUNTREE BUSH on the east by swamp called BEAR SWAMP & the land of HUMPHREY & SHADRACK WARD, on the south by SANDY RUN SWAMP & on the west by WELCHES MILL POND, containing by estimation three hundred acres (300) be the same more of less, also certain personal property of the said WILLIAM BUSH consisting of negro slaves, STAFFORD, BOB, COURTNEY & MARY together the present years crop of him the said William Bush & all his household & kitchen furniture, his stocks of cattle, horses & hogs, his Gid(?) & harness, his carts & tackling, his farming utensils & property of every Kind and description save the debts due to him on bond or otherwise and also one other certain piece of land situate in the MIDDLE DISTRICT of said whereon the said JOHN BUSH now resides containing by estimated One hundred and twenty five acres to be the same more or less & bounded on the North by the lands of EDMUND BRINKLEY and on the east by the lands of JOHN RIDDICK and others and on the south by lands of MAHELA SIMPSON and the West by the lands of ANN ROBERTSON also certain Negro slaves DICK, PATTY, CINTHIA, MARIAH, PETER AND BOY DICK and the present years crop upon the last mentioned tract of land, together with household and kitchen furniture, stocks of cattle, horses & hogs Ge’d (?) and harness, carts & tackling, farming utensils now in the possession of the said John Busy and by him conveyed to the said William Bush by and bearing the date of 30th July 2850 & all other the property of him the said John Bush save and except the debts due & owing to him by bond or otherwise, To have and to hold the above described xxx (illegible) tract of land & all other the property described in the promise and the interest of them the said William & John Bush in the above described last tract of land together with the above named negroes crops & personal property him the said ROBERT T. PAINE his heirs, executors administrators and assigns forever. In trust nevertheless that the said ROBERT T. PAINE, shall whenever he shall deem it advisable in the interest of the parties herein secured expose the same to Public sale after advertising said property at least twney days in said County of the said John Bush or the said William Bush shall agree he may sell all or a part of said property herein conveyed at private sale & the money arising from the sale together either at public or private sale the said ROBERT T. PAINE shall apply find to the discharge & extinguishment of the aforementioned execution & judgment & all costs & commissions due them & all the interest further to accrue there on & after fully paying off & discharging the same the residue and if any shall apply to the discharge of the several notes or bonds due to the said THOMAS D. WARREN as above described and all interest that may accrue thereon & out of the residue if any he shall retain a sufficient compensation for drawing these presents & executing the trusts therein declared & the residue if any after satisfying the aforesaid judgment & execution & all costs & commissions pay over to the said JOHN BUSH & the said WILLIAM BUSH as the property of each shall have been more than sufficient to have discharged the debt where he is principal after paying the debts where either or both are sureties on to their executors & administrators & it is expressly understood that until the above described property herein conveyed or any part thereof be wanted for sale thereof the same shall remain respectively in the possession of the said JOHN BUSH & said WILLIAM BUSH as is now is subject to be out of their or either of their possession when required by the said ROBERT T. PAINE & it is further agreed that the said ROBERT T. PAINE shall be responsible only gross neglect in the premises. In witness whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto set their hand & seals the 20th day of June 1843 in the presence of T.V. HATHAWAY JOHN BUSH (SEAL) WILLIAM BUSH (SEAL) ROBERT T. PAINE (SEAL) State of North Carolina Clerk office Edenton Chowan County 20th June 1843.

Before me THOMAS V. THATHAWAY clerk of Chowan County Court personally aforesaid JOHN BUSH, WILLIAM BUSH & ROBERT T PAINE and acknowledged the due execution of the foregoing instrument of writing to be their act and deed for the purposes herein mentioned. Let it be registered. T.C.WHIBER Regs C.C. this 22 June 1843. T.V. HATHAWY CLERK Certificate: Edenton Chowan County state of North Carolina April 12, 1855. I hereby certify that the foregoing instrument of writing is a true Copy of the Record, Recorded in this office in Book in N.O on pages 51, 52, 53. N.S. PERKINS Reg CC Account of Sale of the property belong to the ESTATE OF WILLIAM T. BUSH deceased, son on Saturday 6 Day of Sept 1851, Terms as follows all Sums under Three Dollars Cash all Sums of Three Dollars and over Six months credit by the purchasers giving bond with approved security By DREW WELCH Admin. One hand saw THOMAS DEANES 1.30 One hand saw ELISHA BUSH .75 One hand axe ISAAC BYRUM, JUN. .66 One hand plain ELISHA BUSH . 37 ½ Box Gimblets & Bits THOMAS DEANE 1.12 ½ One J Plain ISAAC BYRUM, JUNIOR . 60 ONE j Plain TIMOTHY WARD . 26 2 SQUARES THOMAS DEANES .12 L/2 ONE PLAIN & SAW HALSEY HOBBS .30 4 Chisels ISAAC BYRUM,JUNIOR .45 1 Lot Gages THOMAS DEANES .15 1 Lot Trumpery THOMAS DEANES .15 1 chest & contents THOMAS DEANES .40 1 saw set ISAAC BYRUM JUNIOR .15 1 chest and contents HALSEY HOBBS .12 1 Lathe ELISHA BUSH .50 gouge & chisels ELISHA BUSH .17 1 Bunch screws ELISHA BUSH .02 $8.19 DREW WELCH Admin. On the outside: Acct later of the personal & real estate of WILLIAM BUSH recorded in Book C p. 74 ROBERT T. PAINE TRUSTEE in acct with ESTATE OF WILLIAM T. BUSH 1845 Down Page cut off May 6 to sale of NORMAN, PATTY & 2 children, PETER & DICK TO T. NORCOM 335.25 Of CHNTHIA to J.R LENNUTT 228.50 Of MARIAH to ditto 120.00 May 7 of ? to ALEXANDER CHESHIRE 85.00 Of MAN BOB TO W.H. ELLIOTT 500.00 Of WOMAN MARY to W.H. ELLIOTT 300.00 To suit on above am $1567.75 to Oct 5/55 979.84 Sale of STAFFORD to W.H. ELLIOTT 475.00 Int on $475 to Oct 8/55 292.12 1850 May 14 to sale of Chattel property 257.12 Int on debt Oct 8/55 60.16 Sale of Land to JNE C. TROTMAN 900.00 Interest on same to Oct 8/55 235.10 June 28 Sale of Negro girl 450.00 Interest on same to Oct 8/55 115.55 ————- $5330.64 By ? 5222.80 Balance due trust fund 107.84 Paid into court 12 Oct 1855 The Master which the above statement of the Trustee’s Account & reports the balance due from him to be $107.84 RESPECTFULLY THO C MANNING ELISHA T. BUSH buying at the sale (full name ELISHA TWINE BUSH) was the son of WILLIAM T. BUSH AND MARTHA TWINE. ALEXANDER CHESHIRE married SARAH HOSKINS in Chowan co NC Mary 4, 1833 Bondsman: Richard H. Thompson.