Pre-1914 Chowan County cemetery transcriptions

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) records have been added online by the N. C. State Archives and the State Library of N. C.  These are North Carolina Cemetery Surveys done by the Historical Society in the 1930′s.

You can find the Chowan County files here.

The entire State files here.

The survey includes listings for the following cemeteries for Chowan County. I have gone through & put the page numbers where you can find the transcriptions for the cemeteries.

  • Baptist Cemetery Page 2
  • Beaver Hill Cemetery Page 4
  • Johnston Cemetery Page 8
  • Macedonia Cemetery Page 10
  • County Negro Cemetery Page 11
  • Pearce Cemetery Page 14
  • St. Pauls Episcopal Cemetery Page 15
  • St. Pauls Episcopal Cemetery Page 17
  • Topping Cemetery Page 24
  • Ashley Cemetery Page 25
  • Baptist Cemetery Page 26

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