New Berne Academy

We again direct attention to the opening, on Monday next, the 19th inst.  Prof. FETTER is a good instructor, has grown old in educational service in our State, and deserves the support and patronage of our people.  The fortunes of war, and the wreck and ruin which followed, left him like many another, stranded upon the shores of adversity, but he labors as cheerfully in the cause to which he has devoted his life at the head of an academy as when occupying the proud position of professor at the University at Chapel Hill in the parliament days of that grand and noble institution. 

 Source: Daily Commercial News, 18 September 1881, page 1. 


1904 New Bern Military Academy Annual Catalogue

Found this in the Internet Archive – uploaded by the University of North Carolina.  It’s a catalog from 1904 from the New Bern Military Academy & the Carolina Business College. The catalog has several nice pictures from around the campus and nearby areas.


Click on the image to go to the Internet Archive and peruse it!