Founding of New Bern

Recently added to the Internet Archive is the 1920 publication “Christoph von Graffenried’s account of the founding of New Bern.”  The book is more than 450 pages long and is in German, French and English. If you’re interested in better understanding the historical context, this may be something to peruse.

Ladies Memorial Society of New Bern

I’ve recently added a link  on the site to an online text called “Confederate memorial addresses : Monday, May 11, 1885, New Bern, N. C.”  The book was done for the Ladies Memorial Society of NewBern and includes some history about the group, a biographical sketch of James Johnston Pettigrew for whom the address was in honor of his monument unveiling, and another address by Rev. L.C. Vass.

In the history of the Society the founding officers are named and include:

  • President:  Mrs. E. B. DAWES
  • Vice-Presidents:  Mrs. J.A. GUION,  Mrs. W.P. MOORE and Mrs. M. Mck. NASH
  • Secretary:  Miss H. LANE
  • Treasurer:  Mrs. Julia LEWIS

I added it to the Cemeteries page because the focus of the even was the monument unveiling.  What an interesting find!

Dedication of New Bern Fire Museum 1957

One day, while browsing the bookshelves of a second-hand bookstore, I found this pamphlet from the dedication of the New Bern Firemen’s Museum.  It appears to have been written just about that time (1957) and while small, has some interesting history about the museum.

There are several components to the pamphlet:

  • An article discussing when the railroads came to New Bern
  • brief info about the history of New Bern
  • a tidbit about the almost name it got of “Bernberg”
  • a history of the fire department written by Jack Honrine
  • pictures of some of the old fire engines
  • a history of New Bern’s worst fire (to that date).
  • a history of the Battle of New Bern
  • a description of the dedication services

This fire described in the pamphlet started in the home of Henry Bryan, an African-American resident who lived on Kilmarnock street and would destroy 1,000 homes & businesses in the city.  There was one death from the fire, an 105 year old African-American woman who lived on Cedar street.

I didn’t scan the pamphlet in color, but here is the front image in color

You can access the pamphlet from the Misc Records page where you will be also able to download it if desired.

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