HENRY, Addie – (d. 1881)

DIED – In Newbern, NC., on Saturday night, August 6th, 1881, of Continued Fever, Miss Addie HENRY, in the 21st year of her age.  The funeral took place from the Presbyterian Church, Monday afternoon, August 8th, when a large concourse of sympathising friends assembled and followed her remains to Cedar Grove Cemetery. 

Thus has the stern Reaper Death, again plucked a beautiful flower, shining amid the bearded grain.  Grey headed manhood and tender girlhood are together hasting from our city to the great white-robed multitude above; and breaking hearts and tear-dimmed eyes are watching their receeding flight.   Suddenly has Addie HENRY been summoned to join that army over the river.  Gentle, amiable, unobtrusive, adorned with the ornaments of a Christian spirit, above all price – and possessed of fine and highly cultured musical abilities, she was indeed the light of her home.  Always cheerful- full of sympathy and kindness, she was day by day developing into a beautiful womanhood, with promise of much usefulness, under the admiring eyes of loving parents and hopeful friends. 

But this opening flower has been suddenly transplanted to the heavenly garden by the Great Husbandman.  This sad providence is very cloudy to our eyes but we shall soon cease to look through a glass darkly, and shall know clearly the wisdom and love of earthly sorrows.  Even now light shines; for death found Addie with her lamp trimmed and burning through sovereign free grace.  Almost in the act of repeating to her Pastor the 23rd Pslam, and 14th chapter of the Gospel of John, she passed on to give herself to the Good Shepherd of her trust and love. Blessed are they, who remember their Creator in the days of their youth, for when the Lord calls them, they are taken from the evil to the perfect rest and bliss of the eternal and heavenly inheritance of His chosen ones, with whom He has made a covenant.  “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” – L.C.V.

 Source: Daily Commercial News, 13 August 1881, page 1. 

JONES, Lovis (d. 1817)

DIED, on the 14th inst. Mr. Lovis JONES of this town, long a member of the Methodist Society.  He bore the trials of the long illness of which he died, with a resignation and patience truly characteristic of the distinguished excellence of his mind, and of the principles of christian piety, and of respectful submission to the will of a beneficent and merciful Providence.  He was an amiable man in society; a good life has been his preparation for death; let us hope he is now enjoying peace and happiness, for he who is good will obtain grace from the lord, he who is merciful will find mercy; while gracious warmth and liberality of soul deserve to be cherished, the recollection of his worth will never be effaced from the hearts of his friends.  He  has bequeathed a considerable sum of money to religious and charitable uses.

Source:  Carolina Federal Republican, 20 September 1817

PARKER, GREEN (Mr. & Mrs.) (1822)

DIED — In this town, on Monday night last, at twelve o’clock, Mrs. Mary PARKER, aged 65; and on Tuesday morning, at five o’clock, her husband, Mr. Green PARKER, aged 76.  They lived together as man and wife 42 years, died within five hours of each other, and were both buried in the same coffin.

Source: New Bern Sentinel, 27 Apr 1822, pg. 3