Hall-Caswell Bibles

Hall-Caswell Bibles

The following pages from two Hall bibles were kindly provided to me by 
Charlotte Ruffner of VA, a descendant of Wm Henry Hall (1846-1931), on 
Feb. 20, 2005. The original pages are in her scrapbook and have been 
removed from two family bibles. The information in the first three 
categories listed -Births, Marriages, and Deaths-is from one bible. The 
2nd Deaths listing and the Memoranda section are both from a 2nd bible. 
We don't know when the information was recorded or by whom. I suspect 
the maiden Hall sisters, Carrie and Hattie, did the recording and 
perhaps Wm. Henry Hall’s daughter, Carrie Melissa, or his wife Annie 
was the third recorder. I have a sample of William Henry Hall's 
signature and it does not match any of the recorders. 

NOTES on BIRTHS: The handwriting for Rosaline (daughter of William and 
Margaret T Caswell), and the following children - George Washington,, 
Harriett Ann, Henry Clay, William Henry, John Harvey and Sarah 
Lucretia is the same (recorder #1). The record for Caroline Wearing and 
Benjamin Franklin is by a 2nd recorder. The record for Harriet M. 
Caswell is by a third recorder - added later - who obviously made a 
mistake, as the incomplete date of 185_ makes clear.

I also note that the original Christ Church, New Bern baptism record 
clearly has Rosaline T. Caswell rather than Rosaline M. Caswell. My 
final observation is that Harriet M. Caswell died June 10, 1862 and her 
three nieces had her will from her death until 1886 when it was 
probated. Harriet A., and Caroline Hall, and Sarah Hall Miller appeared 
for probate and Harriet declared that the will had been in her 
possession. Recorder # 3, who made the Harriet M. error, was obviously 
not aware of  Harriet M. Caswell's  birth date.

NOTES on DEATHS: The record for Henry C. and John Harvey is done by 
recorder #1.

The record for Benjamin Franklin is done by recorder #2.

NOTES on Marriages: Purnell and Rosaline's parents and marriage date is 
written by recorder #1.

Sarah and Richard Miller's marriage is done in blue ink by a fourth 



Rosaline M. Caswell daughter of William L. & Margaret T. Caswell was 
born 25th day of December A.D. 1817.

Geo. Washington Hall son of Purnell & Rosaline M. Hall was born April 
3rd 1840.

Harriet Ann Edwards Hall daughter of Purnell and Rosaline M. Hall was 
born May 25th A.D. 1842

Henry C. Hall son of Purnell and Rosaline M. Hall was born January 11th 
A.D. 1844

William Henry Clay Hall son of Purnell & Rosaline M. Hall was born 
August 11th A.D. 1846

Caroline Wearing Hall daughter of Purnell and Rosaline M. Hall was born 
Nov.17 A.D. 1848 

Benjamin Franklin Hall Son of Purnell & rosaline M. Hall was born 9th 
day of September A.D. 1850

John Harvey Hall son of Purnell & Rosaline M. Hall was born Monday 
April 16th at 8 O Clock A.M.

Sarah Lucretia Hall daughter of Purnell & Rosaline M. Hall was born 
Monday april 16th at 8 O clock A.M.

Harriet M. Caswell was born Friday September 20th 185 *


Purnell Hall and Rosaline M. Caswell were married by Geo. W. Dixon, 
Esq. July 13th A.D. 1839.

Richard A. Miller and Sarah L. Hall were joined together in holly 
wedlock on the 19 of November 1873 by the Rev. William T. Speake    
*holy is misspelled in the record. 


Henry C. Hall son of Purnell & Rosaline M. Hall departed this life 
January 19th A.D. 1844 Age 8 days

Benjamin Franklin Hall Son of Purnell & Rosaline Hall departed this 
life September 14.A.D. 1850 Aged 5 Days.

John Harvey Hall son of Purnell & Rosaline Hall died Saturday June 30 
1854 at 7 O' clock P.M. & was buried nest day at 5 O'clock P.M. 

Bible #2

DEATHS (The decorative border on this page and the Memoranda page is 
different from the border on the other pages)

Sarah Lucretia Hall, departed this life at twenty minutes past seven 
Sunday morning the seventh day of January in the year of our lord one 
thousand eight hundred and eighty five.

Hattie A. Hall died Wed. May 18 at 5 minutes past three p.m. Born May 
25, 1842 died May 18, 1910.

Wm. H. Hall died Friday, December 11, 1931 at 1:15 p.m. Age 85 years.

Wm. Purnell Hall died Friday Aug.9, 1940 at 6:10 p.m. Age 62 years

Carrie M. Hall died Monday, July 15, 1942 at 8:15 a.m. age 62 years.


William H. Hall born Aug. 4th, 1846, married October 25th 1876 to Annie 
Adams Born January 9th, 1850

Carrie M. Hall was baptized Sunday, May 3rd 1903 at Grace Baptist 
Church by Rev. W.H. Baylor