John C. Wallace Bible

Contributed by Florence Fulford Moore

From the Elizabeth Moore Papers, Collection No. 322, East Carolina University Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. Permission to published has been received.

Family Record

Children of John C. Wallace & his wife Esther

(Note: no mention was made as to where this information was entered.  It had apparently been written by another researcher, possibly Elizabeth Moore.)

Nancy H. Wallace was born Oct. 15th, 1808

Robert Wallace was born Oct. 21st, 1810

Josephine Wallace was born Aug. 1st, 1812

Thomas C. Wallace was born April 12th, 1814

Simon H. Wallace was born July 16th, 1815 and died Nov. 10th, 1815

Samuel W. Wallace was born Feby. 24th, 1817

Mary E. Wallace was born May 25th, 1819 (note next to this entry, ‘my grandmother’)

James L. Wallace was born Dec. 10th, 1821

Geo. W. Wallace was born Nov. 14th, 1826

Olivia B. Wallace was born Feby. 12th, 1829, died Jan. 5th 1843.

John C. Wallace the son of Joseph & Miriam was born Jan. 12th, 1781 and died

Nov. 9th, 1840, making 59 years, 9 months & 27 days.

Mrs. Esther Wallace the daughter of Simon Hale & Phariba his wife was born

August 24th 1788 & died Dec. 29th 1831 making 43 years, 4 months & 5 days.

Nancy H. Hall (or Hale) died Sept. 28th, 1833.

Samuel W. Wallace died Sept. 30th, 1850

Mary E. Wallace died Oct. 21st 1854.

Thos. C. Wallace died Oct. 17, 1868, age 54 years, 6 months, & 5 days.

Thos. C. Wallace the son of Jno. C. Wallace & Esther his wife was born April 12th 1814

Hannah W. Hellen the Daughter of Isaac Hellen & Sarah his wife was born Feby. 12th 1821 & was married to Thos. C. Wallace June 17th 1841.

Children of Thos. C. Wallace & Hannah W. Wallace his wife:

Susan wallace the first daughter of Thos. C. Wallace & Hannah his wife was born April 5th 1842 & died March 9th 1843

Josephus Wallace first son was born in Beaufort NC Sept. 12th 1844 & died the same day

Eugene Williams son of Jas. W. Williams & Mary (E?) Wallace his wife was born April 14th 1844

Mary M. Williams dau. of Jas. M. Williams & Mary his wife was born Feby 12th 1849 (note added: Aunt Mattie)

Jas. M. Williams, son of Jas. M. Williams and Mary his wife was born Nov. 27th, 1850

Mary W. Belo, daughter of Jas. M. Williams and Mary his wife died Jan. 14th 1931.

Jas. M. Williams, 3rd son of Jas. M. Williams, Jr. & his wife Nannie Woodson was born April 14th 1884, died (blank)

Wallace Woodson Williams, son of Jas. M. Wililams, Jr. & Nannie Woodson his wife was born Feby. 8th 1892

Lewis Harris Williams son of Jas. M. Williams (3rd) & his wife Rosalie Archer was born June 7th 1920 died in World War II.

Nannie Woodson Williams, wife of Jas. M. Williams, Jr., died July 12th, 1915.