News Notices of Craven County

Newspaper Notices from Records of Craven County
by Elizabeth Moore (found at DAR library)

Contributed by Clair Hadley

(Date given is date of publication of newspaper)

1818, Sept. 5. Married on Thursday evening last by John P. Daves, Esquire, Mr. Lewis Sanderson to Miss Julia Foscue, daughter of Simon Foscue. (Carolina Centinel)

1819, Jan. 2. Died on 12th ult. Mrs. Mary Guion, consort of Mr. John Guion. (Carolina Centinel)

1819, Aug. 7. Married on Tuesday evening last at the seat of Colonel Joseph Nelson on Smith Creek, Lucas Benners, Esquire, to Miss Evelina R. Tomlinson. (Carolina Centinel)

1819, Sept. 18. Died at the seat of Colonel William Vines, of Durham’s Creek, on 8 inst. Mrs. Clarissa Good, wife of Captain John R. Good, much beloved and respected. (Car.’ Cent.)

1819, Nov. 20. Died on Monday morning, William P. Moore, Esquire. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, March 25. Notice of administration at March Term of the Court of Pleas and Quartcr Session, Craven County, for John Thomas by Moses Nelson. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, April 15. Married on Wednesday evening last at Mrs. Jones on Hancock Creek, Mr. James Lovick to Mrs. Mehitable Judd. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, April 15. Died in this town on Friday evening last Captain Robert B. Sparrow. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, June 3. Died in Fayetteville, Monday 15th ult. Mrs Ann Carney, consort of Mr. John Carney, joint editor of the Observer, in the 23rd year of age. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, June 3. Notice. The subscriber intending to remove from this place requests all persons having books in their possession bclonging to him, to return them immediately. John S. Hawks (Carolina Centinel)

1820, June 10. School. Mr. James G. Tignor will open a school on Monday next at his residence, the quarter will end on the 3rd of September. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, June 16. Notice of Administration by Edward Vail of estate of Mary Vail. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, July 1. Letters at the Post Office for Solomon E. Grant Captain William Hall, John O. Ivey, John Oliver, Benjamin S. Tillman, (Carolina Centinel)

1820, July 8. For Sale. About 620 acres on the north side of the Trent River, 12 miles from New Bern and one mile from the bridge about 1/2 cleared: has a commodious dwelling, good barn, stable fishery, etc. Apply to the subscriber, Lewis Sanderson, or in his absence to Enoch Fey, Esq., Jones County. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, July 29. Married, in this town on Sunday evening last by Rev. Richard S. Mason, John V. Guion, Esq., to Miss Mary Tillman, daughter of the late Col. Henry Tillman. (Carolina Continel)

1820, Sept. 2. Died at Street’s Ferry near New Bern on 23 ult., Miss Sarah Tripp, daughter of Charles Tripp of Pitt County, in the 13th year. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, Sept. 2. Died at Slocumb’s Creek in this county in the year of age, on 25th ult.,.Benjamin, the son of Amos Rowe, Esq., (Carolina ‘Centinel)

1820, Sept. 4. quarantine Regulations. At a meeting of the signed, acting as Board of Commissioners of Navigation for the Town of Now Bern, held Sept. 4, 1820, ordered that Dr. Frederic Blount be appointed Fort Physician from this date until Oct. 15 next. Signed: William Hollistor, C. N., Thomas H. Davos, C. Edward C. King, J. P., Ichobod Wctmore, J. P. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, Sept. 9. Died in this town on Monday last after an illness of several months, Mr. William Harvey, merchant. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, Oct. 14. Died in this town on Saturday last Ann Maria, daughter of Dr. Frederick Blount, in the 11th year of age. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, Oct. 28. Died at Holly Grove in Duplin County at the residence of Hon. Charles Hooks on the 9th inst. Mrs. Eliza Jo Hatch, consort of Lemuel Hatch, Esq., Sheriff of Jones County.  (Caroline. Centinel)

1820, Nov. 11. Married in this town on Thursday evening last by Rev. Dr. J. O. Freeman, Mr. James Sanders to Elizabeth Avis. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, Nov. 11. To Builders. Proposals will be received for erecting at New Bern an Episcopal Church. By order of John F. Burgwin, New Bern, Nov. 18, 1820. (Carolina Centinel)

1820, Nov. 18. Married in Duplin County on the 3rd ult., Edm H Green, Esq. (Carolina Centinel) — Whitfield of Wayne to Miss Sally A. Green, daughter of Joseph Green, esq. (Carolina Centinel)

1826, Jan. 13. Mrs. Maria E. Bears to Salmon Hall, in New Bern, January. (Raleigh Register)

1826, Feb. 17. Enoch Alexander to Frances Rew, in New Bern, February 1. (Raleigh Register)

1826, May 5. Ella S. Branton to Chapel M. Churchill, April 20 in Greene Co. (Raleigh Register)

1826, May 5. Edward G. Pasteur to Sarah Ann Torrence, in New Bern. (Raleigh Register)

1826, June 9. Margaret O. Connelly to Smith Patterson, in Louisburg, June. (Raleigh Register)

1826, July 28. Sarah Bragg to Thomas Rowe of Craven, in New Be July. (Raleigh Register)

1826, Aug. 4. Christopher Bryan to Rebecca Conner, in Jones County, Aug. 1. (Raleigh Register)

1826, Aug. 25. Brice Battle to Nancy Dudley, in New Bern, August. (Raleigh Register)

1826, Aug. 25. Col. Eli W. Ward of Onslow County to Mrs. El Shackelford, August 22. (Raleigh Register)

1827, June 29. Evelina S. M. Bell to Spyers Singleton Smith at New Bern, in Hyde County, June 14. (Raleigh Register)

1827, June 29. Richard Grist of Washington to Eliz H. Washington, in Kinston, May 18. (Raleigh Register)

1828, Jane 25. Lemuel D. Hatch of New Bern to Martha D. Dick of Duplin County, in Duplin County, Jan. 8. (Raleigh Register)

1828, Feb. 22. Susan Jane Gaston to Robert Donaldson of New York in New Bern, Feb. 14. (Raleigh Register)

1828, Aug. 29. Frederick Foy to Sarah Foscue, in New Bern, (Raleigh Register)

1828, Dec. 28. Dr. Isaac Hughes to Eliza Ann McLin, in New Bern in December. (Raleigh Register)

1829, Jan. 16. Rev. Francis L. Hawks to Olivia Hunt, in New Haven, in January. (Raleigh Register)

1829, Nov. 12. Dr. Hugh McAden to Bartlett Yancey, in Caswell County, Nov. 4. (Raleigh Register)

1830, March 1. Lenoir County. Notice Well. Twenty Dollars Reward Ran away from the subscriber, era the 10th of February 1830, a white slave named Cullen or Cullen Medlin.. He is about 23 years old, six feet high, well made, and weighs about 65, he had a head, neck, hands and mouth, grey eyes, hair a little light and kinky, and thick feet, he stammers a little when talking. On the inside of the first joint of the great toe on his right foot, is a small scar occasioned by the cut of an axe. It is probable that he will alter his name, and try to pass as a free white man, among the lowest class of white people. He .carried away a white hat, mixed coat, and white blue grounded pantaloons. It is believed that he is lurking about Wilmington or New Bern or perhaps in Cumberland County. I will give the above reward for his delivery to me in Lenior County, free of any other expense; or to have him secured in any jail so that I get him again. (Bern Spectator)William Rouse

1830, Feb. 25. $15.00 Reward. Escaped from the jail in Beaufort County, on the night of the 24th instant, Miles Spier, Churchill Purser and Thomas Perry. The sum of ten dollars will be given for the apprehension of Spier, five dollars for Perry and five cents for Purser. Spier is a brother to Robert Spier, who was tried at Newbern for the murder of John Williams. Spier is a man of small statue, thin visage, sallow complexion, and has a down look when spoken to. He was born and raised in Pitt County, but has latterly resided in Beaufort; he is well known in both counties. He was committed at the last term of Beaufort Court on a charge of Grand Larceny. Perry is about 18 years of age, thick set, light complextion and speaks quick. He is a native of Currituck County and was committed under a capias on a charge of assult and battery. Purser is so well known in this county that a particular’ description of him is deemed unnecessary. (New Bern Spectator) Allen Grist, Sheriff

1830, May l3. Frances Devereaux to Rev. Leonidas Polk, in Raleigh, May 6th. (Raleigh Register)

1830, Nov. 18. Emeline Cruthers to Christopher Neale, Craven County, in Beaufort County in November. (Raleigh Register)

1831, March 24. Alexander Francis Gaston to Eliza Jones, in New Bern. (Raleigh Register)

1831, April 20. Information wanted. About 1774 Thomas Owin and Thomas Tomlinson lived in New Bern and were merchants If they are living or have left heirs I can inform them of a circumstance in which they are interested. The case will not require a suit or a lawyer, and may be closed by letters, addressed to William Smith, Shannon Hill, Goochland County, Virginia. April 8, 1831. William Smith. (The Sentinel)

1831, April 20. The spring term of Graven County Court, Judge Strange presiding, commenced on Monday last. On Tuesday the Court was occupied in the trial of the cause of doe on the demise of Joseph Rhem, plaintiff vs. John Jackson and others, defendants. Duly argued by Stanly and Attmore for the plaintiff and Gaston and J. H. Bryan for the defendants. After a luminous charge by the Judge, the jury returned a verdict for the defendants. (Carolina Sentinel)

1831, April 22. Died on Tuesday evening last in the 32nd year of his age, Mr. George A. Hall, Esq., merchant of this place. (Carolina Sentinel)

1831, April 22. Married on Wednesday evening last by the Rev. J. R. Goodman, Rev. William N. Hawks to Miss Sarah C. Coart, daughter of John Coart, Esq., of this place. (The Sentinel)

1831, May 20. Married on Friday last by Rev. Dr. Leech, the Rev. Philip Anderson, Minister of the N. E. Church, Washington, N. C., to Miss Susan Jane Sparrow, daughter of the late Captain Robert Sparrow of this place. (The Sentinel)

1831, May 20. Married in Charleston, S. C., on the 27th ult., James G. Rowe, Esq., of Onslow County in this state to Miss Margaret R. Johnson, daughter of the Honorable Judge Johnson of the Supreme Court of the United States. (The Sentinel)

1831, May 20. Married in Greene County on the 11th inst., by the Rev. J. Bynum, Rev. Henry Swinson of Duplin County to Miss Theodosia, eldest daughter of the late Abraham Darden, Esq. (The Sentinel)

1831, May 20. Married in the same county on Thursday evening, 12 Inst., by Wyatt Moye, Esq., Mr. William A. Darden to Miss Eliza, daughter of Col. William Holliday. (The Sentinel)

1831, June 10. Married in Lenoir County on the 13th ult. by John Davis, Esq., Mr. Martin Creel to Miss Nancy Bird, daughter of William Bird, Esq., of Greene County. (The Sentinel)

1831, June 17. Married In Jones County on Wednesday evening, inst., by Asa Smith, Esq., Edward Montford, of Onslow County, to Miss Louisa Howard, daughter of the late Josiah Howard, Esq. (The Sentinel)

1831, June 24. Married at Washington on Thursday evening last by Rev. Bryan Grimes, Bryan Grimes, Esq., to Miss Lucy Olivia Blount, daughter of John Gray Blount, Esq. (The Sentinel)

1831, June 30. Bryan Grimes of Pitt County to Lucy Olivia Blount, in Washington, N. C. (Raleigh Register)

1831, July 6. Married at Fort Barnwell in this county on Wednesday evening by the Rev. John Armstrong, Mr. Alonzo T. Jerkins, merchant of this place to Miss Sarah McIlwaIn. (The Sentinel)

1831, July 6. Married in this town Thursday evening last by Rev. John Armstrong, Jr., Mr. John N. Jones of Edenton to Miss Sarah Hancock, daughter of William Hancock, Esq. (The Centinel)