1864 Yellow Fever Epidemic in Craven and Surrounding Counties

Contributed by Florence Fulford Moore

“From the Elizabeth Moore Papers, Collection No. 322, East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, N. C. For research and study only; not for deposit in other repositories. Most manuscripts are protected by copyright laws;  permission to publish must berequested.” Note: Permission for Florence F. Moore to publish these materials to the InterNet has been received.


Elizabeth Moore published a lengthy article in “The Daily Mirror,” August 8, 1970, that spanned a two-week time period relative to the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1864. To share the crux of her information, I have abstracted the names of those persons who were known to have died during the epidemic. If possible, I will list information relative to the person if it is included in the article for descendants’ use. Otherwise,  it will be only the individual’s name. She also used information on this epidemic from “The Great Epidemic in New Berne and Vicinity, September and October, 1864, by one who passed through it (“). W. S. Benjamin. New Berne, N. C.:

Printed and Published by George Mills Joy, 1865.  Many of these names listed were men who had left the service for the Union after the War and who had returned to New Bern to set up businesses, bringing their wives and children.

John A. Taylor and W. Vanderbeek, who was a sutler,158th NY Volunteer Lt. Johnson, of the Ambulance


  • Capt. William Holden, A. Q. M. (Assistant Quarter Master)
  • Charles Hopkins, of the Chief Provost Marshal’s office  [These men were associated with the (Union)  Commissary Department. The order came from the Medical Director Dr. D. W. Hand to the Chief Provost Marshal to destroy the wooden buildings on Craven Street Wharf, which concealed their cellars and the stand(ing) pools, … the torch was applied.”]
  • Major H. T. Lawson, Chief Provost Marshal
  • Joseph Boetzkes, boot and shoe dealer, of New Berne
  • J. Breen, merchant, tailor, and cipher, on Pollock St.
  • James W. Bryan, Esq., Lawyer – d. Sep. 28, 1864
  • Mrs. James W. Bryan (wife of the above) – d. Sep. 30, 1864
  • William L. Poalk, Henry S. Mandeville, John Jones, Curtis Peckford, William P. Moore, Jr. (all of New Berne)
  • Mr. James Hervey, formerly Capt. in the 1st NC Regt., purser of the steamer, Massoit.
  • Capt. Crane, the 15th Regt. Conn. Inf. (stationed in the city as provost guards)
  • Capt. Septimus S. Smith
  • Capt. Franklin Beecher
  • Lt. M. C. Gugur, Q. M. (Quarter Master)
  • Sgts. Mason Rogers, Amos J. Pratt, Rothius Pettee, Chas. A. Benjamin, Charles A. Boyle, J. Henrie Burwell,… George Dean, Luke Boylan, Christian Miller.
  • Lt. Hathaway (on staff of Gen. Palmer, commanding the district of NC)
  • Dead in Beaufort: John P. C. Davis, Capt. Samuel Howland, Robert Handcock, William Marshal, Henry C. Jones, Chapman Pierce, Dr. Babbitt, Col. Emory, Mrs. Emory, Mrs. Noland, Mrs. B. C. Lowenburgh, Mrs. E. E. Bateman, Ruth Hatsel, Mrs. S. Waid, Miss Ella Duncan, Martha Morse, Anna Gibbs, Charles Sabiston, Miss Veana Dill, Col. Scammon…(Mr. James Osgood furnished the list…).

New Berne deaths in the fall of 1864:


  • Mrs. Narcissa Cherry
  • Miss Elinor Marshall
  • John Carrow
  • Mrs. Susan Willis
  • B. Oxley
  • Miss Elizabeth Dunn
  • D. Y. Fisher


  • Mr. George Miller
  • Miss Sarah Friese
  • Miss Polly Sandy
  • Mrs. Eliza Allen
  • John Frederick Jones
  • Alonzo Green
  • Alex Meadows, Sr.
  • Mrs. James Stanly
  • Mrs. James A. Suydam
  • William Jones
  • L. B. Herritage
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Lee
  • Gideon Carraway
  • Mrs. Gideon Carraway
  • Strat’s child (probably child of a former slave)
  • Mrs. Barth. Oliver
  • Child of Mrs. Cherry
  • Capt. Edw. Dudley
  • Becton Grant
  • Mrs. John Osgood


  • Cicero Davis
  • Child of Jacob Scott
  • Mrs. Lt. (Lieutenant) Pearce
  • Mr. Robert Kehoe
  • Fay Hamilton
  • George W. Wrigley
  • John H. Peck
  • And others…

The following list published in the NC Times, Nov. 26, 1864:

Col. T. J. C. Amory/Emory (of 17th Mass. Volunteers), John E. Bryant, Luke Boylan, Mary Brinkley, Francis Coats, Robert D. Dunn, George Dean, W. A. Easterly, Mrs. Perry, Isabella Fortescue, James G. Gardner, H. D. C. Griswold, Michael Holland, Abner Haskell, Mrs. K. Hewitt, John F. Jones, Vincent Jackson, John Kilpatrick, Charles A. Lawrence, William P. Moore, Mrs. Mary Ann Moore, Thomas Nixon, Benjamin D. Perry, Henry Patterson, H. S. Rice, Wm. Riel (Rev.), Miss Polly Sandy, Mrs. James Stanly, Mrs. Ann Shipp, Miss Mary Stanly, L. Searles, John W. Taylor, John Tolson, Alexr. Tolson, John A. Wadkins, Mrs. Wm. A. Bryan, Samuel White, and others. Total number during the epidemic estimated at 1300.

  • Dr. Wilson of the Navy…
  • Mr. Silas Covill, conductor – of the railroad
  • Mr. Wheeler, conductor – of the  railroad
  • Andy Kane, connected with the railroad, died in Beaufort
  • John S. Mateer, formerly of the Govt. Sa(s)h & Blind Factory
  • Luther W. Holmes, w/44th Mass. Volunteers

Dr. Sitler’s patients numbered more than 400.

Beaufort NC, Oct. 1864

  • Col. David Heaton, Supervising Spec. Agt. Of the Treas. Dept.
  • Mr. Conklin, a corporal in 81st Regt. NY
  • Mr. Blakeslee (son of Charles T. Blakeslee, Esq., Asst. and Spec. Agt. Of the Treas. Dept.)
  • Capt. Charles A. Lyons
  • Dr. Bellangee (died in Morehead City)
  • Dr. Brannigan, Asst. Surgeon of 995h NY Vol. on duty in New Bern

New Bern:

  • Charles A. S. Perkins, merchant (store at corner of Broad and Middle), and his brother Lucien Perkins (Adjutant of the 3rd Mass. Inf.)
  • William Perkins
  • Mr. Bryant (general delivery clerk, post office)
  • Robert (unknown) also of the post office

Leaving New Bern and placed in quarantine at Fort Monroe:

  • C. W. Giddings, form. Ofcs.
  • Blagge and Co.
  • John Elkins, of Carver and Elkins
  • John M. Thompson, Esq. of firm of
  • Thompson and Hayden
  • Mrs. B. F. Wright, wife of Dr. B.
  • F. Wright
  • Archie Duncan
  • Mrs. (Netty) Charles Bellois, wife of Lt. Chas. Bellois, Qtr. 132 NY Inf.
  • Algernon S. Sawyer, born in Hollis, Maine, came to New Berne in Feb. 1862
  • Charles C. Lawrence, formerly of the 34th Mass.
  • Mr. W. W. Smith (died latter part of Oct.)

“The Dead Corps”

  • Henry S. Mandeville
  • Wm. P. Moore, Jr.
  • Curtis Peckford

Note: survivors of “The Dead Corps”

  • Wm. L. Poalk
  • James P. Allen
  • C. H. Alexander
  • W. P. Ketcham
  • Geo. G. Manning
  • Simon Kahn

NOTE: There may be repetition of names in these lists since two separate articles from the Elizabeth Moore Collection were combined. Florence Fulford Moore, September 9, 2008