Dawson Family Articles: 1760-1775

Contributed by Florence Fulford Moore

From the Elizabeth Moore Papers, Collection #322, East Carolina University

Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner
Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. PERMISSION TO PUBLISH GRANTED.
From the “Pamlico County News,” December 4, 1969
by Elizabeth Moore


1760, October 11, Inventory of FRANCIS DAWSON’S Estate returned. One page of personalty, Christopher Dawson, Executor, CLP.

1766, October 29. Abstract of will of LEVI DAWSON. Wife. (not mentioned)
Daughters: Elizabeth Bexle and Mary Carraway. Mentions daughter Bexle’s children. Executors: Sons-in-law Bexle and Carraway. Witnesses: Mary Edwards, David Lewis, CLP. (Note: Bexle later spelled as Bexley.)

1767. February 8, Inventory of the Estate of CHRISTOPHER DAWSON, deceased. One page of personalty returned by WILLIAM CARRAWAY, Administrator.  Christopher Neale, CC, CLP.

1767. April Term. Pursuant to an order of Court appointing Francis Dawson, Christopher Dawson, and Samuel Smythe to divide the estate of Christopher Dawson, deceased, agreeable to the will met and divided the same as follows:  Legatees: Levi Dawson, Simon Bexley, William Carraway, June 13, 1767. CLP.

1774, June 28. Account of Sales of  sundry good belonging to Estate of Christopher Dawson, deceased, sold by Francis Dawson and John Bryan, Executors. Purchasers: James Clayton, John West, James Hollis, William Carraway, Agnes Green, Chosewell Dixon, John Justice, William Parey, Francis Dawson, William Brooks, Joseph Atherly, Charles Shanwoolf, Peter Sparrow, John Bryan, John Parkinson, Sidney Crispin, John Carney, John Green, Ann Mary Brown, James Willis, John Tillman, Samson Leith, John Thomas, Nathaniel Carraway, John Benners, Jesse Bryan, John Biggs, Joseph Oliver, Joseph Atherly, William Biggs, Abner Nash, Smith Sparrow, Thomas Shine, Joseph Crispin, Joseph Oliver, Solomon Shanwoolf.

Among items sold: bedstead, corn, fish gig, rug, bed quilt, desk, tea table, case and bottles, ivory handledknives, china bowl, spoon boat, tea spoons, pewter plates, saddle bags, powder horn, lantern, sheep shears, candle sticks, bee hive. CLP.

1774, October 27, Account of Sales of Sundry goods belonging to the estate of CHRISTOPHER DAWSON, deceased. Purchasers: Joshua Fulcher, Ann Graves, Sidney Crispin, John Bryan, Thomas Shine, Benjamin Wallis, Charles Shanewolf, John Biggs, Nathaniel Carraway, Samson Leith, Dennard James, Agnes Green, John Nelson, Cpt. James Green, Thomas Pearson, William Carraway, Levi Dawson, Francis Dawson, Adam Wallis, Thoams Oliver, Capt. Tom Green, Matthew Wise, Jesse Bryan, John Tillman, Thomas McLin, Adam Tooley, John Bryan, Henry Johnston, John Parkinson, Joseph Oliver, Joseph Edmondson, John Atherly, Richard Neale, Christian Bowers, John Green, Thomas Carraway, John Biggs, Southy Rew.

Among items sold: feather beds, boulster, rug, blankets, wheat fan, house (horse?) named Dover; black horse, red cow with a white back, white faced and white back steer, white steer with red ears, red heifer, branded heifer with white face; horned cow and calf. Large fat pied cow, small pied cow and yearling, black and white steer, hogs and shoats, the plantation rented to William Biggs, pair pot trammels, frying pan, canoe, hand mill & c. CLP.

1775. Inventory of FRANCIS DAWSON, deceased. 1 and 1/2 pages of personalty returned by John Bryan and William Carraway, Executors, CLP. (Reference CLP, Clerk’s Loose Papers, Craven County, now in Archives in Raleigh NC…)